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Full text of "President's Report: Lebanon Valley College (1996-1997)"

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Transition and Continuity 

Lebanon Valley College 

of Pennsylvania 

Lebanon Valley College 

of Pennsylvania 


A Warm Welcome Set the Year's Pace 1 

Talking about Transition 2 

Consolidated Report of Gifts and Grants 6 

Statement of Activities 7 

Message from the Advancement Chair 8 

The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society Honor Roll 10 

Honor Roll of Donors 12 

Alumni 12 

Chan by Classes 13 

Class of 1997 Senior Gift Program 26 

Tnistees/Emeriti/Faculty/SiafT 27 

Parents of Students 28 

Parents of Graduates 30 

Fnends 31 

Corporations /Foundations 34 

Matching Gift Corporations 34 

Churches/Oiganizations 35 

Booster Club 35 

Friends of the Gallery 36 

Gifts in Kind 36 

Lebanon Valley Education Partnership 36 

Volunteers 37 

Memorial Gifts 39 

Tributes 39 

Scholarships and Other Funds 40 

Awards * 42 

Book Funds 43 

Planned Giving 43 

Board of Trustees 44 

fivay cJfort hiW been mads to ensure the accuracy of information in this report If there is an error or omission 
thai should be cDftrcttd in our records, please bring it to the attention of Carolyn Lauver at (717) 867-6222 or 
by e-mail at Iuukt®Iw .&L. 

Comet phqtopaph hy Dennis Crews. The gavel in the photograph belonged to Dr. Clyde A. Lynch, president of 
ihr culler tram 393-2 to 1950. 

A Warm Welcome Set the Year's Pace 

Dear Friends of LVC: 

■ m^ irst years are 
^fl I i always marked 

^B I with novelty And 

so it was for my 
family and me. 
This past year has been a daily 
discovery of the privilege to being a 
part of our great Lebanon Valley 
family Beginning with a cherry pie 
that arrived on the first day in our 
new home, through the Inaugural 
Convocation, with the help of our 

new-found friends, Janice and I embarked on our new life buoyed by 
a warmth and welcome for which we are most grateful. 

It is a pleasure to report that the 1996-97 academic year was 
another of successful progress for Lebanon Valley College. My greatest 
concern was that the momentum of the recent years not be lost. I'm 
happy to announce it most assuredly was not. 

Our institution is in sound financial condition. Enrollment of 
1,182 full-time undergraduate students was the highest in LVC history 
Operating income of $28.8 million against expenses of $28. 1 million 
generated a surplus of $690,000 which has been reinvested in facili- 
ties. Endowment stood at $22.8 million on June 30, 1997, thanks to 
careful investment and a number of major gifts and bequests. 

Beyond the pleasant experience of meeting the LVC family the 
year was also one of looking ahead. Indeed strategic planning, under 
the leadership of Trustee Dr. Ross Fasick '55, was a major focus of 
the office of the president. Several aspects of the planning process 
suggested directions LVC might take. 

♦ As the policy of awarding achievement scholarships to top-ranked 
high school students continued to attract more students, the strategic 
planning group began to look at future enrollment goals. Accordingly, 
an enrollment goal of 1,345 full-time undergraduates has been set for 
the year 2000, and planners are looking at what economies of scale 
can be achieved beyond that level. 

♦ Academic initiatives during $ie year took us into an examination of 
both curricular and co-curricuiar programs to strengthen the academic 
program and also to project I#C into additional student markets. 
The Master of Science in Education program, which was opened this 
year, is just one academic initiative, and a commitment to varsity 

ice hockey for the next academic year is representative of such a 

co-curricular program. 


♦ In the academic area, contjmied emphasis on the out-of-class 

support students need for individual success resulted in the establish- 
ment of a Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to 
strengthen students' learning skills. 

♦ The Middle States Association, our accrediting body, called for a 
self-study based on the five-year interval since its last review. That 
study was completed with the Association applauding our results. 

While YS/C has made major progress in the facilities area, we must 
plan for enrollment growth and a campus that compares well with 
other institutions our size. So it was natural when the college was 
offered a 42-acre tract of land north of the railroad, that possibility 
suggested a fuller look at all options. Accordingly, a new north campus 
concept plan for more than 100 acres of athletic fields, ponds and 
wetlands, student residences and parking areas was created by the 
college's architects. The new baseball, field hockey and soccer fields are 
under development for anticipated use in 1998-99. 

One of the best traditions, I discovered during the year, is the 
close relationship Lebanon Valley has with its community Two pro- 
grams^ — the Lebanon Valley Education Partnership (LVEP) and the 
Founders Day Award — have special significance. Started seven years 
ago with 6th graders in the Lebanon City schools, the LVEP encour- 
ages disadvantaged students, who might not consider college, to 
acquire the skills and academic record needed for higher education. It 
was a pleasure for all who participated in that program to see the first 
three students enroll at 1VC this past year, while 18 others enrolled in 
colleges across America. In the other tradition, LVC recognizes through 
the Founders Day program a person who has contributed significandy 
to life and living in our region. This past year, Allen "Skip" Hicks, 
restorer, owner and manager of the Allen Theatre on Main Street in 
Annville, received the 1997 Founder's Day Award. He not only has a 
successful business enterprise, he cooperates fully with the colleges 
public events and film series programs. 

This year was also one of transition in other ways. Tom Reinhart 
'58 announced his decision to step down as chair of the Board of 
Trustees. Tom presided over the renaissance of Lebanon Valley College 
since 1989, and will continue as a member of the board and the exec- 
utive committee. I look forward to working with Ross Fasick, who 
succeeds Tom as chair of the trustees. In another area, Dick Charles, 
vice president for Advancement since 1988, retired on June 30. 
Deborah A. Read, who recently served as director of university devel- 
opment for the University of Maryland, has taken that post. 

Finally, I wish to thank everyone who made the Inaugural 
Convocation on October 12, 1996, a great success for Lebanon Valley 
College. Ninety colleges and universities, as well as learned societies 
and professional associations, sent representatives to participate in this 
celebration of education and of our academic traditions. In all, well 
. over 800 college friends participated that day, which began with an 
appropriately traditional academic procession and concluded with 
fireworks at the Arnold Sports Complex. 

My congratulations to the members of the college family 
whose successes are reported in this publication, and my gratitude 
to the thousands of alumni and other friends whose gifts of time, 
talent and treasure have made this past year a significant one for 
Lebanon Valley College. 

G. David Pollick 


Talking about 

Dr. Ross W. Fasick '55, Lebanon Valley's 
new Board oj Trustees chair, sat down 
recently to talk with Thomas G Reinhart 
'58, who in May 1997 stepped down as 
chair after eight years. They discussed the 
college's progress over that time period, as well as Lebanon 
Valley's future prospects. Fasick, who joined the board in 
1992, is a retired senior vice president of El Du Pont de 
Nemours & Co. and lives in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. 
Rdnhart, who remains on the board, is a business entrepre- 
neur in Reading, Pennsylvania. Judy Pehrson, executive 
director of college relations and editor of The Valley, served 
as moderator. 

Pehrson: This last year has been a key one for the college. Not only has 
a transition been made between presidents, from John A. Synodinos to 
G. David Pollick, but we've also had a change in leadership for the 
Board of Trustees. How well do you think that the college has handled 
these two important transitions? 

Reinhart: Well, Ross has been in charge of the most recent one, and 
I'm going to pass the ball to him and let him answer that question 
because he was chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and chair of 
the Presidential Search Committee that hired Dave Pollick. 

Fasick: You have to talk separately about the presidential transition 
and the board transition. The presidential transition, I believe, 
has gone exceptionally well. I think that speaks for the caliber 
of the two individuals involved. They quickly developed a 
rapport, a fondness and a high level of respect for one 
another. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that 
they are close friends. I don't see how that transi- 
tion could have gone much better than it has, 
President Pollick hit the ground lurining in 
July 1996 and we never lost a step. 
Having a strong staff in place was a 
great help, and the outgoing president 
did everything he could to make the 
transition smooth. That's my perspective. 

Reinhart: I think proof positive of what Ross has 
just said is that Dave Pollick has recommended that 
John Synodinos be appointed to the board. That is an 
unusual step, and we are delighted. 

Fasick: As far as the board transition, I think it's just too early 
to really make an assessment. I am very comfortable at this time. I 
don't know of a single issue where Tom and I have a wide difference 
of opinion. There obviously will be some, but I am unaware at the 
present time of any such issues. Tom and I have different backgrounds 
but very similar interests and values. Tom is truly an entrepreneur, and 
my background is in industry, so we're bound to be coming from a 
little different position on some issues, but I can't tell you what they 
are at this point. We have a fine board with trustees focused on what is 




best for Lebanon 
Valley College. Many of 
our trustees work incredibly 
hard on behalf of the college 
and make all sorts of important 

THIS AREA." Reinhart: Well, obviously one of the 

—Dr. Ross W Fasick '55 strengths that Ross brings to the chairman- 
ship is the background gained from many years 
with DuPont. When we asked Ross to join the 
board a number of years ago, we recognized that 
background, and that's why Ross has chaired the Strategic 
Planning Committee and Ross has, as indicated earlier, 
chaired the Presidential Search Committee. 

Pehrson: Do you anticipate any changes in the board, its role 
or procedures? 






— Thomas C. Reinhart y 58 

Reinhart: An issue that Ross and I have talked about is the current 
retirement policy, which at present is for board members to leave at age 
70 or soon thereafter. During the last two or three years we've lost 
some very good, very talented board members simply because they hit 
that age 70 mark. We're going to look at that issue. 

Fasick: 1 think we have to look at it. There is an obvious up side to 
having people remain beyond age 70. Looking at the bigger picture, 
there is also some down side to changing. We are going to have to look 
at both sides very carefully 

Reinhart: The good side of the current retirement policy is that you 
create openings for new people and new blood. 

Fasick: And the size of the board is much more controllable. We had a 
very large board at one time a few years back, and I'm told it was a 
much more cumbersome process to get things done. As for the role of 
the board, that is well-defined and should not change. As for proce- 
dures, we will continue to look at everything we do in all areas. 
Undoubtedly there are things we can do better. 

Pehrson: What do you both see as 
some of the major accomplishments 
of the board during Toms tenure? 

Fasick: One of the major contributions 
made by Tom's administration when John 
Synodinos was president was a dramatic reduction 
in the size of the Board of Trustees. There were 60 
members when John and Tom took over eight years ago, 
and we're down to about 30 now, which is much more 
W manageable and efficient. 

Reinhart: I would agree with Ross that the reorganization of the 
board probably is one of the most important things that took place 
while I was chairman. Tied direcdy to that are the new people we 
brought onto the board based on their qualifications to fill some voids 
in areas that fall under board responsibility Specifically having Ross, 
and Kathy Bishop, in strategic planning based on their experience, and 
Darwin Glick in advancement based on his background, has been 
helpful. Gene Geesey, who chairs the Facilities Committee, is another 
prime example. Gene's entire work history and background are in 
contracting, insurance and bonding. So we brought people into posi- 
tions of responsibility who in their jobs or vocations have experience 
that they bring to the party, and it's working well. 

I'm also proud of the growth that has occurred. In 1989-90, the 
college's budget was about $14 million a year. The budget this year is 
in excess of $30 million. Now that obviously ties into increased 
numbers of students, staff and facilities. However, I guess the thing 
I'm probably as proud of as anything is that we're financially in the 
black. We're stable. 

Fasick: The development area also geared up during Tom and John's 
regime. Another thing that I think is exceedingly important was the 
institutionalization of strategic planning. The first strategic plan was 
put together and published in 1991. It was a good plan, but it was 
very simple, uncomplicated and relatively unstructured. The plan that 
we put together and published in 1995 was really an add-on. There 
wasn't much new or particularly different, but it was in a more detailed 
format. The process that was followed and, hopefully, institutionalized, 
forced us to look at and think more about the environment — both the 
external environment and what that's going to do to us, and the 
changes in the internal environment that are going to impact the way 
the college operates and moves forward. So I feel the strategic planning 
process was one of the prime accomplishments, although there were 
many others during the previous eight-year period. 

For example, you have the facilities that have been put in place- 
particularly the library and the general upgrading of the campus that 
took place. That will be an on-going thrust — we want a campus that 
prospective students and their parents look at and say, "Wow!" Presi- 
dent Pollick has made his presence felt very quickly in this area. 


Reinhart: But it takes ongoing increased dollars to maintain the facili- 
ties put into place. A perfect example is the Garber Science Center, 
which was constructed 15 years ago and today is very costly to main- 
tain, primarily because we skimped during the construction. Frankly, 
it's now out of date. We have a first-class science faculty. You give them 
a facility that is not first-class and you expect them to go out and help 
recruit academically superior students, and that's not the way the game 
is supposed to be played. So one of the things in the thinking process 
is a brand new, state-of-the-art science facility 

There are also other things on the horizon. For example, we just 
purchased 42 -plus acres of land, east of the current athletic complex, 
that we intend to develop. And as Ross and I drove ijato Kreiderheim 
today, we noticed that workers are alread the 

going to develop on the west side 
of Route 934. J 

All we dojis in support of 
students and geared to the educa- 
tion of the whole person, in and 
out of the classroom. Implemen- 
tation of the strategic plan will 
cost a lot of dollars, and my 
primary concern is the source of 
funding. We will need to identify, 
cultivate and develop new 
sources of revenue. 

Fasick; I think over the past few 
years the intensity of our market- 
ing effort has increased and 
improved dramatically But to 
really get to where we need to be 
competitively it's going to have to 
get even better. It is not necessarily 
grow according to our plans, we're going to have 
we've done in the past. That is true of the campui 
The kids who came to Lebanon Valley to look at 
ago were looking at something that we were |3} :p 
pared to many of our frame~of-reference tnstitutic 
competitive. While over the last five years 
has improved dramatically, we have work to do" 
on as we speak. 

Pehrson: Where are we in the planning process for accomplishing 
these goals and projects that you are talking about? 

Fasick: As I said earlier, the 1991 strategic plan was a good one, but 
the 1995 plan was, I think, better in the sense that it was in a differ- 
ent format, a more detailed format, and tried to take a closer look at 
how the college was being impacted by the changing environment. 
Today we have a Strategic Planning Review Committee, which twice 
a year looks at the question, Are we on track? Are we accomplish- 
ing — or moving toward accomplishing — the goals that are repre- 
sented by our strategies? We have made one major change this year, 
and that is the growth strategy. For a lot of different reasons it was 
felt that we needed to grow at 3 or 4 percent per year instead of 1 or 
2 percent. The strategic plan is a living document. It will be changed 
as needed. At this particular time, I believe it is in pretty good shape. 

Reinhart: I agree. 

Fasick: And about every five years we ought to take the newest plan 
and scrutinize it very, very carefully, and ask ourselves the question, 

Are these strategies consistent with what is happening around us? 
Evaluation of the plan is a continuous process, but periodically well 
want to do a complete review Kathy Bishop is the current chair of the 
Strategic Plan Review Committee. Her committee has about a dozen 
people with a lot of experience in the planning area. It has several 
faculty members, administrators, trustees, a student and the president 
of the Alumni Association, so it is very representative. Strategic plan- 
ning is a part of our life from this point on, and changes in strategy 
will almost always be dictated by things that are happening in the 
environment, things that we have little or no control over, so we're 
going to have to adapt quickly to stay on top. 

Pehrson: What are some of these things we have no control over that 
require adaptation? 

Fasick: Well, changing expectations 
of our "customers." Today, students 
and perspective students and their 
parents expect them to go to 
college and graduate with good 
job prospects. 

Five years ago, colleges 
worried less about meeting those 
specific expectations of students or 
their parents, but as the cost has 
risen, so has the expectation of 
what a family gets for its invest- 
ment. At one time, parents were 
happy to have their child get a 
good college education, whatever 
that meant. Today, they expect a 
good education and a good-paying 
job as a result of that investment, 
t seems only reasonable. From the employers' perspective, 
also is occurring. We must deal effectively with both. 

[art: And, Judy, here is where we get into the area I have dis- 
d regularly with our admission people. We need to be in the 
tion to answer the question, Why should my son or daughter 
Lebanon Valley College? Now we have the answer to that, 
Specially as it relates to competing with other independent liberal arts 
olleges. Our scholarship program makes us more affordable than 
of our competitor schools. The answer gets a little tougher, 
however, when you are competing with the state institutions, where 
the cost to attend is appreciably less to that family than attending a 
private institution. It's less, of course, because state institutions are 
subsidized by government. 

However, because of our low faculty-student ratio, we are able to 
provide the individual support to students that is so important to both 
academic and personal growth. 

Another very important response is that our new four-year gradu- 
ation policy guarantees, with certain provisos, that students will be 
able to graduate from LVC in four years. If a student cannot complete 
requirements in four full academic years because of the unavailability 
of required courses, the college will provide free tuition for those 
courses. That's a guarantee that no state school can match. 

Fasick: Another area where change has taken place is the academic 
majors or the curriculum that people are looking for today In many 
cases, the curriculum is quite different from what it was 10 years ago. 
The whole health-care area is one that many colleges are focusing on 
today And if you look at the forecasts of where the jobs are going to be 


10 or 20 years from now, the health-care area is high on the list. We 
don't offer much in that particular area right now. Maybe we should. 
I think these kinds of questions all need to be asked. 

Also, its difficult for some people to relate a liberal arts education 
to going out and getting a desirable job in industry, academia or 
wherever. These are all changing trends that we need to learn to deal 
with and we need to adopt strategies and change them if necessary in 
order to remain competitive. And today unless you're striving to be the 
very best, you are not likely to improve very much, and if you aren't 
improving in today's competitive environment, you're very likely to be 
losing position. So all of those things support the need for intense 
focus on strategic planning and the ability to adapt in a timely manner. 

Reinhart: Another area of change is the increasing internatioj 
of campuses. One of the areas 
that President Pollick is particu- 
larly strong in is his experience 
and interest in international 
programs. This year we will have 
30 percent more students over- 
seas than we did last year, and 
that also is an important part of 
this strategic plan to boost this 
international experience. I per- 
sonally think it's a great idea and 
would like to see every student 
spend a semester overseas — not 
only students, but faculty as well. 
That's part of what the liberal arts 
are all about, in my opinion. 

Fasick: I believe down the 
road — I'm talking a period of five^ 
hundred students involved in fi 
students studying here and ou^ 

Reinhart: And that's compar 

an important purpose fro 

we're sending more studenl 

it frees up dorm beds and classro! 

sure off these facilities. It's a way to grow I 

investment dollars. 

Fasick: Right now, more of our students are going abr<3 
students are coming here. 

Pehrson: Given some of the changes you've mentioned, what do you^ 
think the campus will look like in five or 10 years? 

Fasick: Well, first of all, I think our size is going to be quite different 
from what it is today I believe in a period of five years, we'll have 
between 1,300 and 1,400 full-time students versus 1,150 today, and in 
10 years we'll have between 1,700 and 1,800 full-time students. I 
believe we'll also have a mucf}. more diverse campus community Part 
of that diversity will be this broader international program we've been 
talking about, but we also will J^ave a much larger minority representa- 
tion among students, faculty and staff. I think we're going to have a 
much improved competitive position among similar colleges, and I 
think that has to happen through some of these things that we talked 
about a little earlier and more intense marketing of our strengths. We 
are good. We have a lot of things to sell. We have a lot of areas where 
we have made great improvement, but we have not yet maximized 
our selling effort. 

Reinhart: I keep saying, Ross — and maybe this is the salesman in 
me — that we are, as an institution, better than we sometimes think we 
are, but not as good as we can be. 

Fasick: Nor as good as we need to be. We are going to need to be 
substantially better than we are today in that five-year or 10-year 
period down the road in order to be considered one of the best 
medium-sized liberal arts institutions. I think five years from now we'll 
have a more interesting, in-demand curriculum. This past year there 
were some changes that have enabled us to expand our curriculum. 
I think there will be additional changes over the next five years that are 
going to make us more appealing to high school seniors or students 
transferring in from other colleges. I think that's absolutely essential. 

Pehrson: What are some of the curricular changes that have occurred 


Fasick: Well, we now have a 
master's degree in science. There 
are other things also being consid- 
ered that are still at the faculty 
committee level, but the fact of the 
matter is that we're going to have 
to do some of the things that we've 
not done up to this point in time. 

Reinhart: We will need the lead- 
ership and cooperation of the 
faculty, too — not only their 
understanding, but their full 
support of any change as it relates 
to curriculum, programs and the 
like. But I think our faculty 
understand and recognize the 
e, not just for the sake of change, but change for a lot 
listt Ross has mentioned. We are at a point where we 
choice if we're going to compete in today's environ- 
kriOWi that's really what board responsibility is. 

■mpetition isnt always a word that members of academia 
like to deal with, but higher education has become a highly competi- 
tive business. That's another word that isn't always greeted with a lot of 
enthusiasm— business. But you must be a leader, or you're going to be 
a follower, which means you're going to fail eventually 

Reinhart: We have a product to sell. We have improved the product. 
We think its very competitively priced, but it has to continue to get 
better because our competitors' products will also get better. 

Fasick: For example, our Achievement Scholarship program approach 
was unique for a few years, and then other colleges, in order to remain 
competitive, started picking it up. We're going to be faced with that 
every time we do something that is unique and effective. The unique- 
ness will be short-lived. Now, having said all that, I do believe that in 
that five-to- 10-year period ahead, we can have a broader financial 
comfort zone than we have today We have a growth strategy that is 
very reasonable and that we believe will be accomplished and bolster 
our financial stability. We have another strong leader in President 
Pollick, and an outstanding administrative team. We believe our 
faculty and trustee groups are second to none, and we have a very 
supportive alumni group and friends of our college. I see a very bright 
future for LVC. 


Consolidated Report of Gifts and Grants 


Lebanon Valley College 





Donors Dollars 

Donors Dollars 






















































Total Current 
Total Capital 























Donors Dollars 

Donors t)<Mm 

















































Total Current 
Total Capital 
















* Categories overlap: trustees included 
** Unduplicated count. 
Facilities and endowment. 

in alumni, friends and parent t 





Statement of Activities 

for the years ended June 30, 1997 and June 30, 1996 




Educational and general; 

Tuition and fees (net of institutional financial aid) 

Government grants 

Gifts and private grants 

Endowment / investment income 
Auxiliary enterprises 
Interest on loans 
Gains on investments, net 


Total Unrestricted 

Total Unrestricted 

and Restricted 

and Restricted 






































Educational and general: 


Academic support 

Student services 

Public services 

Operation and maintenance of plant 

General institution 

Student aid (government) 
Auxiliary enterprises 


Change in net assets from operations 

Cumulative effect of change in accounting for contributions 
Cumulative effect of change in accounting for investments 

Change in net assets 

Net assets begnning of year 
Net assets end of year 






*Begpxnmg with the year ended June 30, 1997, gross tuition and fees is reported net of institutional student aid, contributions, 
and investment income restricted for student aid and certain federal grants restricted for student aid, Figures for the prior year 
have been restated accordmgty. 

Figures comply with Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) Nos. 1 16, 117 and 124, 
Source: 1996-97 audited financial statements, Coopers & Lybrand 

Revenues and Other Additions 

Expenditures and Other Deductions 

Gains on Investments, Net 12% 
Interest on Loans 0% 

Auxiliary Enterprises 22% 

■. vment/tnyestment income 4%, 
Gifts and Private Grants 10% 

Tuition and Fees 47% 

Government Grants 5% 

Auxiliary Enterprises 1 9% 
Student Aid (Government) 2% 

General Institution 1 5% 

Operation and Maintenance of Plant 9' 

Public Services 1% 

v Academic Support 6% 
v Student Services 8% 


Message from the Advancement Chair 

Dear IVC Friends: 

ost of you reading this column will know that 
the Advancement Office — composed of the 
offices of Alumni Programs, College Relations and 
Development — is charged to "advance" the cause 
of Lebanon Valley College with those beyond the 

campus: alumni and other friends, business and foundations, 

prospective students and the public at large. 

It is a considerable pleasure to report that, during the 1996-97 

year, all the offices within Advancement recorded substantial — in some 

cases record — progress on behalf of LVC 

Gifts to Lebanon Valley College are reported in detail beginning 

on page 10, but a number of new records were set this year and are 

worth highlighting here: 

♦ Private cash giving, $4,004,967, increased 3 percent and was a 
new record. 

♦ 5,190 friends and organizations made gifts, an 8.5 percent increase 
from the previous year and also a new record. 

♦ Gifts from all sources — private, public and gifts in kind — totaled 
$4,557,625 and, trailing last year by a scant .7 percent, represented the 
second highest level on record. 

♦ LVC was one of three small colleges nationally to receive a 
coveted 1997 Circle of Excellence in Educational Fund Raising 
Award from CASE, the national organization for education advance- 
ment professionals. In fact, this was the second year for LVC to be 
so cited by CASE. 

The arrival of President G. David Pollick provided opportunities 
for the college to reach out to many valued constituencies. In all, more 
than 20 "Meet Dr. and Mrs. Pollick" receptions, breakfasts and dinners 
were held on campus, locally and in the mid-Atlantic region. More 
than 1,100 friends attended these functions, which were arranged by 
the Alumni Programs and Development offices and promoted by 
College Relations. Additionally, more than 1,000 guests and delegates 
from other colleges and universities attended events in connection with 
the October 12, 1996, Inauguration of David Pollick as the 16th presi- 
dent of Lebanon Valley College. 

Other Advancement progmmrning highlights of the year included: 

Alumni Programs: Major changes in volunteer and staff personnel 
occurred as Dr. Kristen Angstadt 74 became president of the Alumni 
Association and Shanna Adler succeeded Diane Wenger '92 as director 
of Alumni Programs. 

Noteworthy alumni happenings included eight receptions for 
the new college president, five other off-campus chapter events and 
sports outings, the annual bus trip to New York City and keeping up 
with classmates through The Valley. The year wound up with a gala 
Alumni Weekend and Spring Arts Festival, where alumni from nine 
reunion classes renewed friendships and participated in the festive 
events. In June, the Alumni Hostel attracted 37 alumni and family 
members to enjoy an enriching educational experience sponsored by 
their alma mater. 

And LVC pride is "on the road" through the LVC license plate. 
Nearly 400 alumni and other friends display this official Common- 
wealth of Pennsylvania license tag. IVC tags are still available, and 
orders may be placed by contacting the Alumni Programs Office 

During this year, the LVC Alumni Association began offering a 
credit card, available through MBNA Bank. Alumni and other friends, 
staff and students may apply for the card by contacting Alumni 
Programs. The credit card carries many benefits and returns a small 
portion of each purchase to the college. 

College Relations: Again this year, through College Relations 
contacts, LVC was featured nationally in USA Today, The Chronicle of 
Higher Education and many other publications across the country. In 
its special college edition, US. News & World Report cited IVC as an 
excellent value, rating the college 14th among 240 private colleges in 
the northern United States. 

The Office of Publications continued its winning ways as several 
brochures and posters earned awards from Women in Communica- 
tion, including a first place for the "Timeless Traditions" annual fund 
case statement, and recognition for the colorful "Live at Lebanon 
Valley" calendar of events. The Valley magazine was also cited for 
consistent excellence. 

A sports Boosters newsletter was introduced this year in coopera- 
tion with the Office of Athletics and the Development Office. Sports 
fans received detailed accounts of fall, winter and spring athletics and 
also were invited to support the sports program. 

Development: In the first "post-TowARD 2001 Campaign year," this 
office produced outstanding financial results as mentioned above, 
despite a number of staff changes. Director of Development Ellen 
Arnold, CFRE resigned in mid-year and Carolyn Lauver assumed 
temporary responsibilities for that post in addition to annual giving. 
Pam Lambert was appointed acting assistant director of annual giving, 
replacing Shanna Adler. 

Advancement Committee Chair Darwin G. Glick '58 deft) and Bruce Rismiller '59, 
Alumni Annual Fund chair, admire the 1997 Circle of Excellence in Educational 
Fund Raising Award from CASE. The college was one of only three small colleges in 
the nation to receive the award. 


Last year was a banner year for endowed faculty chairs. The 
Vernon and Doris Bishop Distinguished Chair in Chemistry was 
formally dedicated in November, with Dr. Richard Cornelius named 
as the first holder of the chair. In April the Drs. Clark and Edna 
Carmean '59 pledged a fully endowed chair in music and funded it 
with a charitable gift annuity In response, the trustees established the 
Carmean Chair at their May meeting. LVC is most grateful to Vernon 
Bishop and to Clark and Edna Carmean for their leadership, vision 
and generosity 

The Lebanon Valley Education Partnership (LVEP) with the 
Lebanon School District held its annual golf tournament, chaired by 
Donald Lesher. The LVEP program helps and encourages able but 
disadvantaged high school students to prepare for college. A total of 
$275,000 has been contributed during the eight years of the LVEP 
program and golf tournament. 

As recorded on page 10, the Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society moved 
ahead with 385 individual and organizational members, and the Presi- 
dents Circle held its first recognition event this spring with a black-tie 
evening of dining and dancing. Two new circles were added to the 
colleges recognition program during the year: the Laureate Society (see 
page 11) will honor those individuals and organizations whose total 
giving to IVC has surpassed the $1 -million-dollar level. The GOLD 
Circle (Graduates Of Last Decade) will encourage younger alumni to 
participate in the Vickroy Society 

The Office of Planned Giving had an impressive year with a total 
of $2,170,902 in commitments. Planned giving assists donors in 
making gifts to IVC through trusts, bequests, charitable gift annuities 
and scholarships, and is a primary avenue for friends of the college to 
help build the endowment. 

To the members of the Advancement Committee and the other 
volunteers who helped IVC so mightily, I offer my warmest apprecia- 
tion. I would especially note the work of Bruce Rismiller '59, who 
chaired the Alumni Annual Fund; Lee Glowacki, who led the Business 
Fund; Allen "Skip" Hicks, who headed up the Friends effort; Dr. 
Sidney Pollack, who led the Faculty and Staff solicitation; and John 
and Carol Byers P'97, who co-chaired the Parents Council. 

The 1996-97 year has indeed been successful, and I conclude 
with warmest thanks to our dedicated Advancement staff. Though 
buffeted by personnel changes, staff leaves of absence and other chal- 
lenges, they have been an outstanding team for LVC as shown 
throughout this report. We send good wishes to Dick Charles, now 
vice president emeritus. We welcome Deborah A. Read as vice presi- 
dent and look forward to working together to forge the next chapter in 
advancing Lebanon Valley College. 

IVC exists solely to provide an outstanding education for our 
students. So — saving the best for last — and on behalf of our students, 
my heartfelt thanks to our generous benefactors listed in this report. It 
is your help and encouragement that make this college great. 


Stanley Steiner 10 ikp and Dr. V.dward H Arnold. \ie^ chair nf 
the Board of Trustees, wen two OJ SOpeopU who Mended the first 
Pwsuknlb Circle Dinnai held March I5 r 1997. 


College First Ladyjania- Pcftick arj Earl 
Sjhingkr "48 enjoyed the black-lie jiMLi'r.'n. 

Hon. John Writer '53 (kjt) and bust 

kflswg shun- a iyw moment. 

/*. Ax^U^, 

Darwin G. Glick '58 

Chair, Advancement Committee 


The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society 
1996-1997 Honor Roll 

£ lumni and other friends who are members of the 

^tL f\ Vickroy Society demonstrate outstanding leadership 

/ \ in support of Lebanon Valley College. Through the 
dedication of Vickroy Society members, the strength 
of Lebanon Valley College continues to grow. It is 
with heartfelt thanks that we list their names below. Membership in 
the Vickroy Society is open to alumni, parents of students, parents 
of graduates and other friends of the college on an annual basis, renew- 
able each year. The Society recognizes gifts of $1,000 and above given 
to the college for any purpose during each academic year. Graduates of 
the last decade (1989-1997) are encouraged to become members of the 
Vickroy Society with a gift of $500. 

Memberships are available in the following categories: 

Trustee Associate: A gift of $10,000 and above 
Five Founders Circle: A gift of $5,000 to $9,999 
Presidents Circle: A gift of $2,500 to $4,999 
Society Associate: A gift of $1,000 to $2,499 

Active memberships may be fulfilled with gifts of cash, securities, real 
estate or other property. 

Lifetime Vickroy Associates are members whose cumulative contribu- 
tions to Lebanon Valley College total $100,000 and above. Annual and 
lifetime Vickroy Society memberships may be held concurrently 

Note: This Honor Roll recognizes Vickroy Society members whose gifts were 
made during the academic year July I, 1996 through June 30, 1997, and 
includes both annual and capital gifts. 

Lifetime Vickroy Associates 

Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold 

Mrs. Sylvia E. Baker 36 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bex 

Mr Vernon Bishop 

Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 

Mrs. Curvin N. Dellinger, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 

Darwin G. and Elizabeth R. Glick '58, '58 

Mr and Mrs. Philip C Herr, Sr 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth E Leedy 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 

Dr. and Mrs. William J. McGill 

Dr. Allan W Mund 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Penturelli '48, '49 

Mrs. Rhea P Reese 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, '57 

Bruce and Janet Rismiller '59, '59 

Elaine Frock Stepanek '48 

Mr and Mrs. E. Peter Strickler '47 

Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 

Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zimmerman '53 

Trustee Associates 

Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mr and Mrs. Vernon Bishop 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 

Mr. Robert U. Cassel 36 

tMr and Mrs. Thomas R. Ebright '91 

Dr. and Mrs. Ross W Fasick '55 

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 

tMs. Wanda K. Flinchbaugh 

tDr. Dorothy F Grimm 36 

tDr. Alvin R. Grove 36 

Ms. Katherine L. Hamelehle 

Mr. and Mrs. Loy H. Harris '74 

Kenneth and Linda Leedy 


Mr Dick London '65 

Mr. James A. Mitchell, Jr. '58 

Dr. John H. Moyer, 11139 

tMiss Mildred E. Myers 30 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

tMiss Ruth E. Reigel '29 

Mrs. Doris S. Riley 

Bruce and Janet Rismiller '59, '59 

tMrs. Dorothy G. Roudabush 32 

Mr Kiyofumi Sakaguchi '67 

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P Sample '52 

Earl and Trudy Spangler '48 

tMiss Margaret S. Weimer '40 

Mr and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Winters 

Mr and Mrs. Richard A. Zimmerman '53 

Five Founders Circle 

Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold 
Dr. Nancy H. Bright '50 
Donald L. and Phyllis B. Burkholder 

'54, '53 
tMr Samuel K. Clark '27 
Mr Gary D. Eisenberger '58 
Mr John M. Galat '67 
Darwin G. and Elizabeth R Glick '58, '58 
Mr A. L "Jim" Hanford, 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 
Ted Lyter '71 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. McMindes 
Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 
Mr John H. Moyer 73 
Mr. Brian R. Mund 
Mrs. Rhea P Reese 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, '57 
Dr. and Mrs. F Allen Rutherford, Jr. 37 
Dr. David R Sheetz '48 
Atty. and Mrs. Timothy Sheffey 
Mr. John F Swope '42 
Mrs. Ruth Karre Wareham '45 
Mr Gerald S. Wingenroth '58 
Dr. Thomas W Wolf 
tMr Edwin H. Zeigler 17 

Presidents Circle 

Dr. John B. Allwein '56 

Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 

Dr. Howard N. Baier 39 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Bains '64 

Miss Florence E. Barnhart '47 

Ms. Katherine J. Bishop 

Ms. Louise E. Bishop 36 

Mr and Mrs. Richard F Charles 

Jim and Nancy Davison 

Mr and Mrs. David J. Fading '56 

Dr. Mae I. Fauth 33 

Eugene R. Geesey '56^ 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Dr. Martin L. and Mrs. Karen McHenry 

Gluntz '53, '82 
Ned and Linda Heindel '59, '59 
Mr. Eugene B. and Dr. June E. Herr 34 
Mr. Erich G. Linker, Jr. '70 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mesics 
Peter S. and Lois Brong Miller '61 
Dr. Russell E. Morgan 31 
Clair W and Jeanne C. Noll '55, '57 
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Reider '63 
Atty and Mrs. James T Reilly '61, '91 
Mr. George F Sandel 
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel 
Mr Gary H. Sipe '58 
Dr. Tibor Sipos '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 
Mr. Donald R. Stanton '66 
Dr. and Mrs. Sterling F Strause '52 
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 
Mr. Brian C. Trust '83 
Ronald B. and Dorothy A. Weinel '58 
Ms. Bonnie L. West 
Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 
Samuel A. and Elaine J. Willman '67, '68 
Dr. Ralph E. Yingst '55 
Harry B. and Carol A. Yost '62, '62 

Society Associates 

Dr. Bruce A. Albert 70 

Kristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D. 74 and 

David A. Hoffman, M.D. 

Ellen H. and Richard B. Arnold 
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Arthur '80 
Mrs. Mary Albert Attick '40 
Mr and Mrs. Robert F Beck '48, '48 
Mrs. Ethel A. Beittel 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bex 
Mr Alfred L. Blessing '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Bomgardner '46 
Ms. KathrynVBork'29 
Mr Nicholas Bova '52 
Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Boyer 75, 76 
Mr and Mrs. Henry Bromberg 
Mrs. Leslie L. Brown 
Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 79 
Mr David K. Bush '89 
Atty. and Mrs. Bernerd Buzgon '59 
Mrs. Lucille G. Byerly '40 
Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 
Mr. and Mrs. William C Carson 
Mr. and Mrs. C Neal Carter '62 
Mr and Mrs. Jerome C. Chepulis 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Chernich '50 
Ms. Blanche M. Christensen 
Mr and Mrs. Robert J. Connor 
Mr Donald M. Cooper 
Mrs. Betty R. Daiber '41 
James K. and Elizabeth Sattazahn Davis 

'50, '42 
Wesley T and Amy H. Dellinger 75, 78 
Mrs. Ella Mae Dellinger 
Mrs. Curvin N. Dellinger, Jr. 
Mr Thomas C. Dilworth 75 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Ditzler '68, '68 
Cmdr and Mrs. Robert F Diesel '42, '44 
Mr. Richard T Early 
Vera J. and Robert F Early, Sr, M.D., 

'49, '48 
Mrs. Sandra B. Edmunds '64 
Mrs. Iva Claire Edwards 36 
Mr and Mrs. rlarold G. Engle, Jr. '51 
Mrs. James Fogelman 
Mr Daniel S. Fox 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. James T Frantz 33 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F Fullam '80, '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Fulton, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Garber 
Mrs. Janice Stahl Geiling '45 
Mr and Mrs. G. W Gibble 38 
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Gingrich '47, '49 
Atty. and Mrs. Arthur L. Goldberg 
Dr. Dorothy L. Gray '44 
Dr. Judith F Grem 72 
Mr. H. Russell Griffith 
Elaine G. Hackman '52 
Mr. Glenn L. Hall '49 
Robie Lauman Flail '58 
Robert and Judith Hamilton 
Ronald B. and Estelle B. Hartranft '58, '59 
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan V Hearsey '83 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Heidelbaugh 

'58, '90 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 
tMrs. Eleanor L. Hemperly 37 
Dr. and Mrs. Rex A. Herbert 72 
Dr. and Mrs. Earl H. Hess 
Mrs. M. Louise Hess 78 



Lebanon Valley College 

is pleased to announce 
the formation of 

The Laureate Society 

recognizing those 
whose extraordinary gifts 
(lifetime and posthumous) 

to the College 
total $1,000,000 or more. 

Inaugural Members 

Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mr Vernon Bishop and Mrs. Doris Bishop 

Mr. & Mrs. William E Brossman and Family 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 

Dr. Dale and Mrs. Ellen Garber 

Mr. Parke and Mrs. Cecil Lutz 

Dr. Albert and Mrs. Naomi Watson 

Mrs. Mary Jane Hicks 

Dr. and Mrs. John C. Hoak '51, '52 

Mrs. Nancy S. Hoff '46 

Mr. Robert D. Hoftsommer, Jr. '52 

Mr. Sidney L. Hofing '56 

Mr. John C Holdcraft 

Steven J. and Wendie DiMatteo 

Mr. Gregory P Hoover '68 
Dr. Michael P Hottenstein '58 
Dr. and Mrs. W Jeffrey Hurst '84 
Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Hyman 
Mr. David P Jenkins, Jr. '92 
Drs. William G. and Charlotte R. Jones 

'50, '50 
Lawrence E. and Georgianne E Jones 

'56, '57 
Dr. and Mrs. John P Kearney 
Mr. Theodore D. Keller '48 
Dr. Gordon B. Kemp '46 
Mrs. Margaret L. Kern '34 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kiick '57 
Mr. George J. King '68 
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Klinefelter 38 
Mr. Steven R Kreamer 
Mrs. Kathleen P Land 36 
Mrs. Ruth S. Lark 32 
Mr. Donald C. Layser '52 
Mr. Howard E Lebegern '49 
Ms. Amy E. Leeser '97 
Mr. Walter Levinsky '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl D. Liedtka '91, '92 
Mrs. Cora G. Limmroth 39 
Dr. Theodore K. Long 35 
Mr. Richard A. Look 72 
Mr. Donald C. MacGowan '66 
Dr. JonnaLynn K. Mandelbaum '69 
Mr John P Marbarger 38 
Dr. and Mrs. George R. Marquette '48, '51 
Dr. Frederic J. Marsik '65 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. McArdle '57, '61 
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis W McCracken '63 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Algire McFaul 34, 34 
Mrs. Jean E. McKeag 38 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. McKinley '69 

Mr. Clyde S. Mentzer '34 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Metka '60 

Mrs. Audrey E Metro '65 

Dr. Stephen J. Metro '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Miller '65 

Mr Dominic Montagu 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Moyer '62 

Mary Louise Moyer, M.D. 

Mr. Matthew T. Moyer 

Mr. Michael W Moyer 75 

Bob and Sue Mrazik 79, '80 

Mr. Thomas G. Myers '83 

Mrs. Elsie B. Neefe 

Dr. David D. Neiswender '53 

Mr. Walter L. Ness '27 

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Newcomer '68 

Rev. Joseph E. Nichols 

The Robert A. Nichols, Jr. Family 

Gen. Peter G. Olenchuk '42 

Dr. Harold S. Peiffer '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W Pickering 

Dr. Ronald A. Pieringer '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Plummer, Jr. 

Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 

Dr. and Mrs. G. David Pollick 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter P Post 

Dr. and Mrs. Barney T. Raffield 

Dr. Alexander B. Rakow '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Reese 

Dr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 

Mr and Mrs. Melvin S. Rife 

Mr. Frank A. and Dr. Gail E. Ritrievi 

'54, '54 
Dr. Helen R. Russell '43 
Mrs. Arbelyn W Sansone 
Mr John A. Schoch, Jr. 72 
Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Schott '67 
Dr. and Mrs. James W Scott 
tMiss Verna I. Seitzinger '25 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 38, 36 
Mr Gary H. Sipe '58 
Mr. Jacque A. Smith '61 
Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 
Bishop W Maynard Sparks '27 

Mr. Calvin D. Spider 38 

Mr. Gregory G. Stanson '63 

Frank and Cheryl Stearn '67, '68 

Mr. Stanley A. Steiner 70 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Peter Strickler '47 

Ms. Joan R. Taylor '68 

Dr. and Mrs. David G. Thompson '65, '67 

Frank X. and Brenda B. Troisi '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P Tschop 39 

Maj. and Mrs. Paul T. Ulrich 38, 38 


Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Ulrich 33 

Robert L. and Beth R Unger '69, 72 

Mrs. Miriam M. Vanderwall '29 

Mrs. Joanna L Wagner '49 

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Walmer 38, 37 

Hon. and Mrs. John Walter '53, '57 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Waltz 37 

Mim Warden '57 

Mr. Leonard and Dr. Albertine 

Mr. Robert M. Weissman 
Mrs. Dorothy K. Wendel 38 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Wengert '53 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wengert 
Mrs. Debbie K Wilkowski '82 
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Wilson 
tMiss Mary Ellen Witmer 30 
Mr. Steven H. Witmer '87 
Jim and Nancy Wolfe '58 
Mr and Mrs. Glenn H. Woods '51 
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. D. Darnell Woomer 
Bishop and Mrs. Joseph H. Yeakel '49, '49 
Mrs. Grace K. Zerbe 30 
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer D. Zimmerman 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Zimmerman 

'64, '65 

Business, Foundation and 
Organization Associates 

ACTEX Publications 

Aetna Foundation 

Albee Campbell, Inc. 

ALCOA Foundation 

Allwein's Carpet One 

American Express Foundation 

The AMP Foundation 

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. 

APR Supply, Inc. 

Armstrong World Industries 

Arnold Industries, Inc. 

AT&T Foundation 

Bahney's Furniture Store 

Bell Atlantic Foundation 

Berkshire-Taconic Foundation, Inc. 

John H. Boger & Son, Inc. 

Boscov's Department Store 

Mr. & Mrs. William F Brossman 

Charitable Foundation 
Buder Manufacturing Company 
Central Pennsylvania Conference of the 

United Methodist Church 
Charitable Gift Fund 
The Chase Manhattan Foundation 
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies 
Commonwealth Bank 
Coopers & Lybrand LL.P 
CoreStates Bank 
Dara, Inc. 

Datatel Scholars Foundation 
Dauphin Deposit Corporation 
Derek & Edson Associates 

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company 

Dow Chemical Company 

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the 

United Methodist Church 
Ebersole, Inc. 

Ernst & Young Foundation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Farmers Trust Bank 
D. B. Fisher Charter Bus Company and 

Travel Agency 
Foundation for Independent Colleges, 

Inc. of Pennsylvania 
Frederick Chevrolet, Cadillac, Olds 
Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc. 
P H. Glatfelter Company 
The Greater Harrisburg Foundation 
Henise Tire Service 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Hopper Soliday & Company, Inc. 
Johnson & Johnson 
Keystone Weaving Mills, Inc. 
Josiah W & Bessie H. Kline 

Foundation, Inc. 
Ladd Hanford Motors 
Laysers Flowers, Inc. 
Lebanon Mutual Foundation 
Lebanon Seaboard Corporation 
Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Lesher Mack Sales & Service, Inc. 
LVC Auxiliary-Annville Branch 
LVC Auxiliary-Philadelphia Branch 
Marty's Music Store, Inc. 
Merck Company Foundation 
Miller & Bixler Auto Parts, Inc. 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
New Perm Motor Express, Inc. 
New York Times Company Foundation 
Northwest Savings Bank 
Ono Transport Services 
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts 
Pennsylvania Power & light 
The Presser Foundation 
Procter & Gamble Fund 
Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts 

The Reidler Foundation 
Reilly, Wolfson, Sheffey, Schrum & 

Research Corporation 
Mary Sachs Trust 
Shell Oil Company Foundation 
Sheridan Corporation 
Conrad M. Siegel, Inc. 
L B. Smith Educational Foundation, Inc. 
Stanilla & Siegel CPA 
The John Frederick Steinman 

TCR Packaging, Inc. 
Tray-Pak Corporation 
UGI Corporation 
United Methodist Foundation for 

Christian Higher Education 
United Methodist Women of Eastern 

Pennsylvania Conference 
The UPS Foundation, Inc. 
Wengert's Dairy 
The Whitaker Foundation 
York Container Company 
Ziegler Auction Co. & Appraisals 



Honor Roll of Donors 


CLASS OF 1917 

Annual Fund $8,710.80 
t*Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler 

CLASS OF 1919 

Annual Fund $50.00 

Mrs. Mary C. (Creighton) McNelly 

CLASS OF 1923 

Annual Fund $200.00 

OMrs. Dorothy E (Fencil) Smith 

°Mrs. Delia H. (Herr) Thomas 

CLASS OF 1925 

Annual Fund $1,081.14 
t*Miss Vema I. Seitzinger 

CLASS OF 1926 

Annual Fund $50.00 

Mrs. Marion H. (Hess) Kolb 

CLASS OF 1927 

Annual Fund $11,376.35 

Facilities $1,500.00 

t*Mr. Samuel K. Clark 

#Mrs. Madeline M. (Mark) Colman 

°Mrs. Blanche S. (Stager) Fox 

°Miss Emma 1. Madciff 

*Mr. Walter L. Ness 

*Bishop W Maynard Sparks 

#Mr. John E Walter 

#Mrs. Myra S. (Sheaffer) White 

CLASS OF 1928 

Annual Fund $1,316.68 

Gift In Kind $150.00 

ODr. C Ray Bell 

ODr. Monroe H. Martin 

°Mrs. Mabel B. (Brewbaker) Mentzer 

Mrs. Deborah O. (Orth) Orbock 

°Mrs. Fredricka B. (Baker) Yetter 

CLASS OF 1929 

Annual Fund $15,666.68 

Endowment $1,000.00 

ajt In Kind $2,000.00 

OMrs. Hilda W (Wolfersberger) Bell 

*Ms. KathrynVBork 

t*MissRuthE. Reigel 

*Mrs. Miriam M. (Muth) Vanderwall 

CLASS OF 1930 

Annual Fund $3,610.00 
Endowment $200,000.00 
Facilities $258.33 
#Mrs. Marian H. (Heaps) Cote 
#Dr. G. Edgar Hertzler 
*Miss Mildred E. Myers 
Mrs. Ruth C. (Cooper) Sanford 
Mrs. Helen H. (Hain) Shearer 
t *Miss Mary Ellen Witmer 
#Dr. Harry W Zechman 
*Mrs. Grace K. (Keener) Zerbe 

CLASS OF 1931 

Annual Fund $1,100.00 

Endowment $3,000.00 

°Mr. George J. Becker 

#Miss Edna M. Early 

Mrs. Effie L. (LeVan) Kostenbauder 

°Mrs. Anna W (Wolfe) Merkel 

*Dr. Russell E. Morgan 

Mr. George B. Patrizio 

OMrs. Margaret Y. (Young) Schrope 

°Mrs. Anna W (Wengert) Whitmire 

CLASS OF 1932 

Annual Fund $3,502.77 

Endowment $82,216.08 

Facilities $100.00 

°Lt. Col. Newton M. Burgner 

Mrs. Lorayne S. (Seek) Freeman 

t*Mr. Paul 1. Kleinfelter 

*Mrs. Ruth S. (Shroyer) Lark 

OMrs. Ruth A. D. (Armacost) Mufily 

#Mrs. Edith E (Fields) Reynolds 

t*Mrs. Dorothy G. (Garber) Roudabush 

°Mrs. Gladys H. (Hershey) Shroyer 

CLASS OF 1933 

Annual Fund $2,967.86 

Endowment $100.00 

Facilities $3,579.14 

Mr. Edgar C. Brinser 

°Mrs. Ruth C. (Coble) Burkhart 

*Dr. Mae 1. Fauth 

*Lt. Col. James T. Frantz, Jr. 

Miss Dorothy R. Hartz 

°Mr. Matthew L. Karinch 

°Mr. Albert A. Kaslusky 

#Mrs. Luella H. (Heilman) Myers 

Mrs. Lucille E. (Engle) Otto 

#Mr. Luther A. Saylor 

OMr. Leonard M. Schrope 

*Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich 

Rev. Stuart W Werner 

°Mrs. H. Jane (Muth) Whiteman 

CLASS OF 1934 

Annual Fund $6,020.00 

Endowment $3,100.00 

Facilities $500.00 

°Mrs. Minna W (Wolfskeil) Barnes 

Mrs. Eva L. (Shissler) Becktel 

Mrs. Esther L. (Smelser) Duke 

Dr. K. Morgan Edwards 

*Dr.JuneE. (Eby)Herr 

°Mrs. Haidee B. (Blubaugh) Kaslusky 

*Mrs. Margaret L. (Longenecker) Kern 

°Mr. Wilbur H. Mathias 

*Mrs. Charlotte W (Weirick) McFaul 

*Mr. H. Algire McFaul 

*Mr. Clyde S. Mentzer 

Mr. Earl S. Rice 

°Mrs. Martha K. (Kreider) Rudnicki 

Mr. James H. Scott 

Mr. John J. Todd 

°Mr. Robert D. Womer 

CLASS OF 1935 

Annual Fund $2,230.00 

°Mrs. Ethel K. (Keller) Erickson 

Col. William E Etchberger 

Dr. C. Willard Fetter 

°Mrs. Anna B. (Butterwick) Gilbert 

*Dr. Theodore K. Long 
ODr. Bruce M. Metzger 
°Mr. Gerald B. Russell 
°Mr. Kenneth C. Sheaffer 

CLASS OF 1936 

Annual Fund $54,316.65 

Endowment $250,000.00 

Facilities $4,193.33 

#Dr. George S. Bachman 

*Ms. Louise E. Bishop 

°Mr. Jay H. Bolton 

Mrs. Winona S. (Shroff) Botello 

*Mr. Robert U. Cassel 

*Mrs. Iva Claire (Weirick) Edwards 

Mrs. Lela I. (Eshleman) Fretz 

Miss Evelyn C. Frick 

Mrs. Louise S. (Shearer) Gingher 

t*Dr. Dorothy E Grimm 

t*Dr. AlvinR. Grove 

#Mrs. Jane S. (Shellenberger) Grubgeld 

Mr. Samuel S. Harnish 

Mrs. Louise G. (Gillan) Harris 

°Mrs. Nancy B. (Bowman) Hatz 

Miss Anna M. Herr 

*Mrs. Kathleen R (Pool) Land 

#Mrs. Marian L. (Leisey) light 

°Dr. Calvin H. Reber 

Mrs. Mary H. (Haddox) Rockwell 

°Mrs. Helen S. (Summy) Schell 

*Mrs. Irma K. (Keiffer) Shearer 

CLASS OF 1937 

Annual Fund $10,914.67 

Facilities $809.74 

°Mrs. Sara L. (light) Aungst 

#Mr Edward R. Bachman 

OMrs. Ruth G. (Goyne) Berger 

tOMr. Paul C. Billett 

°Mr. William H. Earnest 

#Mrs. Cordelia S. (Sheaffer) Felder 

°Mrs. Lois H. (Harbold) Guise 

°Mr. Russell C. Hatz 

t*Mrs. Eleanor L. (Lynch) Hemperly 

°Dr. Charles I. Hoffman 

#Mrs. Rose S. (Tschopp) Needy 

*Dr. E Allen Rutherford, Jr. 

Mrs. Ruth B. (Buck) Schlegel 

°Mrs. Grace N. (Naugle) Sinclair 

°Mrs. Claire A. (Adams) Stoudt 

♦Mrs. Edna B. (Binkley) Warmer 

*Dr. Paul K. Waltz 

CLASS OF 1938 

Annual Fund $14,972.50 

Endowment $250.00 

Facilities $447.50 

°Mr. Clarence C. Aungst 

OMr. Lloyd D. Berger 

•Mr. Roberts. Black 

#Miss Helen 1. Butterwick 

°Lt. Col. (RET) Adolph J. Capka 

°Dr. Herman A. Ellenberger 

°Ms. Gail M. (Spangler) Fidler 

°Mr. Walter R Fridinger 

*Mr. G. Wilbur Gibble 

*Mrs. Isobel C. (Cox) Klinefelter 

°Mrs. Wanda R (Price) Koehler 


*Mr. John P Marbarger 

*Mrs. Jean E. McKeag 

t Deceased 


♦vlckroy Society -Society of 1866 OVatleyCtuto #CharterClub 


#Mrs. Lena R. (Risser) Mitchell 

#Mrs. Hazel H. (Heminway) Muth 

°Mrs. Greta H. (Heiland) Payne 

*Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 

*Mr. Calvin D. Spider 

Mrs. Nora E (Franklin) Strohman 

♦Mrs. Elizabeth B. (Bender) Ulrich 

*Maj. Paul T. Ulrich 

*Dr. John D. Warmer 

*Mrs. Dorothy K. (Kreamer) Wendel 

CLASS OF 1939 

Annual Fund $5,807.74 

Endowment $2,000.00 

Facilities $12,980.42 

Mrs. Grace G. (Geyer) Aston 

*Dr. Howard N. Baier 

°Mrs. Evelyn E (Fridinger) Baker 

Mrs. Anna Louise (light) Blatt 

°Mr. Stanley Bulota 

#Mrs. Irene R. (Ranck) Christman 

Mrs. Arlene H. (Hoffman) Crone 

°Mrs. Catherine L. (Lawson) Diehl 

°Mrs. Gertrude E. (Ellenberger) Dupler 

Mr. John W Engle 

Mrs. Kathryn Y. (Yrngst) Etchberger 

Dr. Arthur S. Evelev 

OMrs. Dorothy N. (Null) Frey 

OMr. Raymond T. Frey 

#Rev. Dr. Thomas W Guinivan 

°Mr. Leander H. Hamm 

Mrs. Virginia N. (Niessner) Hess 

OMs. Ruth C. Keene 

*Mrs. Cora G. (Graby) Limmroth 

Mrs. Lillian Z. (Zubroff) Melman 

°Mrs. Amy M. (Meinhardt) Melson 

°Mrs. Helen B. (Bartlett) MiUer 

Mrs. Pauline L. (Leininger) Minnick 

*Dr. John H. Mover, 111 

Mr. Donald G. Smith 

°Miss Evalyn M. Strickler 

*Mr. Robert R Tschop 

#Col. Roy A. Weidman 

Mr. Ernest C. Weirick 

°Mrs. Catherine W (Whister) Wetterling 

CLASS OF 1940 

Annual Fund $19,821.60 

Endowment $2,250.00 

Facilities $332.40 

♦Mrs. Mary A. (Albert) Attick 

Mr. Richard H. Baldwin 

°Mr. Charles M. Belmer 

*Mrs. Lucille G. (Gollam) Byerly 

Mrs. Evelyn S. (Seylar) Cassady 

tMr. Florian W Cassady 

°Mr. J. Stanley Deck 

°Mrs. Lillian L. (Leisey) Deck 

Mr. Robert E. Dinsmore 

°Dr. CarlY.Ehrhart 

ODr. Paul E. Horn 

°Mrs. Esther W (Wise) Hovis 

#Dr. W Frederick Huber 

°Rev. William H. Jenkins 

°Mr. George A. Katchmer 

OMr. David E Lenker 

#Mr. Jesse S. Lenker 

°Mr. Ralph R. Lloyd 

OMiss Lela W Lopes 

°Mr. Gustav T. Maury 

Dr. Edward R. Minnick 



°Dr. John H.Ness 

°Dr. John G.Oliver 

°Mr. Freeman D. Rice 

Mr. Clayton M. Rider 

Mrs. Adele B. (Black) Russell 

Mr. John A. Schaeffer 

Mr. Irwin D. Schoen 

Mr. Daniel S. Seiverling 

Dr. A L Smeyne 

°Mrs. Vema S. (Schlosser) Sollenberger 

t*Miss Margaret S. Weimer 

°Mrs. Ellen R. (Reath) Wert 

CLASS OF 1941 

Annual Fund $2,565.75 

Facilities $3,050.07 

°Mrs. Irene S. (Seiders) Bigler 

Mrs. Eloise H. (Hollinger) Blanck 

Miss Jeanne L. Bliven 

°Mr. Theodore J. Ciamillo 

♦Mrs. Betty R. (Rutherford) Daiber 

Mr. John H. Dressier 

°Rev. M. Lucile Esbenshade 

Mr. Harry L Fehl 

Mrs. Dorothea K. (Kroll) Fisher 

#Mr. Raymond C. Hess 

°Mrs. Frances E. (Prutzman) Kauffman 

OMrs. Mildred R. (Rittle) Reiser 

U. Col. Haven WKessel 

TMrs. Louella S. (Schindel) Koenig 

°Mrs. Evelyn W (Ware) Lynch 

#Miss Mabel Jane B. Miller 

Mr. Harold L. Moody 

Mrs. Jeannette K. (Kalbach) Partridge 

Mrs. Joan C. (Cox) Ragsdale 

*Dr. Alexander B. Rakow 

°Dr. R. Robert Rapp 

Mrs. Edna R (Rutherford) Sheckart 

°U. Col. Frank L Shenk 

Mrs. Ellen R. (Ruppersberger) Silvers 

°U. Col. Frederick W Smee 

Mrs. Ethel F (Fisher) Steiner 

Mrs. Margaret B. (Bordwell) Twyford 

Mrs. Rebecca P (Parks) Umstead 

#Mrs. Martha J. (Koontz) Zachert 

CLASS OF 1942 

Annual Fund $8,889.97 

Endowment $8,615.00 

Faditks $2,474.92 

°Mrs. Fredericka L. (Laucks) Albert 

Ms. Jean P Anger 

°Ms. Kathryn E. Brehrn 

•Mr. Joseph E. Carr 

*Mrs. Elizabeth S. (Sattazahn) Davis 

°Mrs. Martha D. (Davies) DeHaven 

Mrs. Phyllis D. (Deitzler) Dimpsey 

#Mrs. Georgia B. (Gravell) Dobbs 

#Mr. Guy L. Dobbs 

°Mr. Harry I. Drendall 

*Cmdr. Robert F Dresel 

#Mrs. Margaret C. (Cox) Glen 

°Dr. David W Gocldey 

°Mr. Herbert R. Greider 

OMr. RusselJ. Horst 

°Mrs. Virginia G. (Goodman) Hunsicker 

°Mrs. Pauline S. (Smee) Jacoby 

Mrs. H. Rae (Sechrist) Kaufrman 

°Mrs. Viola S. (Snell) Maury 

Mr. Edward C. McFerren 

°Mrs. June H. (Hollinger) Meek 

Mrs. Dorian L. (Loser) Miller 

°Mrs. Lois J. Seavers (Seavers) Miller 

OMrs. Mary-Louise (Clark) Mylin 


Annual Giving by 




No. of 

Percentage of 



No. of 

Percentage of 


























$1, 081. 14 
























SI ,31 6.68 




































$10,665 15 
































$5,629 33 












































































































































£6,05 1.83 












































There is a duplicated dollar count for people vvKh spouses m 
different class years. 

*Gen. Peter G. Olenchuk 

*Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 

Dr. Richard E Seiverling 

*Dr. Ralph S. Shay 

Mrs. Ruth H. (Heminway) Siebert 

Mrs. Rosanna B. (Brandt) Slayton 

°Mr. Alfred E. Stevens 

Rev. Samuel H. Stoner 

*Mr. John E Swope 

#Mrs. Martha E (Foster) Tyson 

°Mr. George C. Ziegler 

CLASS OF 1943 

Annual Fund $4,924.50 

Endowment $16,200.00 

Facilities $583.17 

#Dr. John A. Bamberger 

°Mrs. Adelaide S. (Sanders) Burgner 

•Mrs. Jean D. (Daugherty) Carr 

Rev. Lloyd H. Crall 

Mrs. Dorothy B. (Brine) Dillin 

#Mrs. Martha C. (Crone) Eppley 

°Mrs. Elizabeth K. (Kerr) Ewen 
Mrs. Jessie R. (Robertson) Holcombe 
Mrs. Norma G. (Grogan) Lenney 
"Mrs. Dorothy M. (March) Meals 
*Dr. Stephen J. Metro 
#Dr. Harry K. Miller, Jr. 
Mr. Albert H. Morrison 
°Mrs. Jane K. (Klucker) Mowrey 
°Mrs. Vera S. (Shoop) Musser 
*Dr. H. Anthony Neidig 
6 Dr. Robert K. Ness 
#Dr. R. Howard Paine 



*Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 
*Dr. Helen R (Ross) Russell 
°Mrs. Verna K. (Kreider) Schenker 
Mrs. Grace S. (Smith) Schillich 
Mrs. Jane G. (Gruber) Seiverling 
"Mrs. Genevieve S. (Stansfield) Shenk 
Dr. H. Dennis Sherk 
"Mr. Hans W Uberseder 
Dr. Doris S. (Smith) Watson 
"Mrs. Evelyn J. (Stine) Ziegler 

CLASS OF 1944 

Annual Fund $3,369.98 

Facilities $1,516.56 

#Ms. Betty V Battels 

"Rev Samuel H. Beamesderfer 

#Dr. Marian K. (Kreider) Bosien 

Mr. Norman M. Bouder, Jr. 

"Rev. Robert P Crist 

Mrs. Hazel F (Fornofi) Detambel 

Mrs. Grace S. (Spangler) Drager 

*Mrs. Jomarie S. (Shannon) Dresel 

"Mrs. Esther W (Wagner) Ebright 

*Dr. Dorothy L. (Landis) Gray 

Mrs. Elizabeth L. (light) Hamilton 

#Mr. Richard J. Hoemer 

Mrs. Dorothy E. (Mover) Keller 

Dr. Paul lipsitz 

°Mrs. Ruth H. (Haverstock) Ness 

ORev. Bruce C. Souders 

Mr. Edward E. Stansfield 

Dr. Samuel E. Stein 

"Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Hess) Uberseder 

Dr. Martin R. Weber 

#Dr. Elizabeth K. (Kreiser) Weisburger 

CLASS OF 1945 

Annual Fund $10,250.98 
Facilities $1,595.58 
"Rev. Dale R. Beittel 
*Mr. Alfred L. Blessing 
Mrs. Rosalie R (Reinhold) Brass 
Mrs. Marian U. (Ulmer) Cams 
Mrs. Norma K. (Kiscadden) Daihl 
"Mrs. Mary Jane (Brown) Fitz 
Dr. James E. Flinchbaugh 
Mrs. Evelyn H. (Hiester) Frick 
*Mrs. Janice S. (Stahl) Geiling 
#Mrs. Jeanne W (Waller) Hoerner 
Mrs. Elizabeth M. (Moyer) Horn 
Mrs. Doris S. (Sterner) Kendall 
#Mrs. Verna C. (Cassatt) Loftus 
T)r. Marjorie N. (Nemes) Poole 
"Ms. Yvonne L. Raab 
"Rev. E. Stephen Raby 
Mrs. Miriam J. (Jones) Rudy 
OMrs. Patricia B. (Bartels) Souders 
*Mrs. Ruth K. (Karre) Wareham 
"Mrs. Sarah K. (Koury) Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1946 

Annual Fund $4,860.00 

Facilities $600.00 

"Mr. James S. Bachman 

*Mrs. Jean G. (Gingrich) Bomgardner 

#Mrs. Edna M. (Hollinger) Budy 

"Mr. John E. Carbaugh 

Mrs. Viola S. (Shettel) Crites 

"Ms. Catherine Deraco 

"Mrs. Phyllis T. (Thumma) Gingrich 

"Mrs. Jean T. (Thrush) Hawkins 

*Mrs. Nancy S. (Sattazahn) Hoff 
*Dr. Gordon B. Kemp 
Mrs. Martha L. (light) Klein 
Mrs. Elizabeth R (Reiff) Marino 
#Mrs. Edith K. (Kreiser) Probus 
Mrs. Mary S. (Strock) Rook 
"Mrs. Sarah E. (Stauffer) Sandy 
Mr. Richard D. Seidel 
"Mr. George B. Wagner 
•Mrs. Frances W (Workman) Weiser 

CLASS OF 1947 

Annual Fund $8,477.50 

Facilities $3,148.33 

#Dr. J. Ross Albert 

*Miss Florence E. Bamhart 

#Ms. Jean E. Bedger 

°Mrs. Barbara K. (Kolb) Beittel 

°Mr. G. Harold Bucher 

#Dr. Carl L. Derr 

Dr. Marvin H. Detambel 

Mrs. Madalyn Q. (Quickel) Drew 

"Dr. George E. Edwards 

"Mr. Lloyd V Fe^in 

Mr. Vernon M. Fickes 

Mrs. Betty J. (Butt) Fiorello 

"Dr. Paul G. Fisher 

"Mrs. Sara S. (Schott) Fisher 

Mrs. Lois G. (Goodling) Gibbs 

*Dr. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 

OMiss Nora M. Goodman 

#Dr. Miles D. Harriger 

"Mrs. Kathryn A. (Albert) Heckard 

Mrs. Esther E. (Engle) Hivner 

#Mrs. Arlene S. (Schlosser) Keller 

Mr. Brian H. Kintzer 

Rev. Earl R. Marks 

"Mr. Frank R. Meze 

#Mr. Charles R Miller 

"Dr. George L. Moore 

"Mr. Wayne L. Mowrey 

"Mrs. Nancy J. (Johns) Nevins 

"Mrs. Betty G. (Gingrich) Rauch 

"Mrs. Helen D. (Dickel) Sandrock 

Mr. Henry W Schmalzer 

Capt. Marlin D. Seiders 

"Mrs. Pearl M. (Miller) Siegel 

Mrs. Gladys E (Flinchbaugh) Slenker 

Mrs. Marion S. (Schade) Stauffer 

*Mr. E. Peter Strickler 

Mrs. Jean M. (Myers) Swanson 

Mrs. Margaret T. (Todd) Trumbo 

Dr. Warren D. Trumbo 

•Dr. H. Joshua Weiser 

"Mrs. Evelyn S. (Spider) Wild 

"Mr. Harold Wild 

Mrs. W Jeanne (Kitchen) Winemiller 

Mr. Richard S. Zerbe 

CLASS OF 1948 

Annual Fund $12,316.25 

Facilities $7,974.16 

♦Mrs. Mildred N. (Neff) Beck 

*Mr. Robert F Beck 

Mrs. M. Kathleen (Garis) Bolger 

Mr. James S. Brulatour 

"Mrs. Doris H. (Hyman) Brunner 

#Dr. John A. Detweiler 

*Dr. Robert F Early, Sr. 

OMrs. Nellie W (Walter) Eaton 

Mr. Anthony J. Gerace 

Mrs. Ruth B. (Billow) Guida 

Mrs. Mary F (Frank) Habig 

"Mrs. Ruth G. (Gearhart) Keech 

*Mr. Theodore D. Keller 

OMr. Frederick D. Koons 

Mr. H. Ellis Kreider 

#Dr. Grace E. Laverty 

Mr. John H. light 

Mrs. Dorothy S. (Strassburger) Mark 

*Dr. George R. Marquette 

Ms. Rena B. (Biely) Miller 

Mr. Robert H. Miller 

Mrs. Burnell K. (Kessel) Moore 

Mr. William A. Rothrock 

"Mr. Samuel J. Rutherford 

*Dr. David R Sheetz 

Mr. Paul O. Shettel 

"Mr. Alton M. Smith 

*Mr. Earl J. Spangler 

OMrs. Ruth W (Whitman) Yingst 

t"Mr. Robert A. Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1949 

Annual Fund $10,260.00 

Endowment $1,000.00 

Facilities $3,051.64 

#Mrs. Rose Marie (Root) Awkerman 

#Mr. Robert E. Baker 

Mr. James L. Barto 

Mr. J. Richard Bolger 

Mrs. Hattie C. (Cook) Bowman 

Mr. Peter P Boyer 

"Mr. William J. Brunner 

Mr. Abba D. Cohle 

#Mrs. Olive M. (Reemsnyder) Derr 

Dr. Albert P Dijohnson 

*Mrs. Vera J. (Boyer) Early 

Mr. Richard Y. Eby 

OMr. Herbert A. Eckenroth 

"Mrs. Beatrice M. (Meiser) Euston 

"Mr. William D. Ferguson 

Rev. Donald N. Fridinger 

Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling 

*Mrs. Nancy M. (Meyer) Gingrich 

"Mr. Charles K. Greenawalt 

*Mr. Glenn L. Hall 

"Mrs. Dorothy S. (Smith) Heisey 

"Rev. Alvin S. Hildebrand 

Dr. Henry G. Hostetter 

tMrs. Mary-Catherine W (Wolf) 

"Mr. Earl F Kauffman 
"Mrs. Mary Ellen E. (Budesheim) Ktnch 
"Mrs. Mary G. (Glover) Kleinfelter 
"Mr. Wesley R Kreiser 
*Mr. Howard F Lebegem 
Mr. John F Loser 
"Dr. Donald VMalick 
"Mr. Robert P McCoy 
"Mr. Roger M. McKinley 
Mr. Richard J. Miller 
Mr. Sidney S. Miller 
#Mrs. BettyJ. (Jones) Moller 
#Mr. Richard W Moller 
Mr. Dean S. Moore 
Mrs. Jane R (Reed) Pope 
"Dr. Stuart K. Remley 
"Mrs. Virginia W (Werner) Richards 
"Mrs. Joanna N. (Norris) Roe 
Rev. Dr. Laverne E. Rohrbaugh 
Mrs. Ella S. (Shultz) Roman 
Mrs. Thelma Z. (Zimmerman) Shearer 


♦Vtekrcy Society •Society of 1866 OWteyClub #CharterCfub 


Mrs. LuzettaJ. (Warfel) Stair 

Dr. Russell I. Steiner 

Mr. Charles W Tome 

*Mrs. Joanna L. (Lawhead) Wagner 

"Dr. Dene T. Walters 

Mrs. Dorothy Z. (Zink) Werst 

#Mrs. R Patricia (Sutton) Wiedeke 

"Mr. Edward Williams 

Mrs. Erma G. (Gainor) Yeakel 

*Bishop Joseph H. Yeakel 

♦Mrs. Lois J. (Shank) Yeakel 

OMr. William J. Yingst 

"Mr. Thomas M. Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1950 

Annual Fund $15,629.91 
Facilities $2,679.09 
Dr. Luke S. Albert 
tMr. John H. Allwein 
#Dr. Loy C. Awkerman 
"Mr. Arthur J. Bacastow 
"Dr. George W Bartels 
Mrs. Betty C. (Camp) Barto 
Mr. Carl R. Baum 
#Dr. Lewis W Bowman 
"Mr. Robert K. Bowman 
*Dr. Nancy H. Bright 
Mr. Paul E. Broome 
Mr. Allen H. Brown 
"Mr. Frederic W Brown 
Mrs. Janet E. (Eppley) Bucher 
Rev. Norman B. Bucher 
*Mrs. Kathryn M. (Noll) Chemich 
OMrs. Jeanne H. (Bozarth) Cleaver 
*Mr. James K. Davis 
Mr. Henry C. Deens 
Miss Elizabeth E. Eicherly 
"Mr. R Francis Eigenbrode 
Mr. Robert N. Englehart 
Mr. Ralph S. Espenshade 
Mr William G. Fisher 
Mr. Fred B. Fore 
Dr. Wallace W Furman 
Mr. Carl W Gibson 
Mrs. Doris S. (Strickler) Hen- 
Mr. Frank W Hockley 
Mrs. M. Louise (Jagnow) Hockley 
t°Mrs. Doris K. (Klingensmith) Hoepfer 
tMrs. Rachel G. (Gerhart) Hook 
*Dr. Charlotte R (Rohrbaugh) Jones 
Mrs. Ruth K. (Kramer) Jones 
*Dr. William G. Jones 
"Rev. Roger E. Keech 
Mrs. Vivian W (Werner) Keefer 
#Mrs. Doris L (Eckert) Ketner 
Mr. Raymond A. Kline 
Mr. Anthony J. Kutchever 
"Mrs. Barbara K. (Kleinfelter) Lawver 
Mr. Joseph W Layser 
Mr. Ray A. Layser 
"Mr. Clifford J. light 
Mrs. Mary C. (Edelman) light 
Mr. Richard H. light 
"Mrs. Ellen J. (Jepsen) Lukens 
Mr. Harold G. Madeira 
#Dr. Alonzo L. Mantz 
"Mrs. Ethel-Mae B. (Beam) Mark 
Mr. Bernard R. Mazzoni 
"Mr. Simon J. Meyer 
OMrs. Geraldine R (Rothermel) Nease 



Mr. James W Parsons 

Col. Donald A. Potter 

Mr. George Roman 

"Mrs. Jeanne H. (Hull) Russell 

Mr. Lyle R Schwalm 

Rev. Monroe J. Shearer 

#Mr. John G Smith, Jr. 

Mr. Jack Snavely 

Mr. Richard H. Spangler 

°Mr. William D. Steely 

Mrs. Jean K. (Kostenbauder) Stolte 

Mrs. Sidney G. (Garverich) Tome 

°Miss Nan E. Urich 

°Dr. David H. Wallace 

Mr. William Wertz 

°Mrs. Marian A. (Achenbach) Wise 

°Mr. J. Ellis Wood 

"Mr. Raymond S. Zimmerman 

Rev. Robert E. Zuver 

CLASS OF 1951 

Annual Fund $9,722.50 

Endowment $550.00 

Facilities $2,365.83 

#Mrs. Dawn H. (Hornbaker) Albert 

ORev. David H. Andrews 

Mrs. K. Louise (light) Andrews 

°Mrs. Helen M. (MacFarland) Bartels 

Mr. Floyd M. Baturin 

#Mr. John D. Boag 

#Mrs. Margaret B. (Bower) Boag 

°Mr. Herbert L. Booz 

Lt. Col. Donald E. Coldren 

°Mrs. Betty E. (Edelman) Creamer 

°Mr. Donald A. Degler 

Mr. George A. DeLong 

Mrs. Jeanne S. (Stine) DeLong 

Rev. Paul W Diener 

Capt. Paul L. Downey 

♦Mr. Harold G.Engle, Jr. 

"Mr. Guy J. Euston 

°Mr. Robert K. Feaster 

"Mr. Richard D. Fields 

°Mr. Robert R. Fischer 

Mrs. Arlene S. (Shuey) Fisher 

Mr. Joseph J. Frank 

Ms. Jean E. Frantz 

Rev. Roland E. Garvin 

°Mr. James M. Geiselhart 

•Mr. Jack D. Gramm 

Mrs. Phyllis M. (Malz) Grover 

Mrs. Betty Z. (Zimmerman) Hallman 

Mrs. Carolyn G. (Gassert) Harris 

#Mrs. Lois S. (Sheder) Herrick 


Mr. Lemoyne W Hoffman 

Mrs. Barbara M. (Metzger) Kline 

Mr. Richard L. Kline 

Rev. W Richard Kohler 

*Mr. Walter Levinsky 

Mrs. Sara E. (Etzweiler) linkous 

6 Rev. Robert P Longenecker 

°Mr. Norman G. Lukens 

*Mrs. Rufina B. (Balmer) Marquette 

°Dr. Robert L. Meals 

Dr. Robert K. Miller 

Mr. William E Miller 

Mr. Horace E Moyer 

Mr. Richard B. Moyer 

Mr. Robert Mrgich 

Mrs. Ethel L. (Long) Nuss 

#Mrs. Dorothy M. (Morgan) Nye 

Mr. George E. Rimer 

#Mr. Charles E. Roland 

Mrs. Edith R. (Shanaman) Rothenberger 

°Mr. Richard J. Schiemer 

Mrs. Patricia W (Werner) Schmid 

•Mrs. Anne E. (Shroyer) Shemeta 

Mrs. Joyce M. (McAllister) Simons 

°Mr. Lee R. Thierwechter 

'Rev. Martin W Trosde 

Mr. Theodore E. Wagner 

Mrs. Nancy L. (Lutz) Weber 

"Mr. Neal E. Woll 

*Mr. Glenn H. Woods 

Rev. Donald D. Zeiders 

"Mrs. Ruth B. (Brown) Zimmerrnan 

CLASS OF 1952 

Annual Fund $13,014.80 

Endowment $50.00 

Facilities $5,141.53 

°Ms. Lois L. Adams 

"Mrs. Elaine B. (Barron) Auerbach 

Mrs. Janet W (Weidenhammer) Baker 

#Dr. Joseph P Bering 

Mr. Alden G. Biely 

#Dr. Samuel H. Black 

t°Mr. Donald Blanken 

*Mr. Nicholas Bova 

Mrs. Jeanne H. (Hutchinson) Cass 

Mrs. Irene M. (Malask) Cohle 

Mr. James H. Daubert 

Mrs. Marquetta K. (Kapp) Daubert 

•Dr. Robert M. Daugherty 

•Dr. Ruth S. (Sheaffer) Daugherty 

#Mr. Jay N. Dutweiler 

Mr. M. Eugene Fisher 

#Rev Bernard E. Fogle 

Mrs. E. Maxine (Garvin) Fritz 

Mrs. Elma B. (Breidenstine) Frysinger 

Rev. Golden A. Gaither 

"Mrs. Joan O. (Orlando) Geiselhart 

"Mr. John E. Giachero 

"Mr. Donald S. Gingrich 

*Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman 

Mr. Robert J. Heath 

Mrs. M. Elizabeth (Roper) Hess 

♦Mrs. Dorothy W (Witmer) Hoak 

*Mr. Robert D. Hoffsommer, Jr. 

"Mrs. Nancy A. (Myers) Inners 

OMrs. Joanne R. (Ricedorf) Jacoby 

Dr. George M. Knobl 

°Dr. Eugene F Kobylarz 

#Mrs. Claire C. (Caskey) Krieg 

Mrs. Adele B. (Begg) Lauder 

#Ms. D. Jane Lutz 

°Miss Jane L. Martin 

T>r. Donald J. McSurdy 

Miss Geraldine E. Mease 

Dr. Mardia Melroy 

Mr. Donald N. Miller 

Mr. Richard W Miller 

•Mr. Joseph T. Oxley 

T)r. James S. Pacy 

"Mr. Josef G. Parker 

*Dr. Frederick P Sample 

Mr. Melvin Schiff 

Dr. Nancy D. (Deimler) Seiders 

•Mr. Joseph J. Shemeta 

Mr. Sherdell A. Snyder 

Dr. Paul E. Stambach 

Deacon Ruth M. Stambach 

Dr. Richard H. Stewart 

*Dr. Sterling E Strause 

Mr. Thomas J. Sullivan 

Mr. John 1. Sweigard 

#Miss Evelyn Toser 

Mrs. Julia T (Thatcher) Witmer 
°Mrs. Diane R. (Randolph) Woodward 
Mrs. Gloria D. (Dressier) Zeigler 

CLASS OF 1953 

Annual Fund $15,505.00 

Endowment $2,030.00 

Gift In Kind $131.87 

Facilities $22,750.00 

Dr. Howard R. Ancell 

°Mr. Harold G. Brandt 

♦Mrs. Phyllis B. (Barnhart) Burkholder 

Mr. Robert Y.Clay 

Mr. Carl W Daugherty 

Mrs. Martha R. (Rapp) Daugherty 

Mrs. Janice D. (DeLong) Diehm 

Mrs. Jean S. (Stahle) Donohue 

Warren L. Early, M.D. 

"Mr. Lloyd O. Evans 

Mr. M. Ross Evans 

#Mr. Ralph R. Giordano 

*Dr. Martin L. Gluntz 

Mr. Robert A. Gustin, Sr. 

Mrs. Jane M. (McMurtrie) Hart 

Dr. Allen H. Heim 

#Mrs. Joan B. (Bair) Herman 

OMr. Melvin E. Hostetter 

Mr. Thomas H. Israel 

Mr. Winslow Johnson 

Mrs. Pauline R. (Rittle) Kauffman 

Mrs. Evelyn M. (Gehman) Kegerise 

°Mr. Edgar D. Landis 

°Mr. James S. Lewis 

°Mr. Don E. McNamara 

"Mr. Leon M. Miller 

Rev Albert E. Moser 

Mrs. June E (Finkelstein) Mosse 

*Dr. David D. Neiswender 

OMr. Lee A. Ranck 

Mr. Harold A. Rothenberger 

Mr. Philip H. Seltzer, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Lou K. (Kurtz) Sweigard 

Mr. Robert J. Tarantolo 

Mr. William S. Vought, Jr. 

°Mr. William J. Walborn 

*Hon. John Walter 

Rev. Russell E. Walters 

"Mr. Edward H. Walton 

*Mrs. Joan G. (Gilbert) Wengert 

°Mrs. Alma M. (Mariani) Wood 

'Mr. William H. Wood 

*Mrs. Nancy C. (Cramer) Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1954 

Annual Fund $6,051.83 

Endowment $450.00 

Facilities $8,171.17 

°Dr. F Paul Alepa 

Mrs. Joanne B. (Bachman) Belson 

OMrs. Frances S. (Shroyer) Bova 

Dr. Robert H. Boyd 

*Mr. Donald L. Burkholder 

°Mr. George J. Cardone 

#Dr. Wiley E.Daniels 

Mr. Kenneth C. Donmoyer 

Mrs. Patricia S. (Satterthwaite) Edge 

#Dr. Jay A. Felty 

#Dr. Herbert Fields 

Mr. Walter H. Fry 

Mrs. Barbara H. (Hess) Gaither 

°Mr. Donald J. Gingrich 

#Mr. Martin J. Grochowski 

OMrs. Doris C. (Cortright) Heck 

Mr. Robert A. Houston 

OMrs. Betty C. (Criswell) Hungerford 

°Mrs. Alice D. (Daniel) Kelly 

°Mr. WiUiam H. Kelly 

#Ms. Barbara A. Kreiser 

#Mr. Robert Mackrides 

Mrs. Elizabeth G. (Gaskill) Miller 

°Dr. Richard C. Musselman 

*Mr. Frank A. Ritrievi 

*Dr. Gail E. (Edgar) Ritrievi 

Mr. Prowell M. Seitzinger 

°Mrs. Carol J. (Johnstone) Smith 

°Mr. Lee C. Smith 

Mr. Chester E. Snedeker 

OMr. Louis A. Sorrentino 

OMrs. M. Rosella (Hollinger) Sorrentino 

Miss Agnes M. Souders 

#Mrs. Julia U. (Ulrich) Spangler 

Mr. Richard G. Styring 

"Mrs. Masami U. (Uchida) Tabe 

°Mrs. Barbara R. (Ranck) Taylor 

°Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Lower) Theophilos 

°Lt. Col. Clair D. Wagner 

Mr. Robert J. Wagner 

°Mrs. Betty Jane (Swisher) Wolfgang 

Mrs. Sylvia W (Wolfskill) Woodin 

CLASS OF 1955 

Annual Fund $12,554.30 

Endowment $4,910.00 

Facilities $19,119.52 

Mr. Robert H. Ayers 

Mrs. Jane S. (Shuler) Barber 

Mrs. Hazel K. (Kindt) Beish 

Mrs. Nancy M. (Myers) Chiodo 

#Mrs. Nancy D. (Daugherty) Cortner 

Mr. William C. Diehm 

#Mr. Roger L. Dundore 

•Mr. Robert L. Enders 

°Mr. William A. Erby 

♦Dr. Ross W Fasick 

OMr. D. John Grace, Jr. 

Mrs. Joyce D. (Dissinger) Herr 

#Dr. Henry B. Hollinger 

OMr. Robert R. Jenkins 

#Mrs. Carol A. (Achenbach) Keblinger 

Mrs. Hilda Y. (Yost) Landis 

Mrs. Beverly R. (Ross) Lupfer 

#Mrs. Rita C. (Castiglia) Mackrides 

Mrs. Joyce H. (Hill) Madden 

•Mr. J. Stanley Mull, Jr. 

•Mrs. Joan W (Wingert) Mull 

♦Mr. Clair W Noll 

Mrs. Mary Jane (Kern) Parsons 

°Mr. George Radanovic 

Dr. Robert E. Reasey 

Mrs. Alice B. (Bomberger) Savastio 

Mr. Frederick L. Shaak 

Mrs. P Sally Ann (Whitmoyer) Shaak 

•Mrs. Adora R. (Rabiger) Sholley 

#Mrs. Edith W (Wemtz) Taylor 

Rev. Clarence D. Ulrich 

°Mrs. Florence R. (Risser) Umberger 

°Ms. Lynette E. Waller 

Miss Dorothy M. (Pfautz) Wenger 

°Mr. Thomas G. Wolfgang 

♦Dr. Ralph E. Yingst 

CLASS OF 1956 

Annual Fund $9,381.66 
Endowment $2,400.00 
Facilities $3,290.00 
Dr. Gene R. Adams 
Mrs. Doris B. (Brandt) Ayers 
°Dr. Edward J. Billingham 
Mr. Harold E. Bird 



Distinguished Chair 

"Dr. David N. Bosacco 

Mrs. Dorothy G. (Grabau) Boyd 

Ms. Carol J. Bradley 

"Mr. Henry T. Chadwick 

Mrs. Louise (Loeper) Cottrell-Cawley 

"Mr. Anthony B. Creamer 

ODr. Jacquelyn E (Fetterhoff) Douglass 

*Mr. David J. Farling 

"Mr. Herbert M. Forrest 

*Mr. Eugene R. Geesey 

Mrs. Mildred T. (Trautman) Hartz 

Mr. Thomas L. Hess 

*Mr. Sidney L. Hofing 

*Mr. Lawrence E. Jones 

°Mr. Pius H. Kaltreider 

Mr. Clair L. Kelly 

"Mrs. Joan E. (Eckenroad) Kirk 

Mrs. Cynthia J. (Patton) Poet 

"Mr. Curtis C. Troutman 

"Mr. Donald H. Umberger 

"Mr. John W Walters 

Mr. Eugene W Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1957 

Annual Fund $12,889.71 

Endowment $3,450.00 

Gift In Kind $131.87 

Facilities $5,939.95 

#Mr. Theodore L. Blumenthal 

#Rev. Dorothy M. Book 

Dr. RaLoy E. Brown 

°Mr. Donald S. Burkhart 

°Mr. Frank J. Catanzaro 

Ms. Grace G. (Gorbey) Connell 

Miss Joan C Conway 

OMs. Hazel A. Davis 

"Mrs. Elaine H. (Henderson) Forbes 

OMurray B. Grosky M.D. 

Miss Emma E. Herr 

Q Dr. E Peter Hottenstein 

Mrs. Louise R. (Roberts) Hrizuk 

*Mrs. Georgianne F (Funk) Jones 

*Mr. William H. Kiick 

Mr. Charles C. Kindt 

"Mr. R. Lee Kunkel 

Mr. George E. Kupchinsky 

"Mrs. June L. (Lykens) Lantz 

"Rev. W Franklin Lantz 

#Mr. Jerry E. Lego 

Mrs. Nancy L. (Ketde) Lenker 

"Mr. Willard L. Light 

"Rev. Jere R. Martin 

*Mr. James M. McArdle 

°Rev Gerald A. McCormick 

"Mr. Frank R. McCulloch 

Mr. C. L. Mcllvaine 

Mrs. Dorothy L. (Lentz) Monaghan 

°Mrs. Geraldine S. (Sheaffer) Mosemann 

"Mr. Ronald J. Mosemann 

Mr. Robert J. Nelson 

*Mrs. Jeanne C. (Winter) Noll 

*Dr. Ronald A. Pieringer 

OMaj. Gen. Ross S. Plasterer 

*Mrs. Polly R. (Risser) Reinhart 

Mrs. Jane H. (Hoffman) Roush 

OBrig. Gen. Robert M. Sheaffer, (RET) 

Dr. Thomas E. Silliman 

Mr. Robert E. Snyder 

Mrs. Hannelore W (Wanner) Starsinic 

Dr. Richard Cornelius, 
chair of the chemistry / ■ 
department, was 
named to The Vernon and 
Doris Bishop Distinguished 
Chair in Chemistry, the college's 
first fully endowed faculty chair. 
Cornelius, who has chaired the 
department since 1985, has 
earned a national reputation 
in chemistry education. Bene- 
factor Vernon Bishop is a 
Lebanon industrialist and 
philanthropist who has long 
been involved with the college. 
His late wife, Doris, was a 
respected community leader. 

"Mr. Calvin J. Wacker 

*Mrs. Patricia L. (Lutz) Walter 

*Mrs. Marian M. (Marcus) Warden 

Dr. William C. Workinger 

°Mr. Larry L. Ziegler 

CLASS OF 1958 

Annual Fund $22,741.85 

Endowment $13,156.25 

Facilities $20,283.70 

"Dr. Jerald G. Bachman 

Mrs. Marlene B. (Brill) Bell 

Mrs. Barbara S. (Schwaghart) Bird 

Mrs. Janet M. (Tingley) Boehm 

"Mrs. Fern L. (Liskey) Bucher 

"Mrs. Virginia S. (Smedley) Burkhart 

•Dr. Thomas B. Carmany 

°Mrs. Joan H. (Heindel) Colliflower 

°Mr. David W Cotton 

#Mrs. Barbara G. (Geltz) Doster 

#Mr. Robert F Doster 

OMr. Henry G. Douglass 

Mrs. Janice H. (Demko) Epler 

Ms. Charlotte E (Pierson) Frazier 

*Mr. Darwin G. Glick 

*Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Speicher) Glick 

"Mrs. Nancy G. (Grace) Good 

*Mrs. Robie L. (Lauman) Hall 

*Mr. Ronald B. Hartranft 

*Mr. Warren R. Heidelbaugh 

#Rev. Jack R. Hoffman 

#Mrs. Jean H. (Henninger) Hoffman 

"Mr. Donald R. Hole 

*Dr. Michael P Hottenstein 

°Ms. Barbara G. Johnson 

°Mr. Aubrey H. Kershner 

"Ms. Glenda L. (Wilson) Kirker 

Mr. Fred S. Kreider, Jr. 

Dr. Thomas H. Kreiser 

Mr. William P Krick, Jr. 

Rev. C. Robert Landis 

Mrs. Kathryn H. (Hoerner) Lanz 

Mr. John F Lenker 

°Rev. Charles W lightner 

°Mrs. Harriet M. (Mickey) Lightner 

Mrs. Beverly W (Weaver) Mcllvaine 

"Mrs. Sally A. Miller-Checket 

*Mr. James A. Mitchell, Jr. 

Mrs. Barbara K. (Klinger) Nelson 

Mrs. Charlotte L. (Long) Paschall 

Mrs. Roberta K. (McBride) Peightel 

Dr. Jackson G. Perry 

Mr. Richard E. Powell 

Mrs. Ruth O. (Obert) Ranalli 

*Dr. Thomas C. Reinhart 

Mrs. D. Lorraine (Eshleman) Royer 

Ms. Rosemary D. Ruhl 

Mr. David H. Schell 

"Mrs. Mary E. (Swope) Shroyer 

*Mr. Gary H. Sipe 

"Mr. Richard H. Smith 

"Mr. Joseph K. Snare 

"Mr. Joe L. Stauffer 

"Mr. Sandy R. Stover 

#Mr. Harold P Swanger 

OMiss Beverly A, Walp 

"Mrs. Barbara B. (Bender) Walwik 

*Mr. Ronald B. Weinel 

Mrs. Dorothy K. (Kamm) Whitman 

*Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth 

*Dr. James F Wolfe 

"Mrs. Mary Ellen (Risser) Ziegler 

CLASS OF 1959 

Annual Fund $24,976.85 
Endowment $3,100.00 
Facilities $201,047.14 
"Mr. D. Neil Aharrah 
"Mrs. Mary B. (Beaver) Aharrah 
"Mrs. Shirley J. (Jacobs) Aichele 
"Rev. Wayde V Atwell 
Mr. Russell J. Boeshore 
Mrs. Jean B. (Blocher) Bowers 
*Bemerd A. Buzgon, Esq. 
*Dr. Edna J. (Jenkins) Carmean 
"Mr. James WChecket 
"Mrs. Ruth H. (Howell) Cook 
"Rev. Merritt A. Copenhaver 
Mrs. Shirley B. (Bair) Crumlich 
"Mr. William F Deliberty 
"Rev. Harvey W Ebright, Jr. 
•Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. 
Mrs. Joanne G. (Grubb) Gain 
Dr. Helen G. (Graham) Gill 
Mr. James E. Greenwood 
*Mrs. Estelle B. (Berger) Hartranft 
*Dr. Linda H. (Heefner) Heindel 
*Dr. Ned D. Heindel 
#Dr. John B. Hoffman 
Mr. Sheldon K. Hoover 
Mrs. Janet Z. (Zuse) Hostetter 
Mrs. Barbara D. (Deiter) Houston 
"Rev. William A. Hower 
Mrs. linda S. (Shirey) Huber 
#Hon. Wayne G. Hummer 
ODr. H. Dale Kreider 
Mr. Sterling R. Krumbine 
Dr. John P Lambert 
"Mr. Nello M. Lavorini 
"Mr. Gene R. Layser 

t Deceased 

*Vfekroy Society 'Society of 1866 ONfeBeyGtub ^Charter Club 


"QuftapsiWa Club 

°Mrs. Marilyn K. (Kreider) Layser 

Mr. James O. Lebo 

OMrs. Susan O. (Oaks) Leonard 

Mr. David M. Long 

"Mrs. Phyllis L. (Luckens) Lowe 

"Mrs. Sarah C (Cook) Markel 

Dr. Robert S. Martin 

"Mr. David R. Meder 

#Mr. Larry M. Mentzer 

'Mr. Myles L. Miller 

Mrs. Carolyn S. (Schairer) Mover 

Dr. Karl E. Mover 

"Mr. Walter H. Muller 

Mrs. Veronica E. (Evans) Norris 

#Mr. James G. Novinger 

Dr. Kenneth R. Orwig 

Mr. Samuel G. Poet 

Mrs. Susan (Artz) Richartz 

*Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller 

*Mrs. Janet B. (Blank) Rismiller 

Mr. Joseph C Saile 

Mr. Robert D. Sensenig 

Mr. Edmund J. Slezosky 

Ms. Louise G. Swain 

#Mr. John A. Tartaglin 

"Mrs. Catherine H. (Hellick) Van Ness 

Mrs. Marion B. (Brooks) Vespe 

°Mr. Raymond E Weiss 

Mr. Charles E. Wernert 

°Miss Doris E. White 

Mrs. Johanna H. (Hansen) Wilson 

CLASS OF 1960 

Annual Fund $6,642.31 

Endowment $50.00 

Facilities $2,054.03 

Mr. Edward J. Alexander 

Mrs. Brenda H. (Funk) Berry 

Mrs. Patricia H. (Hagerty) Bohrs 

Mr. Philip D. Bronson 

Mr. James S. Bustard 

Mrs. Joyce F (Fuller) Bustard 

Mr. Samuel E. Butz 

"Mrs. Barbara B. (Bums) Carpenter 

°Dr. James W Carpenter 

Mrs. Phyllis D. (DePugh) Caskie 

ORev. Richard L. Cassel 

"Mr. Richard M. Daugherty 

"Mr. Ronald M. Daugherty 

#Mrs. Joan T. (Turner) Derr 

#Dr. William F Derr 

#Mr. Joseph B. Dietz 

"Mr. Ronald L. Dietz 

ODr. Russel H. Etter 

•Philip H. Feather, Esq. 

Mr. Ray K. Fields 

Mrs. Patricia J. (Jones) Galvin 

Mr. Charles F Gerberich 

OMrs. Marsha C. (Chaitt) Grosky 

Mr. Robert G. Harlacker 

#Mrs. Dolores H. (Hemer) Hartman 

Mr. David E. Heberlig 

#Dr. Clark S. Hoffman, Jr. 

Mr. Richard K. Hollinger 

Mr. Ronald P Hovis 

"Mr. James J. Kantner 

"Mrs. Rosalind H. (Horn) Kunkel 

Mrs. Marianne K. (Kanofi) Loney 


Mr. Robert C. Musser 

Mr. Kenneth R. Nelson 

Mrs. Marjorie C. (Cook) Orwig 

Mrs. Nancy L. (Lewis) Patton 

"Mr. John H.Phillips 

°Mrs. Margaret G. (Gather) Philp 

°Mr. Charles R. Piersol 

"Mr. Joseph D. Ragno 

'Mrs. Nancy N. (Nickell) Ragno 

Rev. William B. Ramey, Jr. 

Mrs. Jacqueline S. (Simes) Rossi 

Mr. Leo J. Savastio 

Mr. John F Schlegel 

"Rev. David W Schmuck 

"Mrs. Sally L. (Lynch) Seavey 

Mrs. Mary R. (Ranck) Slezosky 

"Mr. John J. Stouffer 

Mr. Robert Y. Supowit 

Mr Kenneth J. Swisher 

Mrs. Shirley A. (Angle) Tannenbaum 

"Mrs. Nancy K. (Kulp) Thorner 

"Mrs. Constance C. (Chambers) Trostle 

#Mr. L. Nelson Umble 

Mr. David L. Weiser 

"Mrs. Patricia P (Petrullo) Wise 

Mr. Ralph J. Ziegenfuss 

#Mr. Joel H. Zinn 

CLASS OF 1961 

Annual Fund $9,314.81 

Facilities $1,533.20 

Mrs. Janet H. (Hammerschmidt) Barndt 

"Mrs. M. Nancy (Ovates) Deliberty 

#Mrs. Shirley L. (Landis) Dietz 

Mrs. M. Ruth (Messersmith) Erb 

Mr. Richard N. Garwood 

Dr. James D. Gruber 

°Mr. Larry Q. Hall 

Mr. John R. Harlacher 

°Mr. Robert D. Hartnett 

"Mrs. Miriam W (Wiker) Hawk 

"Mr. William B. Hawk 

Mrs. Jean D. (Dixon) Hetherington 

Mrs. Winifred N. (Neal) Hodgson 


Mrs. Adele M. (Moss) Hunt 

Mr. Stanley J. Kaczorowski 

Mr. Buhrman G. Keim 

"Mr. Barry L. Keinard 

°Dr. Robert W Kilmoyer 

#Col. Rosalyn R. Knapp 

°Capt. Alfred J. Kreiser 

Ms. Judith A. Kressler 

Mrs. Joan M. (Mumper) Linnane 

Ms. Mary A. Maguire 

Mrs. Pauline M. (Fitz) Martin 

*Mrs. Selina H. (Hill) McArdle 

"Mrs. Amy H. (Hartman) McElwee 

°Dr. Frederick Meiselman 

♦Mrs. Lois B. (Brong) Miller 

Mrs. Marjorie P (Peters) Miller 

Mr. Nolan E. Miller 

"Mr. Donald E. Murray 

Mr. Lynn B. Raver 

*James T. Reilly, Esq. 

#Dr. Samuel J. Shubrooks 

*Mr. Jacque A. Smith 

Mr. Karl R. Smith 

°Mr. Walter L. Smith 

°Mrs. Dianne A. (Arthur) Snook 

"Mrs. Barbra S. (Storaker) Stehlik 

Mr. Charles J. Tobias, II 

"Dr. Dean G. Wetzel 

°Lt. Col. D. Thomas Winter 

"Rev. Keith B. Wise 

"Mr. Stephen L. Wisler 

CLASS OF 1962 

Annual Fund $10,253.25 
Endowment $1,000.00 
Facilities $4,040.08 
Mrs. Aglaia S. (Stephanis) Ahmed 

Mrs. Jane L. (Levine) Alexander 

Mr Donald E. Bacastow 

Mr. KarlWBordner 

Mrs. Constance M. (Myers) Brown 

Mrs. Emily J. (Bowman) Brown 

Ms. Mary L. (Lamke) Burke 

*Mrs. Gloria F (Fitzkee) Carter 

#Mr. Gary H. Cronrath 

OMr. David L. Czirr 

#Mrs. Georgiana K. (Kunzler) Doner 

Mrs. Isobel M. (Miller) Dottle 

•Mrs. Judith K. (Kline) Feather 

#Mr. Kenneth R. Feather 

#Dr. Hiram E. Fitzgerald 

Mr. Dean A. Flinchbaugh 

Mrs. Barbara W (Wogisch) Fragasso 

Mrs. Bonnie W (Williams) Garwood 

Mr. George J. Hiltner, III 

"Mr. Warren H. Hoffman 

OMr. Doyle W Ivey 

Ms. Marilyn R. (Rinker) Jennerjohn 

Mrs. Cecelia R. (Reed) Keehn 

"Mrs. Gayle S. (Schlegel) Keinard 

Mrs. Kay S. (Steiner) Kelbley 

Mrs. Virginia T (Templeton) Kichline 

"Mrs. Letitia C. (Crispen) Kilmoyer 

"Dr. John F Kobylarz 

#Mrs. Mary B. (Bollman) Kreider 

Dr. June E. Lawrence 

Mr. Ray C. lichtenwalter 

°Dr. Barry W light 

Mrs. Margaret S. (Seaber) Markert 

Mrs. Barbara M. (McClean) Meyer 

Mrs. Jane M. (McCann) Miller 

*Mr. H. Lee Moyer 

"Mrs. Judith K. (Kuchta) Reighter 

"Mr. K. William Reighter 

Mr. C. Richard Rhine 

"Dr. Carl B. Rife 

Mrs. Rosalie W (Wida) Roth 

Mrs. Patsy W (Wise) Rudy 

"Mr. Charles R. Seidel 

Mr. Daniel F Shearer 

Mrs. Y. Viola (DeFino) Shepherd 

Mr. P Brooks Slatcher 

"Mr. G. Eugene Stambach 

"Mrs. Sandra S. (Stetler) Stouffer 

*Mrs. Brenda B. (Brown) Troisi 

Mr. Russell R. Urey 

Mr. Henry F Van de Water 

Mrs. Gloria K. (Kisder) Wagner 

Mrs. Sylvia B. (Bucher) Weaver 

Mrs. Norma M. (Morris) Wright 

♦Mrs. Carol A. (Smith) Yost 

*Mr. Harry B.Yost 

CLASS OF 1963 

Annual Fund $10,025.40 

Endowment $100.00 

Facilities $3,596.00 

OMr. H. William Acker 

#Ms. Barbara H. Bailes 

Mr. Thomas C. Bender 

"Dr. Mary H. (Haines) Berthold 

Mr. Barry V Bishop 

"Mr. Gerald L. Bowman 

°Mr. James L. Boyle 

Mr. James E. Brommer 

Mrs. Judith N. (Newton) Brown 

Mr. Philip H. Castor 

Mr. Stanley M. Daniels 

"Mr. James W Davis 

•Mr. Adam Diebus 

Mr. Gerald H. Edris 

#Rev. Richard G. Felty 

#Mrs. Dolores K. (Koncar) Fitzgerald 

Mr. William WFocht 

"Mrs. Dianne E. (Ehrhart) Gray 

"Dr. Robert A. Gray 

Mrs. Carolyn M. (Magee) Grove 

Mr. Ronald C. Haring 

Mr. A. Richard Heberly 

"Mrs. Lynne M. (McWilliams) Hendrix 

Ms. Barbara E. Horst 

Mrs. Kathleen B. (Bauernfeind) Hurwitz 

Mr. G. Thomas Keehn 

Mrs. Blanche H. (Hawkins) Knapp 

Mr. Thomas J. Knapp 

"Mrs. Margaret W (Weinert) Kramer 

Mr Ralph L. Lehman, III 

Mrs. Kristine K. (Kreider) Lynes 

Mrs. Barbara B. (Bongart) McMinn 

Mrs. Shirley B. (Brown) Michel 

#Mrs. Leann R. (Grebe) Miller 

Mrs. Shirley H. (Huber) Miller 

Mrs. Susan S. (Smith) Miller 

Mr. Byron N. Mock 

Mr. Lawrence R. Moss 

Mr. Dennis C. Phillippy 

"Rev. David W Pierce 

Mr. Ronald J. Poorman 

"Mrs. Sue S. (Smith) Reaser 

*Mr. George M. Reider, Jr. 

#Ms. Judith N. (Nichols) Renzulli 

Ms. Joy D. Rice 

'Mrs. Judith S. (Snowberger) Rife 

Mr. Richard H. Rotz 

Miss Dawn E. Sandy 

"Mrs. Nedra R. (Rine) Schmuck 

"Mrs. Priscilla B. (Brush) Schwenk 

"Mrs. Sarah L (Lane) Seidel 

#Rev. William A. Sherman 

Ms. N. Patricia Shonk 

Ms. Kathryn S. Skewis 

Ms. Janet T (Taylor) Spengler 

♦Mr. Gregory G. Stanson 

Dr. Vance R. Stouffer 

Mr. Ford S. Thompson 

Mrs. Nancy D. (Dutro) Thompson 

Mr. Douglas K. Troutman 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Williams) Van de Water 

Rev. Donald E. Van Kirk 

Mr. Harry M.Voshell 


Mrs. Nancy N. (Napier) Wilbourn 

Mrs. Phyllis M. (Morrow) Wolfe 

CLASS OF 1964 

Annual Fund $14,767.76 

Endowment $120.00 

Facilities $2,118.31 

Mr. Lavelle H. Arnold 

♦Dr. Elizabeth M. (Miller) Bains 

Mrs. Carolyn H. (Hoffman) Baittinger 

Mr. John E. Baittinger 

"Mrs. Patricia J. (Jones) Balsbaugh 

OMr. Richard L. Bashore 

Mr Kenneth C. Beck 

Mrs. Linda B. (Bell) Becker 

Rev. Ronald J. Beistline 

Mrs. Lavinia B. (Beckner) Biltimier 

Ms. Janet E. Bisbing 

Mr. Russell P Bonsall 

Mrs. Helen H. (Haskell) Bosart 

"Mrs. Elizabeth V (Vastine) Bowman 

Mrs. Lois E. (Ensminger) Brubaker 

Mr. Richard W Brubaker 

"Dr. Joseph M. Clark 

"Mr. John W Davis 

"Ms. Roberta A. Dudas 



Mr. M. Jay Earley 
*Mrs. Sandra B. (Beltz) Edmunds 
Ms. Linda M. Gatchel 
Mr. Dennis T. Geib 
Mrs. Julie J. (Johnston) Geib 
Ms. Sallie A. Gerhart-light 
Mr. Gordon J. Gingrich 
OMr. Walter S. Hamsher 
"Mr. Marvin L. Hendrix 
Dr. Russel C. Hertzog 
"Mrs. Judith B. (Baker) Higgins 
"Dr. William R. Higgins 
Mr. Stephen C. Hildreth 
•Mr. Richard B. Hiler 
Mr. Richard E Honafous 
Mr. Marlin Houck 
Mrs. Hannah P (Pisle) Kauftnann 
"Dr. J. Michael Kildee 
Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Robinson) Klinger 
ODr. Ronald R. Kresge 
°Mr. Terry R. Lenker 
Mr. Charles H. Martin 
Mr. Larry H. Miller 
°Mrs. Barbara S. (Speicher) Moyer 
Ms. Lovella L. Naylor 
Mrs. Dolores M. (Mallery) Neuroth 
Mrs. Patricia M. (McDyer) Pece 
Mrs. Patricia Z. (Ziegler) Petrak 
Mrs. Loretta S. (Schlegel) Rittle 
OMr. Girl E Sayers 
Dr. Wayne A. Selcher 
#Mrs. Judith R. (Ruhl) Shearer 
Ms. Barbara J. Shupp 
*Dr. Tibor Sipos 

Mrs. Joanne M. (Mainiero) Slothower 
"Mr. James C. Snell 
#Mr. E. Lee Spancake 
#Mrs. Lynn L (Lewis) Spancake 
"Mr. John A. Spoonhour, Jr. 
#Mr. Thomas W Weik 
Mr. Kenneth S. Whisler, Jr. 
Mrs. Nancy B. (Bintliff) Whisler 
"Mr. John H. Witter 
Mr. Paul R. Young 
*Mr. James H. Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1965 

Annual Fund $17,500.92 

Endowment $310.00 

Gift In Kind $670.00 

Facilities $5,910.41 

Mr. Robert E. Achenbach 

#Mr.H. William Alsted 

Mrs. Constance A. (Lemke) Arnold 

Mrs. Jeanne B. (Bogert) Brody 

Mrs. Marion W (Walsh) Brown 

Mrs. Bonnie C. (Weirick) Carl 

Mr. Richard A. Carlson 

Mrs. Beckie W (Walker) Castor 

Mrs. Virginia M. (Metz) Chalinsky 

Mr. G. Stuart Close 

T)r. James G. Code 

"Mr. Thomas B. Crisman 

°Mrs. Sallie S. (Slocum) Davis 

°Mrs. Judith B. (Bowman) Downs 

Mrs. Carolyn S. (Leitner) Enterline 

Mr. Paul D. Enterline 

#Mrs. Joy K. (Klingler) Felty 

Mrs. Nancy D. (Dice) Fennell 

°Ms. Kay E Fontenoy 

°Mrs. Patricia S. (Shreffler) Fredericks 

°Mrs. Runette W (White) Gabrielle 

#Mr. William C. Gingrich 

Ms. Dorcas R. Haines 

"Mr. Dale B. Hains 

Dr. Suzanne H. (Hollingsworth) Hetrick 

#Dr. William H. Hillmann 

°Mr. George J. Hollich, Jr. 

OMrs. Carole D. (Duncan) Horn 

Mr. William G. Hughes 

"Mr. Richard T. Irwin 

ODr. Howard D. Jones 

Mr. Donald R. Kaufmann 

Mr. Philip C. Kohlhaas 

#Mr. Andrew W Kreider 

"Dr. Richard L Krill 

Mr. Joel B. Lantz 

"Mrs. Diana N. (Nelson) Laul 

#Mr. Malcolm L. Lazin 

Mr. David W Leigh 

*Mr. Dick London 

"Mr. Barry L. Lutz 

*Dr. Frederic J. Marsik 

°Mr. Dennis J. Martin 

*Mrs. Audrey F (Frye) Metro 

*Mr. Carl E. Miller 

"Dr. Glenn A. Moser 

Mrs. Barbara B. (Benner) Newcomer 

#Mrs. Roberta J. (Johns) Otto 

Mrs. Karen M. (Mellinger) Poorman 

Dr. Robert H. Ritde 

•Mr. Stephen H. Roberts 

Mrs. Dorothy H. (Hudson) Robson 

Mr. Joseph D. Rutter 

Mrs. Mary Ellen (VanHom) Rutter 

Ms. Judith S. (SheLhammer) Schwalm 

Mr. Clair E.Shatto 

Mrs. Mary E. (Olmsted) Shearer 

Mrs. Norma W (Woolston) Shearer 

Mrs. Audrey W (Wahler) Smith 

"Mrs. Leslie G. (Gardner) Smith 

"Mrs. Lois S. (Shroyer) Smith 

"Mrs. Marena C. (Colgari) Stambach 

Mr. Peter A. Stanillajr. 

"Mr. Glenn R. Stech 

Mr. Albert J. Taylor 

*Dr. David G. Thompson 

Mr. Theodore O. Weaver 

#Mr. Bruce R. Wieder 

°Mr. A. Barry Yocom 

*Mrs. Karen E. (Lutz) Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1966 

Annual Fund $6,719.33 
Facilities $2,158.33 
#Mr. James K. Brandt 
"Mr. Ralph H. Buys 

Mrs. Jennifer C. (Codington) Campbell 
"Mr. Thomas R. Checket 
#Mr. Sylvester E Eppley 
Mrs. Catherine M. (Schworer) Fan- 
Mrs. Kristin B. (Bond) Fortna 
Mrs. Dorothy E. (Evans) Geesaman 
Mr. J. Robert Gilbert 
Mrs. Sally B. (Breidenthal) Gilbert 
Dr. John W Gregory 
Mrs. Joanne S. (Scott) Haring 
Dr. Richard P Henzel 
OMrs. Sharon S. (Steder) Herr 
°Mrs. Susan L (Lesher) Hershey 
#Mr. Richard C. Hoffman 
°Mr. George W Hohenshelt 
"Mrs. Carol E (Frey) Hollich 
OMr. Robert E. Horn 

Ms. Claudia M. Hostetter 

"Mr. Barry E. Howard 

Mr. Robert L. Hurrman 

Mr. J. Duncan Kriebel 

#Mr. John M. Lafferty 

"Mrs. Karen C. (Cooper) Lamb 

Mr. Mervin K. Lentz 

ODr. Eileen D. Lynch 

"Mrs. Jean S. (Shaw) McHale 

"Mr. Daniel B. Moran 

"Mrs. Karen C. (Caldwell) Moran 

Mrs. Sara K. (Kaufiman) Moss 

°Mr. Albert E. Padley 

#Dr. Richard C. Reed 

Mr. W Vernon Rice 

Dr. Rodney H. Shearer 

"Dr. Ruth A. Smith-Matsuo 

Mrs. Carolyn M. (Miller) Soderman 

*Mr Donald R. Stanton 

Mrs. linda B. (Brunner) Stoe 

Mrs. Ellen M. (McFaul) Swierk 

Mrs. Carol W (Woolley) Testa 

Mrs. Elaine K. (Kreller) Tomlinson 

Mrs. Kathleen G. (Gunnet) Wagaman 

Ms. Helen M. Wamke 

"Rev. James W Weis 

Mrs. Ruth H. (Hively) Wert 

#Mrs. Jean E. (Hoffman) Witter 

Dr. Stephen N. Wolf 

Mr. Richard J. Wolfe 

"Mr. Frank F Yeager 

Mrs. Anne S. (Sargent) Young 

CLASS OF 1967 

Annual Fund $16,915.03 

Endowment $40,225.00 

FaciUes $3,338.33 

"Mrs. Doris K. (Kimmich) Allen 

#Mrs. Barbara J. (Macaw) Atkinson 

#Mr. D. Larry Bachtell 

Mrs. Barbara B. (Beltz) Banket 

#Mr. Kenneth S. Berry 

"Dr. Gary N. Brauner 

Mr. William A. Cadmus 

"Dr. Charlene Cassel 

Mr George C. Clauser 

Dr. John E. Dougherty 

"Dr. Robert E. Enck 

Mr. Robert B. Evans 

#Mr. Tilman R. Frye 

Mr. George N. Fulk 

♦Mr.JohnM. Galat 

Mr. Frank J. Geier 

"Dr. Harold E Giles 

Ms. Susan J. Green 

Ms. Mary-Ann Halladay 

Mrs. Wendy P (Ptacek) Harper 

Mrs. Donna B. (Bridge) Heberlig 

"Mrs. Caroline T (Trupp) Heizmann 

"Mr. Clifford L. Heizmann 

"Dr. David R Ingalls 

"Mrs. Linda P (Pierce) Irwin 

#Mrs. Ann M. (Leidich) Kauffman 

#Mr. Jack Kaufiman 

"Mr. David L. Keperling 

Rev. Donald B. Kitchell 

"Mrs. Donna D. (Diehl) Kuntz 

Dr. William J. Lamont 

Mrs. Patrice T. (Todd) Langdon 

#Mrs. Rayanne B. (Behney) Lehman 

Dr. John C. Linton 

Mrs. Mary S. (Smith) Luntz 

•Mr. Robert J. Martalus 

t Deceased 


♦Vickroy Society •Society of 1866 OValleyClub #CharterClub 


Mr. Daniel L. Maurer 

Mrs. Donna S. (Simmers) Mertz 

Mrs. Jane D. (Doll) Moyer 

Mr. Ronald D. Newmaster 

Mr. Larry J. Painter 

#Ms. Lois E. Quickel 

Mrs. Bonnie M. (Mills) Rausch 

#Dr. Roberta G. (Gable) Reed 

"Mr. Bradley E. Rentzel 

*Mr. Kiyorumi Sakaguchi 

"Dr. Helaine H. (Hopkins) Scarlett 

*Dr. C. Richard Schott 
Mrs. Ellen L. (Latherow) Shatto 
"Mr. Walter L. Smith 
Mr. Ward O. Smith 
Mrs. Margaret B. (Barto) Snyder 
*Mr. Francis M. Stearn 
Mr. Michael R. Steiner 
Mrs. Lucy L. (Lefevre) Sumner 
Mrs. Pamela L. (Lowman) Thomas 
*Mrs. Elaine B. (Brenner) Thompson 
Ms. Gale M. Thompson 
Mrs. Marilyn A. (Gulley) Wagner 
•Deacon Richard W Wentzel 
*Mr. Samuel A. Willman 
"Rev Gretchen L. (Long) Woods 
"Mrs. Carol C. (Clay) Yocom 
Mrs. Ellen K. (Kauffman) Zeigler 

CLASS OF 1968 

Annual Fund $15,041.36 

Endowment $600.00 

Facilities $6,897.97 

Mrs. Paula S. (Snyder) Aboyoun 

Mrs. Carol E. (Eshelman) Allen 

"Mr. Dennis T Bashore 

Ms. Barbara P (Pinkerton) Berkowitz 

"Mrs. Thelma H. (Hostetter) Blouch 

Dr. William P Bohlander 

Mrs. Jean S. (Slade) Bruce 

Mrs. Rebecca C. (Cooke) Burgee 

#Mrs. Mary J. (lippert) Coleman 

"Dr. Michael D. Curley 

•Mrs. Janet (Else) D 'Alessandro 

OMr. Charles J. Dehart 

*Mrs. Carol E. (Edgecomb) Ditzler 

*Mr. Warren D. Ditzler 

Mr. David A. Fetters 

Dr. LeRoy G. Frey 

Mrs. Wanda W (Wlasova) Gerstner 

"Ms. M. Gwendolyn Gilroy 

#Mr. Alan R Hague 

"Mrs. Diane B. (Bott) Haight 

"Dr. Donald A. Haight 


*Mr. Gregory P Hoover 

Ms. Mary A. Hostetter 

"Mrs. Valerie Y. (Yeager) Hutchinson 

Mrs. Rebecca W (Wagner) Hyman 

Dr. Stephen M. Jacobs 

#Mrs. Lois W (Weil) Kaufman 

*Mr. George J. King 

"Mr. Robert A. Laughead 

Mr. James G. Magazine 

#Mrs. Susan S. (Shanaman) McCaleb 

Mr. Jeffrey S. McCullough 

Col. Jay A. Mengel 

#Mrs. Lynda F (Ferry) Moore 

Mrs. Susan S. (Swartz) Musser 

*Dr. James R. Newcomer 

°Quittapahilia Club 

°Mrs. Barbara C. (Cressman) Padley 

'Mr. David J. Padley 

Mrs. J. Elaine (McMinis) Penney 

ODr. Lynn G. (Garrett) Phillips 

°Mr. Ronald L Richcreek 

•Mrs. Janet L. (Gessner) Roberts 

Ms. Carol P (Paist) Schwalm 

Mr. C. Scott Sharnetzka 

'Rev. M. Thomas Shatto 

"Mrs. Patricia H. (Hummel) Shatto 

°Mr. Richard Simington 

Mrs. Margaret H. (Hamilton) Sipe 

*Mrs. Cheryl A. (Seacat) Steam 

*Ms. Joan R. Taylor 

Mrs. Sue E. (Kauffman) Telepman 

OMr. J. Kenneth Thomas 

OMrs. Mary (D 'Anna) Thomas 

Dr. Phillip E. Thompson 

OMr. Brooks N. Trefsgar 

Ms. Barbara A. (Ankrum) Wagner 

Dr. Harry W. Wertsch 

"Mr. Richard E. Williams 

*Mrs. Elaine J. (Joy) Willman 

CLASS OF 1969 

Annual Fund $8,073.89 

Facilities $3,499.55 

#Mr. Robert D. Atkinson 

#Mrs. Pixie H. (Hunsicker) Bachtell 

"Dr. Kenneth M. Baker 

Mr. Alan J. Balma 

Mrs. Mitzi S. (Sans) Balma 

Mr. Stephen L. Barbaccia 

'Ms. Marion M. (Mylly) Bartholomew 

Dr. John H. Bemhart 

T)r. John A. Biever 

Mrs. Barbara R. (Robertson) Bohlander 

Mrs. Ann R. (Richard) Brennan 

Maj. Peter E. Brennan 

Mr. William E. Campbell 

"Ms. Diane E Cerutti 

Rev. Albert L. Clipp 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Conway 

Mr. Bruce R. Decker 

Mrs. Leslie B. (Bair) Decker 

OMrs. Elaine D. (Dorcsis) Dehart 

Mrs. Jean M. (McClelland) Doherty 

°Mrs. Jeanne A. (Anspach) Eamshaw 

Mr. Lloyd J. Fasnacht 

#Mrs. Lucille P (Dunne) Forrest 

Ms. Gloria S. Fultz 


'Mrs. Diane G. (Giovanis) Hankinson 

Mr. James W Haslam 

Ms. Jean L. Heilman 

Dr. Paula K. Hess 

Mr. Franklin S. Hoch 

Mrs. Polly C. (Carnathan) Jaymes 

Dr. Robert G. Jennings 

Mr. Charles G. Kachur 

#Mr. Dennis M. Lehman 

#Mrs. Quinetta D. (Garbrick) Lemons 

'Mr. Ronald L. Long 

*Dr. JonnaLynn K. Mandelbaum 

Mr. Carl L Marshall 

'Mr. Kenneth H. Matz 

°Mrs. Joanne C. (Cestone) McHugh 

*Mrs. Sandra H. (Hughes) McKinley 

Mr. Stephen C Mefferd 

Ms. Cynthia S. Melman 

OMr. George R. Moyer 

Dr. Nobuko M. Ohno 

°Mr. Dennis E. Patrick 

Ms. Patricia A. Pingel 

Mrs. Louise L. (Long) Rahalewich 

T)r.JackR. Reid 

#Ms. Linda S. Rothermel 

Mrs. Carole C. (Cameron) Schauer 

Mr. Larry L. Schauer 

"Mr. Dale C. Schimpf 

Rev. Keith J. Schmuck 

Mrs. Karen L. (Bowman) Schwalm 

#Mrs. Shirley D. (Deaven) Shaffer 

Mr. William D. Sharrow 

Mr. Franklin R. Shearer 

Mrs. Lucille K. (Koch) Shearer 

Mr. Alan E. Shenk 

Mrs. Shirley W (Warner) Sherman 

Mr. Duane E. Shutdesworth 

Mr. Kenneth L. Sipe 

#Mrs. Doris B. (Bryden) Skinkus 

Mr. Noel G. Slonaker 

Rev. Dennis R. Snovel 

"Mr. David L. Stanilla 

Mr. Allen W Sterry 

Mrs. Mary A. (Horn) Stewart 

#Ms. Nina E. Tafel 

"Ms. Helen E. Templin 

Ms. Carolyn E. Thompson 

Dr. Leta T. (Tompkins) Thompson 

Rev. William M. Thompson 

°Mr. Frank M. Timlin 

Mr. Harold J. Todd 

Mr. Dennis J. Tulli 

*Mr. Robert L. Unger 

#Mrs. Nancy H. (Hendrickson) Wieman 

Mr. Douglas R. Winemiller 

Dr. Jan H. Wubbena 

"Dr. Ronald G. Yarger 

#Mr. Joseph T. Yost 

Mr. William S. Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1970 

Annual Fund $8,650.00 

Facilities $1,438.60 

Mr. Robert J. Adams 

*Dr. Bruce A. Albert 

°Mr. William H. Allen 

#Mr. James R. Biery 

Mr. Taki Bobotas 

"Mrs. Eileen H. (Houck) Bowen 

"Mr. Larry A. Bowman 

Mrs. Ruth P (Peterson) Brandt 

Mr. Elmer A. Brice 

°Ms. Kathleen A. Bryniarski 

Mr. William C. Bucher 

CPO Donald G Carter 

•Mr. Cornelius T. Coddington 

Mrs. Keeta K. (Wolfe) Cole 

Mrs. Barbara M. (Miller) Colver 

Mr. Morris S. Cupp 

OMr. Anthony M. DeMarco 

Mrs. Katherine N. (Neijstrom) Erff 

Mrs. Vesta B. (Boger) Fisher 

Mr. Robert E. Frey 

°Mr. George S. Glen 

Mrs. Margie L. (Hardenstine) Greiner 

Mr. Robert C. Greiner 

#Mr. Jensen H.Groff, Jr. 

°Mr. Lloyd R. Helt 

Mr. Robert C. Helt 

Mr. B. Thomas Henry 

Mrs. Rae Louise (Shettel) Hull 

Mrs. Judith A. (Kerns) Hunter 

"Mr. John J. Ill 

"Mrs. Marsha C. (Church) King 

Mr. Frank A. Kuhn, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary M. (Maxwell) Leisey 

Mrs. Nancy S. (Swenson) Lengle 

Mrs. Dorothy B. (Bassett) Lewis 

*Mr. Erich G. Linker, Jr. 

"Mrs. Sally S. (Suter) Lownsbery 

Mrs. Carol H. (Hoeflich) McCall 

Mrs. Kathleen K. (Keck) McCuUough 

#Dr. J. Michael Meyers 

Mr. George L. Morse 

Dr. David E. Myers 

Mrs. Judy G (Creeger) Myers 

#Mrs. Mary H. (Horn) Nelson 

Mr. John S. Nornhold 

Mr. John C. Penney 

"Mrs. Catherine M. (Merkel) Phelps 

°Dr. Glenn A. Phelps 

Rev. L. Fitzgerald Reist, II 

Mrs. Susan S. (Stark) Rhodes 

Mr. Lawrence E Riedman 

Mr. James M. Rife 

Dr. Henry D. Schreiber 

#Mr. Eugene K. Shaffer 

Mrs. Sandra G. (George) Sharnetzka 

"Ms. Susan J. Shedenhelm 

Mrs. Carol I. (Irwin) Shellenberger 

Mr. Richard M. Snell 

*Mr. Stanley A. Steiner 

Mrs. Gloria F (Foltz) Stever 

Mrs. Winifred W (Weaver) Walters 

#Dr. Michael R Waltz 

"Mr. Bruce T. Welsh 

Mrs. Julia H. (Hummer) Wettach 

Mr. Thomas E. Whitde 

Mrs. Gloria R. (Roush) Winemiller 

"Ms. Jo A. Yeagley 

"Rev. Dr. G. Edwin Zeiders 

CLASS OF 1971 

Annual Fund $11,055.50 

Facilities $1,308.83 

Mrs. Catherine U. (Uhrich) Anderson 

"Mr. Donald R. Bechtel 

Mr. Donald P Bloser 

Mr. Robert B. Brandt 

Ms. Georgene M. Carmany 

Mrs. Nancy W (Werner) Carter 

"Mr. Thomas W Cestare 

Mrs. Cynthia R. (Reifsnyder) Conway 

Ms. Susan E. Cramer 

Mrs. Kathy K. (Knauer) Cupp 

Mrs. Kathleen W (Wilke) Edwards 

Mr. Donald F Engle 

'Mrs. Mona Enquist-Johnston 

Mr. Larry A. Fenner 

"Mrs. Linda H. (Henderson) Fisher 

°Mr. Paul S. Fisher 

'Mrs. Deborah S. (Strickler) Freer 

Mr. Barry E. Fry 

Maj. Kevin E. Gamer 

°Mr. Dennis M. Graybill 

Mrs. Catherine B. (Bither) Greco 

Mr. Harvey G. Gregory 

Mrs. Jessica L. (Leonard) Gregory 

°Mr. Reid W Habecker 

#Mrs. Barbara W (Wert) Hague 

#Mr. Kenneth M.Hale, Jr. 

OMr. Wilbur A. Hamsher, Jr. 

Mrs. Sharon L. (Lawrence) Jacobs 

Mrs. Pamela B. (Boyer) Kaufman 

'Mrs. Mary Y. (Yarasavage) Keller 

Mr. Steven R. Krick 

*Mr. R Theodore Lyter 

Mrs. Linda S. (Ammlung) McAlpin 

Dr. Bud A. McClure 

Mrs. Jane S. (Shomper) McCormick 

"Ms. Anita J. Meiser 

"Mr. David E. Miller 

°Mr. Michael E. Morrison 

Mrs. Donna E (Fluke) Osborne 

Dr. Nancie H. (Hummel) Park 

Mr. George J. Pence 

°Ms. Margaret K. Potteiger 

Mrs. Connie B. (Brocious) Powers 

#Mr. Donald W Samples 

Mrs. Deborah M. (Meima) Scott 

Mr. Louis M. Scott 

Rev. David C. Shellenberger 

Ms. Allison C Smith 

Mr. Barry H. Streeter 

Mr. Norman A. Sutphin 

#Mr. Gary J. Templin 

Mr. Richard B. Thompson 

Lt. Col. William J. Thompson 


Mrs. Georgia T. (Thompson) Veitch 

Mr. Brian D. Wayne 

Mrs. Virginia S. (Sherk) Williams 

'Ms. Cherry L (Leigh) Woodbum 

°Mrs. Nancy M. (McLean) Yaun 

CLASS OF 1972 

Annual Fund $10,665.15 

Endowment $708.35 

Facilities $4,715.33 

'Mrs. Sandra K. (Kumpf) Adkins 

#Dr. Gregory V Arnold 

Mr. Scott L Aungst 

Mr. David Boltz, IV 

'Mr. James R Bowditch 

'Mr. Richard L. Bowen 

Ms. Sue E. Bowman 

Mrs. Jo Ann O. (Otto) Brewer 

Mrs. Victoria R (Perosa) Carter 

#Mrs. Karen R. (Rothrock) Crossan 

Mrs. Becky D. (Huber) Davidowski 

Mrs. Allison R (Ramsdell) Duff 

#Dr. Ross W Ellison 

Rev. Claire L. Fiedler 

•Mr. Richard W Fowler 

Mrs. Dorothy H. (Hartman) Gaul 

*Dr. Judith F (Fonken) Grem 

•Mrs. Joyce H. (Huber) Gundrum 

Mrs. Karen T. (Tortora) Haas 

Lt. Col. T. Richard Haas 

°Mr. Robert G. Hamilton 

Mr. Peter A. Harubin 

Mrs. Patricia D. (Dougherty) Helt 

#Mrs. Gail F (Fasnacht) Henschke 

*Dr. Rex A. Herbert 

Mrs. Susan A. (Swalm) Hobbs 

°Mr. David C. Hostetter 

Mrs. Carol R. (Rutt) Jennings 

Mr. Edward B. Johnson 

'Dr. John W Jones 

Mrs. Lois J. (Johns) Keiter 

'Mrs. Elaine S. (Snyder) Khan 

Ms. Marilyn G. (Graves) Kimple 

#Mr. David E. Klein 

Mrs. Becky L. (Leas) Krepps 

Mr. C Andrew Krepps 

Mrs. Jane R. (Rumfleld) Leposa 

Dr. Carolyn K. (Drescher) Lincoln 

#Mrs. Nancy M. (McCuUough) 

*Mr. Richard A. Look 
'Mr. Stuart J. Magdule 
Rev. Jannine M. (Baumann) McCurley 
Mrs. Barbara R. (Rice) Miller 
#Mr. Glenn E. Moore 
'Dr. Dennis J. Nagy 
Mrs. Cheryl K. (Kirk) Noll 



Mrs. Nan D. (Dupler) Papp 

Mrs. Anita B. (Bowman) Pence 

Mr. George R. Petrie 

°Mr. William G Quairoli 

°Mr. Ronald R. Renshaw 

Mrs. linda H. (Holubowicz) Rhine 

Mr. Daniel L. Robey 

Mr. Jeffrey E. Rowe 

Mr. Ronald L Scheaffer 

*Mr. John A. Schoch, Jr. 

"Ms. Janet E. Smith 

OMr. Frank R. Sourbeer 

Dr. David E Steffy 

°Dr. David L Stein 

Mrs. Barbara H. (Hall) Streeter 

Mrs. Natalie C. (Cvijic) Treece 

*Dr. Elizabeth R. (Robinson) Unger 

OMrs. Diane D. (Drimones) Usas 

#Mrs. Donna D. (Ditzler) Weik 

"Ms. Diane R. Wilkins 

Mr. Clair L. Zeiders 

"Mrs. Theresa C. (Crook) Ziegler 

CLASS OF 1973 

Annual Fund $6,157.49 

Facilities $5,947.48 

Ms. Kathleen A. Bangert 

Mrs. Barbara B. (Baughman) Biser 

Mr. John C. Bittner, III 

Mr. Richard S. Brunner 

Mrs. Beverly J. (James) Burkhart 

Mr. Anthony Calabrese 

Mrs. KathyN. (Neidig) Calabrese 

Mr. Patrick B. Campbell 

Mr. Alan H. Curtis 

"Mrs. Diane T. (Trullinger) Dohner 

#Ms. Cynthia L Evans 

"Mr. Ralph J. Fetrow 

"Mrs. Sara H. (Harding) Fetrow 

"Mr. Walter S. Frankowski 

°Mr. Donald B. Frantz 

Ms. Janice A. GaNun 

"Mr. Joseph A. Gargiulo 

#Kenneth R. Gilberg, Esq. 

Miss Jean T. Gingrich 

°Mrs. Nancy J. (Alber) Glen 

Dr. David M. Gordon 

"Major Bonnie P. (Phillips) Guggenheim 

Mrs. Sandra J. (Snyder) Gunn 

#Mrs. Nancy J. (Hunt) Heckman 

#Dr. Roger A. Heckman 

Mr. Rodney F Heisey 

"Dr. Terry M. Heisey 

Mrs. Rebecca H. (Harrell) Hill 

"Rev. Julie M. (Mader) Hostetter 

Mrs. Nancy C. (Crowther) Jones 

Mrs. Cecelia R. (Repiscak) Jordan 

Mrs. Cheryl W Keckler 

Mr. John S. Kinsella 

Mr. Steven B. Korpon 

"Mrs. Elizabeth T (Todd) Lambert 

ODr. Anthony T Leach 

"Mr. Doren S. Leathers 

Mr. Mark A. Lenz 

Mrs. Lydia K. (Keegan) Mahjoubian 

"Mr. John E Mardula 

Mrs. Colleen W (Wales) McDonough 

Mrs. Deborah E. (Ellicott) McGonigal 

°Ms. Jean A. Miller 

Mrs. JoannE(PaS) Miller 

*Mr. John H. Moyer 

Mr. Joseph E. Murphy 

Mr. David P Naugle 

#Mrs. Janine M. (Womer) Patricelli 

#Dr. John E. Patricelli 

"Mrs. Linda S. (Scharf) Petrecca 

Mrs. Connilu G. (Givler) Petrie 

Mr. James R Rebhom 

Mr. Barry J. Rittmann 

"Mrs. Ruth N. (Nickerson) Rittmann 

Mrs. Janice C. (Colyer) Sage 

Dr. Diane M. Scholler 

#Dr. Bonnie L. Seidel-Rogol 

Mr. Scott T. Sener 

Mr. Rodney K. Shane 

"Mr. Byron L. Shoemaker 

"Mrs. Carol C. (Crawford) Shultis 

"Mr. Phillip L Snyder 

"Mr. Thomas E. Stewart 

Mr. Bradley D. Stocker 

Mrs. Linda L. (Witmer) Thompson 

Mrs. Meg A. (Thomas) Thompson 

Mr. Gary L. Wagner 

Mr. Dennis F Ward 

Mrs. Mary E. (Weigel) Whalen 

Dr. Marsha E. (Edwards) Zehner 

CLASS OF 1974 

Annual Fund $14,922.79 

Endowment $100.00 

Facilities $7,976.95 

Dr. Ann M. Algeo 

Rev Michael I. Alleman 

*Dr. Kristen R. An^tadt 

"Mrs. Lois A. (Moore) Autenrieth 

"Mr. Stephen M. Autenrieth 

Mrs. Elena A. (Palomba) Bartlett 

Mrs. Candace W (Withers) Beane 

Ms. Lynne A. Beriont 

Mr. Allen L Bevan, 111 

"Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Bickel 

Mrs. Yvonne S. (Stefanick) Bohlander 

Ms. Pamela Brown 

#Mr. William C. Buckfelder 

Mrs. Kimberly S. (Shetron) Chesnut 

Mrs. Cynthia G. (Grubb) Condran 

Mr. John S. Curry, Jr. 

Mrs. Debra S. (Sample) Curtis 

"Mrs. Patricia D. (Deneen) Dixon 

°Mrs. June L. (Lohmann) Durham 

Mrs. Jane K. (Keebler) Egermann 

Mr. John Ellis 

Mr. David L. Eshelman 

Mrs. Laura S. (Sazama) Festo 

Mrs. Wendy K. (Kline) Fiala 

Mrs. Nan R. (Ryder) Gray 

Mr. Steven E. Grove 

Ms. Carol B. (Burke) Hand 

*Mrs. Colleen C. (Clemens) Harris 

#Mrs. Rebecca S. (Burtner) Hein 

Mrs. Mary K. (Kesler) Henry 

Mr. Craig R. Hollenbach 

Mrs. Carol W (Walbom) Hughes 

"Ms. Athanasia Johnson 

Mrs. Mary D. (Didden) Kartzman 

Mrs. Claudia M. (Marks) Kugler 

"Mrs. Betsy B. (Boyd) Leathers 

Mr. Guy L. Lesser 

"Mrs. Mary R. (Russo) Lombardo 

#Mr. Karl V Matter 

"Mrs. N. Jill (Greenstein) McDaniel 

Mrs. Susan J. (Jacoby) McElvar 

Mrs. Cynthia A. Miller 

"Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Reitz) Moore 

"Rev Dr. H. Edgar Moore 

"Mr. William W Moyer 

Mr. Matthew F Nichols 


Mrs. Gwendolyn H. (Hughes) Pelsis 

"Dr. Robert G. Pembleton 

#Mr. William H. Phifer 

"Mr. John M. Pumphrey 

"Mrs. Karen B. (Behler) Pumphrey 

"Mr. Scott E. Ruehr 

#Mr. Frank A. Rutherford 

"Ms. Carol A. Scott 

"Mrs. Sarah K. (Kuntz) Sergesketter 

"Mr. Gary S. Shultis 

ODr. Gary K. Smith 

Ms. Susan E. Snyder 

"Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Reber) Steinbach 

Ms. Catherine M. Vezza 

Mr. Richard F Vogel 

Mr. PaulJ.Walsleben 

Mrs. Cynthia N. (Nissley) Ward 

Mrs. Jane R. (Reaske) Ward 

Mrs. Gail G. (Girtch) Westerhold 

"Mr. Daniel H. Yocom 

"Dr. Derrick S. Zingg 

CLASS OF 1975 

Annual Fund $7,094.96 

Endowment $25.00 

Gift In Kind $895.00 

Facilities $4,471.25 

Mr. David C. Amsden 

"Rev. D. Michael Bennethum 

"Rev. Nancy N. (Nelson) Bickel 

*Mr. Robert A. Boyer 

Mrs. Marcia S. (Smith) Brenner 

#Mrs. Deborah G. (Gemerd) Buckfelder 

"Mr. Edward R. Burkhart 

Mrs. Stephanie B. (Bates) Carson 

Ms. Paula A. Clarke 

"Mrs. Anita M. (Morbach) Cosslett 

Mr. K. Douglas Dahms 

*Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 

*Mr. Thomas C. Dilworth 

Mrs. Eileen B. (Briggs) DiRaddo 

Mrs. Linda F (Freed) Ebright 

"Mrs. Joanne S. (Sweigart) Eckert 

#Mr. John G. Fenimore 

"Mrs. Tomilyn C. (Campbell) Forbes 

"Mr. Harold C. Forma 

"Mrs. Deborah K. (Kost) Gargiulo 

Mr. Richard S. Hamer 

Mrs. Gloria F (Fernsler) Hess 

Mr. John C. Hess 

Mr. P Chase Howse 

Mr. William R. Ingraham 

"Mr. Robert E. Johns, Jr. 

Dr. Peggy A. (Olver) Johnson 

Mrs. LuAnn M. (Matylewicz) Kaszuba 

Mrs. Janet P (Portnoff) Katz 

Mrs. Lois G. (Goodman) Kickbush 

Dr. Marilyn B. (Bauer) Knaub 

Mr. Timothy A. Knaub 

Dr. Charles R. Knipe 

Mrs. Faye H. (Hindman) Lehman 

"Mr. John R. Longacre, II 

•Mrs. Heidmn H. (Multhofl) Mayer 

"Mr. J. Gary McDivitt 

Mrs. Cynthia P (Pike) McGary 

Mr. Jeffrey O. McGary 

"Mrs. Brenda M. (McClelland) Messera 

*Mr. Michael W Moyer 

Ms. Nancy E. Murphy 

t Deceased 

*V1c*n9y Society •Society of 1866 <> Valley Club #Charter &ufc 


Mr. Joseph M. Pease 

"Mrs. Sandra A. (Anderson) Pembleton 

Mrs. Roberta S. (Sheriff) Pennington 

#Mrs. Sue E. (Boohar) Phifer 

Mr. Donald L. Reigle 

#Mr. Michael D. Rhoads 

Mrs. Jean S. (Schultz) Ross 

Mr. Allen Z. Roth 

Mr. Robin E. Rowand 

#Mrs. Barbara G. Schroeder-Buck 

Mr. Howard P Scott 

Mr. Daryl A. Shaffer 

"Mr. Thomas H. Sheaffer 

Mr. William D. Shumway 

#Mr. Irwin H. Siegel 

#Ms. Martha M. Smith 

Rev. Richard D. Smith 

Mrs. Marlene C. (CamiUo) Spark 

"Dr. Michael D. Steltz 

#Mr. Thomas M. Strohman 

Dr. Paul E. Visneski 

Mrs. S. Ashley (Thomas) Vogel 

Mrs. Nancy H. (Heston) Wagner 

Mrs. Patricia D. (Dubble) Walsh 

Dr. Cynthia L. (Albright) Ward 

Mrs. Holly S. (Shirk) Whittle 

Dr. Phillip L Wise 

CLASS OF 1976 

Annual Fund $5,629.33 

Endowment $350.00 

Facilities $2,392.33 

Mr. Richard L. Bamet 

"Mrs. Diane S. (Schaefer) Bennethum 

Mrs. Ellen R. (Ross) Binkley 

"Mrs. Kathie D. (Diehl) Bittenbender 

"Mr. Steven C. Bixler 

*Mrs. Suzanne M. (Schucker) Boyer 

Mr. Raymond C. Bradley 

Mrs. Beth E. (Early) Brandt 

Mr. Braxton O. Brittain 

"Dr. Michael E. Brown 

Ms. Theresa V Brown 

"Mrs. Rebecca B. (Byrd) Burkhart 

"Rev. Peter R. Cebulka 

Dr. Linda E. (Essick) Cockey 

"Mr. Carl E. Cosslett 

Ms. Susan A. Crone 

Mr. Richard M. Duffy 

"Mr. Jonathan B. Ellsworth 

Mrs. Susanne B. (Beers) Essex 

"Mr. Dale H. Everhart 

"Mr. Neil E. Fasnacht 

Mrs. Anne A. (Apgar) Feilinger 

Mrs. Jayne D. (Drake) Frankenfield 

"Mr. Louis J. Fuller, Jr. 

Mr. David W Guare 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Hackman 

Mrs. Karen H. (Hollowell) Hamer 

"Mrs. Wendy S. (Sost) Hawes 

Mr. Walter J. Hope 

"Mr. Bruce M. Jeffery 

"Mrs. Gail R (Peters) Jones 

Mr. Peter C. Jones 

Mrs. Donna G. (Gay) Kaplan 

Mrs. Ruth H. (Herold) Kelemen 

#Mr. Raymond C. Kelsey 

"Mrs. Terri A. (Folkenroth) Konzen 

Ms. Susan I. Kramer 

Ms. Nanette L. LaCorte 

Mrs. Priscilla L. (Lamparter) Landis 

Mrs. JoAnne R. (Reisch) Lazorcik 


Dr. Charlotte A. Mackenson-Dean 

"Mrs. Donna L. (Housel) Metzger 

Ms. Lisa A. Meyer 

#Mr. Carroll L. Missimer 

°Mr. James J. Navarro 

"Mrs. Jan J. (Johnson) Navarro 

Mr. Lewis It Petty 

Dr. Kevin B. Pry 

#Mrs. Jean B. (Boag) Reese 

#Mr. Timothy L. Reese 

°Mrs. C. Linda (Mannik) Richters 

Mrs. Marlene W (Windham) Riela 

°Ms. Elyse E. Rogers 

Ms. Wanda E. Rozelle 

Mrs. Carolyn R. (Reed) Sachs 

Dr. Stephen W Sachs 

#Mr James C. Schoch 

Mrs. Doreen L. (Breder) Sigman 

°Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Brumbaugh) Smith 

Mrs. Janet K. (Kochel) Smith 

Mrs. Merrily R. (Robinson) Smith 

°Mrs. Ellen G. (Gottlieb) Snader 

Mrs. Sybil H. (Haddon) Snee 

Mrs. Susan S. (Shemeta) Stachelczyk 

Mr. Donald E. Starke 

Dr. Theresa D. (DaKay) Stimson 

°Ms. Joanne L. Toby 

Mr. Thomas M. Uhrich 

Mrs. Christina E (Fisher) Walls 

Mrs. Anne M. (Shuey) Wells 

Dr. Daniel J. Whitde 

°Mr. Glenn A. Zearfoss 

CLASS OF 1977 

Annual Fund $7,457.66 

Endowment $70.00 

Facilities $377.34 

Mrs. Ruth R. (Rittle) Arnold 

°Ms. Christine E. Baldwin 

Ms. Janet M. Bauer 

Mrs. Mary A. (Fuller) Beazley 

Mrs. Linda W (Weaver) Blair 

Mrs. Anne E. (Ehrhart) Bocian 


Mr Terry J. Bone 

Dr. Donald L. Borger 

°Mrs. Sherry T (Etter) Brown 

Ms. Karen P (Pinaire) Buesing 

Dr. Howard K. Butcher 

Ms. Karin M. Congello 

Mrs. Joanne L. (Hartline) Conrad 

Mrs. Susan H. (Hollowell) Cooper 

Mrs. Christina D. (Duritt) DeAngelo 

"Mrs. Deborah M. (Madeira) Dillane 

"Mr. Robert J. Dillane 

Dr. Paul B. Eaken 

#Mr. Jeff A. Fackler 

°Dr. Larry J. Feinman 

"Mrs. Joanna C. (Curtis) Forma 

Ms. Katherine M. Gomm 

Mr Glen O. Gray 

Mrs. Kathleen K. (Keefer) Hackman 

°Lt. Col. John J. Harvey 

Mr. Thomas L. Hassinger 

"Mr Wayne A. Hawes 

Mr W David Hess 

Mr. Stephen R Hoy 

Mrs. Nina L. (Greif) lies 

Mr. Eric D. Imhof 

#Mrs. Kathy D. (Davidson) Ireland 

°Mr Peter C. Johnson 

°Mrs. Patricia R. (Mann) Juhl 

#Mrs. Kay F (Futty) Kelsey 

Rev. Barry S. Kendall 

Mrs. Carey D. (Diemer) Kendall 

°Mrs. Carolyn W (Walker) Kerlin 

Mr Robert R. Kirkhoff 

Mrs. Suzanne H. (Hackman) Kirkhoff 

Mr James L. Kissinger 

Mr. Daniel L. Kramlich 

#Mr Fred E. Longenecker 

#Mrs. LuAnn F (Flickinger) 

Mrs. Diane E. (Whiton) Lupia 
Mrs. Christina E. (Eck) Macgill 
Mrs. Joyce N. (Nihen) McGowan 
#Mr Ricky C. Mellinger 
•Mr. William A. Miller 
°Mr. Raymond M. Modugno 
"Mr. Brian W Moody 
#Mr. John J. Muldoon 
Mrs. Paula H. (Horn) Nichols 
Mrs. Karen F (Fitch) Parker 
Mrs. Jean G. (Graham) Parks 
Mrs. Gail S. (Seitzinger) Posey 
Mrs. Cynthia H. (Hinish) Robinette 
°Mrs. Sheila M. Roche-Cooper 
Ms. Susan S. Semmens 
#Mr. Robert C Shoemaker 
Ms. Roberta L. Snow 
Ms. Trina K. (Krick) Steele 
°Mrs. Roberta L. (Burkholder) Stock 
•Mr Daniel S. Sweigart 
Mr Keith A. Symons 
Mrs. Eileen M. (McGrath) Thompson 
°Ms. Jean E. (Hobson) Traver 
Mrs. Deborah S. (Starr) Tuxhorn 
Mr. James P Veglia 
°Mr. Edward VinarsM 
°Mr John J. Wagner 
Mrs. Lynore H. (Heinzelmann) 

°Mrs. Christine D. (Truesdell) Walter 
"Mr. Dennis J. Weidman 
Mrs. Deborah C (Carl) Williams 
Mrs. Elizabeth K. (Keys) Williams 
Mr Richard D. Wong 
"Mrs. Cynthia B. (Blake) Zearfoss 
Mrs. Joan F (Feeman) Zeiter 

CLASS OF 1978 

Annual Fund $6 ,753.33 

Endowment $100.00 

Facilities $1,341.66 

"Mr. Brian S. Allebach 

"Mrs. Jesse G. (Garber) Bixler 

OMr. Jeffrey A. Bomberger 

Rev. Connie R. Burkholder 

Mrs. Janette Y. (Taylor) Butcher 

"Mr. Scott V Carney 

Ms. Anne G. Constein 

Mrs. Donna B. (Brinkworth) Cullinan 

Mrs. Laura S. (Sealey) DeBiasse 

*Mrs. Amy H. (Hoopes) Dellinger 

Mrs. Dorothy M. (DePalma) Dyer 

Mr Thomas C. Ebert 

Mrs. Peggy C. (Childress) Filizzi 

Mr. David E. Fisher 

Mrs. Lou Ann (Buffington) Fisher 

"Mr. Ronnie L. Gassert 

"Mrs. BrendaJ. (Hawkins) Geist 

Mrs. Cindy Gingrich-Baker 

"Mr. Jeffrey E. Gleim 

"Mr. Joseph E. Graff 

Ms. Kay I. (Whitmire) Harpel 

"Mr. Mark A. Hebda 

*Mrs. M. Louise (Hackman) Hess 

Mrs. Julie J. (Jensen) Hope 

Mrs. Vicky B. (Bosley) Howe 

Mrs. Michele M. (Matteo) Jany 

Mrs. Carla A. (Lehman) Jeremias 

Mrs. Cindy C. (Crampton) Jones 

Rev. Timothy A. Kriebel 

Mr. Alan L. Kull 

OMr. Russell P Labe 

Mr Curtis R. Long 

Mr. Duane R. Luckenbill 

Mrs. Kim M. (Scheib) McKeon 

"Mr. John C. Moeckel 

OMr Christo S. Nikoloff 

Mrs. Deborah L. (Warner) Papavizas 

Dr. Howard Applegate 
(right), professor and 
chair of history and 
American studies, and Dr. 
Richard Tushup, adjunct instruc- 
ii£ of psychology were honored 
f®| excellence in teaching during 
fh$ colleges 128th Commence- 
;n^|nr ceremony in May 1997. 
Af plegate received the 
lliomas Rhys Vickroy Award 
fcr Teaching, a tribute to full- 
1 1 me faculty members who 
j$tirtonstrate the highest stan- 
dards of service to the college. 
Iltshup received the Nevelyn 
J. Knisley Award for Inspira- 
tional leaching, which recog- 
nizes part-time and adjunct 
members of the college faculty. 

Rev. S. Ronald Parks 

Mrs. Eve R. (Wassail) Pellecchia 

Mrs. Nancy G. (Gerard) Price 

Mrs. Caren L. (Luchanin) Reichhard 

Mrs. Kathleen S. (Snyder) Risser 

Mr Terry L. Ristenbatt 

°Ms. Elizabeth A. Sanders 

Mr. Edward K. Schatz 

Mr Robert J. Scully, Jr. 

Mr. Evan T. Shourds 

"Mrs. Cheryl B. (Blewitt) Slavik 

•Dr. John S. Snoke 

Mrs. Lonnie Swanger-Riley 

Ms. Judy S. (Stickler) Uhrich 

Mrs. Loma H. (Heltebridle) Veglia 

'Mrs. Joan B. (Belas) Warner 

Mrs. Pamela N. (Neill) Weigley 

Mrs. Mary S. (Andersen) Williams 

ORev Esther R. (Ritde) Ziegler 

CLASS OF 1979 

Annual Fund $11,199.98 

Endowment $500.00 

Facilities $2,084.39 

#Mrs. Tracy E. Allgier-Baker 

ORev. Michael A. Baal 

Mrs. Donna C. (Chappius) Bacon 

#Mr. Paul B. Baker 

°Mr. David C. Ballaban 

#Mrs. Barbara J. (Beno) Bohn 

Mr. David J. Bomgardher 

*Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 

Mrs. Marianne W (Willever) Calvo 

#Mr John D. Coffin 

#Mrs. Nancy M. (Shortridge) Coffin 

Mr. Gregory G. College 

Mrs. Mary H. (Hutchison) College 

Mr Patrick M. Cullinan 

Mr. Michael J. Daveler 

#Dr Barbara J. (Jones) Denison 

Mrs. Lisa H. (Hocker) Dew 

"Mrs. Abby S. (Spece) Donnelly 



Mrs. Tamlyn H. (Herr) Ebert 

"Dr. Todd E. Elgin 

Ms. Cindy K. Fabian 

Mr. Lester E. Fawber 

Mrs. Gretchen D. (Dietterich) Gillig 

Miss Pamela A. Goodwin 

"Mrs. Cynthia S. (Shaw) Graff 

"Mr. Douglas S. Graham 

•Mrs. Beth H. (Hill) Graves 

Mrs. Jan M. (Margut) Habecker 

Mr. Randy C. Habecker 

"Mrs. Nina L. (Lunde) Hansen 

Mrs. Mary G. (Goodfellow) Harvey 

Mrs. Maureen M. (Mullikin) Havrilla 

Mrs. Julia A. (Woods) Heneks 

Mr. Daniel A. Hoffman 

Rev. Dennis R. Keller 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. (Miller) Keller 

Miss Judith A. Kiniry 

Mrs. Janet S. (Schweizerhof) Knipe 

Mr. Keith O. Kurtz 

OMs. Sharon K. (Green) Lawton 

Mrs. Jane W (Withers) Lim 

Mr. Robert W Longenecker 

Mrs. Patricia L. (Nase) McGeehan 

"Mr. Brian R. Miller 

"Mr. Jeffrey S.Miller 

"Mr. Bradley N. Morrill 

*Mr. Robert J. Mrazik 

Mrs. Beverly H. (Holzer) Munz 

"Mr. Donald B. Newcomer, Jr. 

Mr. Robert B. Poff 

Mrs. Susan L. (Karl) Quintanar 

Mr. Craig Z. Rhoads 

"Mrs. Suzanne C (Caldwell) Riehl 

"Mrs. Johanna M. (Merkle) Salvemini 

"Ms. Gloria J. Scarle 

"Mr. Gregory P Schmidt 

"Mrs. Susan R. (Roland) Schmitt 

#Mrs. Lesley O. (Olewiler) Schoch 

Mr. David R. Snyder 

Mr. Howard L. Snyder 

Mrs. Kathleen W (Wolfe) Snyder 

"Mr. Harry G. Spector 

#Mrs. Joan H. Squires 

OMrs. Jane S. (Snyder) Stachow 

OMr. Robert P Stachow 

"Dr. Cheryl A. Stoddart 

#Mr. David WSwartz 

ODr. Elaine A. Thallner 

Mr. David R. Trone 

"Mrs. Jeaninne A. (Alvino) Wagner 

"Mrs. Doreen D. (Dourte) Weaber 

"Mr. Kirk M. Wise 


Mr. Paul D. Wummer 

Mrs. Virginia L (Larter) Zellers 

CLASS OF 1980 

Annual Fund $5,135.34 

Endowment $295.00 

Facilities $1,899.99 

Ms. Debra Jo Alexander 

*Mrs. Jennifer C. (Crouter) Arthur 

Mrs. Denise A. (Foor) Barkman 

Mr. Ronald E. Beatty 

Rev. Mary E. (Blouch) Beckman 

Mrs. Jennie A. (Giachero) Begeja 

Mr. John D. Boagjr. 

#Mr. Jeffrey LBohn 

Mr. Roque J. Calvo 

Miss Dolores H. Cipar 

Dr. Jo Ann J. (Jeffers) Clem 

Mrs. Vicki J. (Greb) Cowan 

Mrs. Jan H. (Hoermann) Darr 

Mrs. Leslie C. (Cornelius) Daveler 

"Mrs. Debbie P (Patschorke) Dolbow 

Mr. Richard E. Due 

Mrs. Linda G. (Gingrich) Flynn 

#Mrs. Nancy K. (Kettering) Frye 

♦Mr. Walter F Fullam 

"Dr. Gary S. Furman 

Mr. Michael J. Gamier 

OMrs. Sonia M. (Probst) Gigliotti 

"Mr. David C. Gorman 

Mr. Andrew M. Heisey 

"Mrs. Beth A. (Green) Hertz 

Mrs. Linda S. (Neiman) Himeback 

Mr. Thomas V Hoffman 

Dr. Gregory L. Ilioff 

Ms. Sandra E. Jensen 

Ms. Cindy M. Johnson 

Mrs. Catherine W (Weible) Kaylor 

Dr. Randy M. Kreider 


Mrs. Kristie A. (Olson) Kroll 

Mrs. Lori S. (Krenik) Labert 

Mr. David C. Lazorcik 

Mrs. Rebecca S. (Supplee) Lundgren 

"Ms. Pamela I. McKechnie 

"Dr. Charles R. Mershon 

"Mrs. Sarah S. (Strickland) Mershon 

Mrs. Dorothy B. (Boyle) Meyer 

"Mr. Richard T Modey 

*Mrs. Susan S. (Slaybaugh) Mrazik 

"Mrs. Dorothy L. (Miller) Newcomer 

Ms. Mai T (Tran) Nguyen 

Mr. Alan J. Nichols 

Mr. Dennis J. Peters 

"Mrs. Christina M. (Myers) Phan 

"Mr. Dung A. Phan 

Mr. Jimmie L. Pogue 

Mrs. Linda J. (Zen) Powell 

Mr. Robert A. Reynolds 

Mr. Andrew L Risser 

Mrs. Jeanette B. (Browning) Schroeder 

"Dr. Barry S. Selinsky 

"Mrs. Laura N. (Nelson) Selinsky 

Mr. Gregory L. Shupp 

Mr. Timothy P Smith 

Mrs. Lori G. (Grunenthal) Sneckenburg 

Mr. Theodore S. Stanislaw 

Mrs. Shelby T (Taughinbaugh) Stauffer 

Mrs. Janet H. (Hull) Tenser 

Mrs. Erika F (Fairlamb) Tibbitts 

Mrs. linda L. (Gaugler) Webber 

"Dr. Gary K. Whiting 

Dr. Albert R. Zavatsky 

CLASS OF 1981 

Annual Fund $6,122.50 
Endowment $545.00 
Facilities $646.58 
Dr. Stephen R. Angeli 
Mrs. Barbara C. (Cooper) Bair 
Mrs. Linda A. (Tyrrell) Bolasky 
#Mrs. Brigitte H. (Hansen) Boltz 
"Mrs. Jennifer L. Bowen-Frantz 
Mr. 1. Lee Brown, ILL 
"Mr. Richard W Burke, Jr. 
"Mrs. Lisa A. (Togno) Burrowes 
#Mrs. Beverly C. (Cooney) Campbell 
Mrs. Constance R. (Nussbaum) 

Mr. William F Casey 
"Mr. Brian R. Claeys 

"Mrs. Julie K. (Kaufrrnan) Claeys 

#Mrs. Andrea J. (Davino) Danch 

Mr. Kenneth E. Dearstyne, Jr. 

#Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr. 

Miss Diane E. Detweiler 

"Dr. Brent R. Dohner 

"Mr. George J. Dougherty 

Ms. MarcyJ. Douglass 

Mr. Timothy E. Flatley 

Mrs. Shelley B. (Bantham) Fredericks 

Ms. Susan E. Frieswyk 

"Mr. Richard E. Fritsch 

*Mrs. Deborah R. (Reimer) Fullam 

Mr. Joseph R. Gebhard 

Mr. David L. Godshall 

°Mrs. Michele L. (Long) Graffis 

Mrs. Karen L. (Poyner) Heeney 

"Mrs. Margaret H. (Huml) Hendershot 

Mrs. Krista M. (Hoch) Hontz 

Mrs. Kathleen K. (Kelly) Kalathas 

Mr. Nicholas T Kalathas 

Mrs. Susan B. (Banner) Kercher 

"Mr. David H. Killick 

Mrs. Keiko Y. (Yunoki) Kornine 

°Dr. Daniel W Koon 

Mrs. Sharon P (Love) Luyben 

Ms. Janine R. Maletsky 

'Dr. Rodger C. Martin 

Mr. James R. McElhenney 

Ms. Susan G. (Gunn) McGuire 

Mr. Brian E. McSweeney 

"Ms. Jane L. Meyer 

Mr. Gary M. Mikos 

Mr. Steven R. Miller 

Mrs. Tammy J. (Smith) Miller 

Ms. Cynthia J. Mohn 

"Mrs. Christine L. (Lowther) Olinger 

"Mr. Craig C. Olinger 

"Ms. Regina A. Parkison 

"Ms. Lynn J. Pennell 

Dr. Kathleen M. Picciano 

#Mr. Paul J. Pitcher 

"Ms. Judith A. Saltzer 

Mr. Charles R. Sapp 

Mr. Robert J. Schlegel 

"Mrs. Tracy S. (Steele) Sexton 

Dr. Chris E. Shoop 

Mrs. Sharon D. (Diederich) Shoop 

"Mr. John P Shott 

Ms. Darlene J. Sitler 

"Rev. Cynthia A. Snavely 

Mr. David M. Stauffer 

Dr. KirthW Steele 

#Mr. James G. Stoltzfus 

#Mrs. Karen E. (Stoltzfus) Stoltzfus 

"Mrs. Ann C. (Cunningham) Sylvester 

Mr. Mark A. Tibbitts 

Ms. Krmberly A. Wright 

Mrs. Carol W (Withers) Zellner 

Mr. Gary R. Zellner 

Mrs. Linda G. (Gerlach) Zinkand 

CLASS OF 1982 

Annual Fund $7,966.71 
Endowment $1,530.00 
Facilities $503.29 
Ms. Denise L. Achey 
Ms. Sara L. Aker 
Mrs. Valerie L. (Lanik) Angeli 
"Ms. Miriam S. (Shaub) Auker 
"Mrs. Karen E (Fuller) Ayres 

t Deceased 

♦Vtekroy Society 'Society of 1866 OValieyClub #Charter Club 


"Mrs. Linda T. (Texter) Behler 

Mr. Charles F Beirne 

Ms. Kirsten I. Benson 

Mrs. Nancy L. (Locker) Biederstadt 

Mrs. Marguerite W (Woodland) Bock 

#Mr. Daryl L. Boltz 

"Mr. James W Brady 

Mrs. Janet H. Braightmeyer 

Mr. Randall E. Brown 

Mr. Douglas A. Bufton 

"Dr. Tracy L. (Daniel) Burke 

"Mr. Eric D. Chamberlin 

"Mrs. Mary C. (Tierney) Cordaro 

#Ms. Lizabeth M. Cunfer 

Mr. Scott M. Dallas 

Mrs. Donna O. (Obetz) Daneker 

Dr. Hugh C De Long 

Mrs. Janet J. 0acobs) Dearstyne 

Mrs. Tracy L. Devenyi 

Ms. Beth L. Dickinson 

"Mr. Anthony G. Ellis 

"Dr. Kim M. Foster 

Mrs. Mary M. (Minnig) Frew 

Ms. Karen M. Gard 

*Mrs. Karen M. (McHenry) Gluntz 

Ms. Constance Glynos-Kokos 

Dr. Michael H. Goodman 

"Dr. Dennis J. Gould 

Mr. Michael G. Groody 

#Dr. Michael F Gross 

Ms. Darlene M. (Miller) Hein 

"Mr. Kenneth R. Hendershot 

Ms. Judith A. Herlich 

Mrs. Kim V (Vogel) Hill 

"Mr. Glenn A. Hoffman 

Dr. Roben P Hogan 

Mr. W Philip Holzman 

Mr. Michael S. Johnson 

Mr. Paul Jutting 

"Mr. Kevin J. Kaden 

Mrs. Lori R. (Jarmoska) Kunkel 

Mrs. Heidi W (Wolfgang) Limben 

Rev. Edward C. Malesic 

Mr. Robert J. McGrorty 

Mrs. Kimberly H. (Haunton) 

#Mrs. Claire M. (Mischler) Miller 
#Mr. John E. Miller 
Miss Karen J. Neiswender 
Mr. Robert A. Neubert 
"Mrs. Nancy L. (Lawless) Patik 
#Dr. Evelyn H. Pickering 
Mrs. Carol N. (Nixon) Potts 
Rev. Lawrence H. Potts 
Mr. Erich W Schlicher 
"Mr. Thomas F Shott 
Mr. Timothy J. Smith 
Miss Virginia A. Smith 
Mr. Joel R. Spotts 
OMr. Steven W St. John 
Mrs. Andrea C. (Crudo) Stark 
Mr. Glenn A. Steinmuller 
Mrs. Susan M. (Seibert) Stevens 
Mrs. Susan V (Vought) Stone 
"Dr. Barbara J. Strock 
Mrs. Linda D. (Dotter) Swavely 
#Mr. William E. Toner 
Mr. Steven M. Troy 
"Mrs. Sabrina M. (Gish) Wachter 
*Mrs. Debbie K. (Morgan) Wilkowski 
Mrs. Karen L. (Smith) Williams 
Rev Timothy J. Wolf 

'QuittapahfHa Club 

CLASS OF 1983 

Annual Fund $6,533.67 

Endowment $180.00 

Facilities $3,515.58 

Mrs. Laurie C. (Cook) Benner 

Mr. David P Beppler 

Mr. James C. Bezanson 

Mr. Thomas S. Brumbaugh 

#Mr. William N. Campbell 

Mrs. Maiy K. (King) Connor 

Mr. Claude W Deitzler 

Mrs. Susanne H. (Harley) Dombrowski 

Maj. Peter A. Donnelly 

°Dr. Debra S. Egolf 

Mr. James R. Empfield 

Mr. Garry M. Freysinger 

Mr. Robert Fullenlove 

*Mrs. Carolyn L. (Kiblinger) Hearsey 

Ms. Donna E. Hetrick 

Mrs. Victoria K. (King) Holzman 

Mr. Scott X Inners 

Mrs. Karen A. (Breitenstein) Johnson 

Rev. Melanie Jones 

Mr. Stephen J. Kipp 

"Ms. Rachel E. Kline 

Mr. Eric J. Koper 

*Mr. Joseph F Krolczyk 

"Mrs. Kathryn L. (Landis) Kuhn 

#Mr. Thomas M. Lantz 

Ms. Susan E. Lavery 

Ms. Joanne I. Lazzaro 

"Mr. Robert E. Lemke 

"Mrs: Marilyn L. (Lisowski) Lennox 

Ms. Deborah M. Lucas 

Mr. Nick E. Magrowski 

Mrs. Lois M. (Mark) Mease 

°Mr. Gregory B. Monteith 

°Mr. David L. Moyer 

*Mr. Thomas G. Myers 

Mr. Drake E. Neimeyer 

Mrs. Susan J. (Yeiter) Novalsky 

Mr. Jesse E. O'Neill 

Mr. Christopher L. Palmer 

Mrs. Loree D. (Duym) Pogue 

Mrs. Sharon Reeves-Hazard 

°Mr. Frank S. Rhodes 

"Mrs. Kay K. (Koser) Rhodes 

°Mr. Jeffrey S.Riehl 

Mr. Keith T. Roden 

Mrs. Suzanne S. (Sofranko) Schaeffer 

ORev. Joanne E. (Groman) Stewart 

Mrs. F Darlene (Olson) Swaim 

Mrs. Lori B. (Brown) Sweger 

*Mr. Brian C. Trust 

°Mr. Christopher J. Wachter 

Mrs. Debra M. (Decker) Ward 

Mr. Gregory A. Weaber 

°Mrs. Catherine C. (Clarke) Weber 

"Dr. Steven T. Weber 

Mrs. Kimberly C. (Colvin) Webster 

Mrs. Sharon F (Ford) Wilson 

CLASS OF 1984 

Annual Fund $5,038.34 

Endowment $50.00 

Facilities $376.67 

Mrs. Sue B. (Butler) Angelo 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Barnhart 

Mr. Douglas J. Bartal 

Mrs. Kathleen A. (Eisenbrown) 

°Mrs. Diane M. (McVaugh) Beckstead 
Mrs. Jan E. (Smith) Beppler 
'Ms. Mary Jean Bishop 

Dr. David N. Blauch 

Mrs. Carol D. (Denison) Brame 

"Mr. Brian L. Cain 

Mr. James L. Campbell 

Mr. Richard A. Carpenter 

Dr. David K. Carter 

#Mr. Spencer G. Coover 

Dr. Si Van Do 

Mrs. Patricia K. (Kowalski) Empfield 

Mr. Edward L. Fackler 

Ms. Martha J. Feaser 

Mrs. Pamela K. (Kramer) Freysinger 

Rev. David M. Frye 

Mrs. Holly J. (Hanawalt) Gainor 

#Ms. Cheryl D. Green 

Mrs. Jessie M. (Keller) Green 

Mr. Jeffrey A. Ham 

Mr. Bryan M. Hartman 


"Ms. Barbara R. Holden 

Mrs. Barbara R. (Ried) Holler 

*Mrs. Deborah J. (Degenhatt) Hurst 

Mrs. Diane S. (Shissler) Kamp 

Mr Michael J. Kelsall 

Mrs. Laura A. (Augustyn) Kipp 

Mr. Stephen W Kirkpatrick 

Mr. Gregg W Klinger 

Mr. Robert K. Krasley 

Mrs. Kay E. (Bennighof) Kufera 

Mrs. Carla M. (Giachero) Leffler 

Mrs. Leslie E. (Engesser) MacPherson 

Mrs. Deborah C. (Chopko) Markelwith 

°Mrs. Sheila McElwee-Witmer 

Mrs. Diane K. (Kiley) Miller 

Mr. Joseph J. Morrison, Jr. 

"Dr. Deborah D. (Detwiler) Nelson 

°Mr. Stephen M. Nelson 

Mrs. Ann M. (Marcinkowski) Nerino 

"Ms. Cynthia L. Nolt 

Mrs. Rhonda B. (Beekman) Ochs 

Mrs. Jill C. (Casper) Palanzo 

Mrs. Susan M. (Thompson) Palmer 

"Mr. Bruce E. Peterson 

Ms. Dorothy G. (Garling) Plank 

Mr. Clifford E. Plummer 

"Dr. Deanna M. (Metka) Quay 

Ms. Karen A. Reider 

Mrs. June S. (Sanchez) Riddle 

Mrs. Nancy S. (Shupp) Rohrer 

Mrs. Nancy C. Scheid 

Mr. Barry L. Sweger 

°Dr. V Lyle Trumbull 

Dr. Anne M. Vassailo-Showers 

Mrs. Michele G. (Gawel) Verratti 

Mrs. Jill T. (Trosde) Wenrich 

"Mrs. Lucy A. (Asher) Wicks 

Mr. Jeffrey WWieboldt 

Mr Richard C. Willis 

Mr. Stephen L. W^socki 

CLASS OF 1985 

Annual Fund $3,669.00 

Endowment $25.00 

Facilities $150.00 

Mrs. Carole A. (Eshleman) Allenbach 

Mrs. Carol S. (Speidel) Anderson 

"Mrs. Kari A. (littlewood) Anzel 

Mrs. Marilyn G. (Alberian) Aprahamian 

Mrs. Amy E. (Ziegler) Amdt 

Mrs. Susan L. Baily 

Mr. Richard D. Brode 

Mr. Mitchell E. Buchman 

Mr. Gregory R Buck 

Dr. Wendy K. (Kauffman) Carter 

°Dr. Lynn A. Cornelius 

Ms. Barbara C. (Etsweiler) Corson 

#Mr. John P Donnachie 

"Mr. Allan A. Dutton 

"Mrs. Jane R. (Rupert) Dutton 

Mr. Charles A. Fischer 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Gacono 

Mr. Stephen E. Gamier 

Mr. Foster J. Gibble 

Mrs. Angela G. (Green) Gockley 

Mr. Brian D. Gockley 

Mr. Charles E. Harbach 

Mrs. Melanie H. (Herman) Hartman 

Ms. Celia A. Herald 

Rev. James H. HolHster 

Mrs. Sondra W (Watson) Hollister 

Mr. Robert M. Hurter 

Mrs. Ann J. Qennings) Jones 

Mr. Curtis W Keen 

Mr. Peter J. Keitsock 

Mrs. Jill E. (Herman) Klinger 

Mrs. Rhonda R. (Rinehimer) Madigan 

Mrs. Mary S. (Seitz) Mamet 

Mr. John B. Martin, Jr. 

Mrs. Susan J. (Jones) Maurer 

"Mrs. Alison V (Verrier) Moyer 

Mrs. Janette L. (Lasher) Nee 

Mr. James C. O'Neill 

"Mrs. Barbara D. (Donnell) Osenkarski 

°Rev. John F Overman, III 

°Mrs. Maryann M. (McFadden) Palanzo 

Mrs. Nancy A. (Arciosky) Plummer 

#Mr. Joseph R. Rotunda 

#Mrs. Terri R. (Roach) Rotunda 

"Mr. Joseph Ruocco 

Ms. Jo Ann R. (Rinehart) Scheu 

Ms. Allison Schiller 

Mrs. Marlene T. (Turner) Sloat 

Mrs. Sara M. (Wardell) Smith 

Ms. Melissa A. Steffy 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Gross) Swartz 

Mrs. Elizabeth K. (Keers) Thomas 

Mr. Thomas N. lice 

Mrs. Martha M. Varano 

Mr. Nicholas F Verratti 

Mr. Steven M. Weddle 

"Mr. Leonard E. Whitford, Jr. 

#Mrs. Barbara N. (Nace) Witmer 

#Dr Mark R. Witmer 

CLASS OF 1986 

Annual Fund $4,151.99 

Endowment $366.34 

Facilities $699.63 

OMs. Ruth E. Andersen 

Dr. Michael E. Andrews 

"Mrs. Jennifer A. (Deardorff) Atkinson 

"Mr. Jeffrey E. Boland 

"Mrs. Maria M. (Montesano) Boyer 

Mr. Thomas X. Cowhey 

#Ms. Carol J. Davison 

Mr. James J. Deer, III 

"Mrs. Carol J. Dewald 

Mrs. Betty M. (McLaughlin) Enck 

Mr. Christopher B. Enck 

Mrs. LeAnn M. (Perry) Eshleman 

"Mr. David J. Ferruzza 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Firestone 

Mrs. Holly J. (Smith) Flanders 

Ms. Carol L Flexer 

Mrs. Janet T. (Todd) Floody 

Dr. James A. Foster 

Ms. Elaine A. Gryboski 

Mrs. Tammy R. (Raudabaugh) Ham 

Ms. Jane A. Hepler 

Mr. Richard P Hoffman 

Mr. Geoffrey F Howson 

Ms. Mary Ann (Burkland) Johansson 

Mrs. Dianna L (Carr) Joseph 

Mrs. Janet A. (Sacco) Kelsall 

#Mrs. Cynthia M. Kercher 

"Ms. Julie A. Kissinger 

Ms. Dorothy E. (Dubble) Knouse 

•Mrs. Theresa A. (Rachuba) 

Dr. Kathleen D. (DeGraw) MacLeod 
Mr. Michael M. May 
"Mrs. Valerie H. (Hoover) McElhenny 
Ms. Johnna-Claire Metz 
Mr. Kevin B. Meyer 
Mr. Anthony A. Meyers 
Mrs. Susan K. (Cuddeback) Mosser 
Mr. Steven R. Muzyka 
"Mr. Daniel H. Rafferty 
Mrs. Susan M. (Roth) Rapp 
"Mrs. Harriet S. (Shearer) Rauenzahn 
Mrs. Kathryn B. (Bell) Robison 
Mrs. Lois E. (Hagerman) Rubinstein 
Mrs. Jean Z. (Zimmerman) Scott 
Mrs. Susan C. (Corbett) Simonton 
"Mrs. Janet L. (Leiss) Simpson 
Mr Jeffrey P Snyder 
Mr. William L. Stevenson 
OMr. Mark N. Sutovich 
#Ms.JanellB. Trexler 
"Mrs. Denise M. (Mastovich) Whitford 
Mrs. Jane L. (Conley) Wolf 
Mr. Timothy S. Wolf 
Mrs. Deborah D. (Dressier) Wysocki 

CLASS OF 1987 

Annual Fund $3,530.29 

Endowment $25.00 

Facilities $291.69 

"Mrs. Susan M. (Mamska) Bartal 

Mr. Stanley A. Benkovic 

Mr. John A. Bishop 

"Mrs. Carol S. (Smith) Brandt 

Mr. Andrew R. Brode 

"Rev. Betsy E. (Martin) Bruaw 

"Mr. William H. Bruaw 

Mrs. Denise M. (Heckler) Carey 

#Mr. Robert C. Carson 

Ms. Ann M. Cessna 

Dr. Maria C. DeMario 

Ms. Nicole A. Emrich 

Mr. Gilbert C. Eng 

"Mr. William G. Fertenbaugh 

"Mr. David A. Filbert 

Mrs. Susan T (Olinger) Gamier 

OMrs. Stephanie M. (Butter) 

Ms. Penny D. Hamilton 
#Mr. Gregory J. Hessinger 
Mr. John D. Hibshman 
#Mrs. Melissa M. (Moyer) Hipps 
"Mrs. Christine W (Webster) Hostetler 
Mrs. Ursula A. (Hoey) Howson 
Mrs. Amy J. (Diehl) Jones 
Mr. Glenn R. Kaiser, Jr. 
Mrs. Patricia R. (Radu) Klotz 
Mrs. Barbara F (Feaster) Leer 
"Mr. Jeffrey A. Lesher 
"Ms. Eve R. Lindemuth 
"Mr. Keith W Littlewood 
Mrs. Melanie S. (Russell) MacMoyle 
"Mr. David C. Miller 
Mrs. Laurie G. (Sava) Mueller 
"Mrs. Kathleen M. (Brown) Mullen 



°Mrs. Jennifer R. (Ross) Pavik 

Dr. Laura E. Pence 

T)r. Joseph C. Pennington 

°Mrs. Teni A. (Grant) Pennington 

°Ms. Ingrid B. Peterson 

Mrs. Sharon J. (DeBoer) Porter 

OMr. William P Rhodes 

°Mr. Clay M. Sattazahn 

°Ms. Barbara L. Sbraccia-Rusen 

Rev. Eric J. Shafer 

Mrs. Debra L. (Segal) Stem 

Mr. Daniel E. Strawhecker 

OMrs. Margaret M. (Springer) Timmons 

#Mrs. linda L. Ulmer 

°Mr. Thomas E. Weaber 

Mr. LeRoy G. Whitehead, Jr. 

°Mr. Drew R. Williams 

*Mr. Steven H. Witmer 

Mrs. LoriK.(Kaas) Wright 

CLASS OF 1988 

Annual Fund $3,590.00 

Facilities $50.00 

"Mrs. Glenda S. (Shetter) Arnold 

°Mr. Thomas A. Bowman, Jr. 

Mr. Samuel H. Brandt 

°Mr. Theodore D. Brosius 

#Mrs. Diane J. (Fuss) Brown 

Mr. Vincent J. Bulik 

Ms. Kimberly A. Burd 

#Mrs. Theresa A. (Martin) Campbell 

Mrs. Tracy T (Trutt) Cox 

#Mr. Edward A. Doe 

°Mrs. Sharon L (Dubble) 

°Mrs. Carol A. (Brennan) Dundorf 
°Ms. Deborah L. Fike 
°Mr. Shawn M. Fitzgerald 
Dr. Christian S. Hamann 
°Mr. Terry E. Hen- 
Mrs. Tracy L. (Montgomery) Hoffman 
°Mr. Donald W Hostetler, Jr. 
°Mrs. Joanne M. (Hoffman) Hunter 
Mrs. Rochelle L. (Zimmerman) Kniss 
Mrs. Roberta A. Lipman 
Mr. Brian R Luckenbill 
°Mrs. Lynette B. (Benedick) McCulloch 
"Mrs. Patricia J. (Moll) Mills 
Mr. Patrick J. Miorin 
Mrs. Linda N. (Nolt) Naugle 
Ms. Lydia H. Neff 
°Miss linda A. Powell 
"Mrs. Sulynn M. Richard 
"Mrs. Pamela L. (Wyman) Ruocco 
°Mr. Michael G. Rusen 
Mrs. Kathleen M. Ryan 
Mrs. Lisa (Russoniello) Sabatino 
Ms. Dawna L. (Didden) Salldin 
°Mrs. Monica H. (Hobbs) Sattazahn 
#Ms. Susan K. Schaner 
Mrs. Marjorie A. Schubauer-Hartman 
"Mrs. Jeane L. (Weidner) Serrian 
"Mrs. Katherine Z. (Zechman) Seyler 
"2nd LT Lance A. Shaffer 
Mrs. Susan F (Felty) Shappell 
Mr. Edward R. Slagle 
Mrs. Michele M. (Durkin) Sorensen 
Mrs. Debra A. (Zurat) Steranko 
Mrs. Donna C. Summers-Chase 
OMrs. Melissa M. (Miller) Sutovich 
"Dr. Susan J. Toland 
#Mr. Philip E. Troutman 
"Mr. Richard W Umla 


Endowed Music Chair 

Dr. Mark Mecham (left), 
chair of the music 
department, talks 
with Drs. Edna '59 and Clark 
Carmeati about their generous 
gift of $500,000 to establish the 
D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean 
Distinguished Chair in Music. 
The Carmeans have been 
actively involved with the 
college as teachers, adminis- 
trators and college historians 
for seven decades. 

"Ms. Beatrice A. Vagyoczky 

Mrs. Karen L. (Jones) VanHouten 

°Mr. Jeffrey S. Waring 

Mrs. Roselyne S. (Trubilla) Watkins 

Mrs. Cheryl A. (Stoltzfus) Whitehead 

°Mr. William I. Wright 

CLASS OF 1989 

Annual Fund $2,020.00 

Facilities $465.00 

#Mr. Michael D. Betz 

*Mr. David K. Bush 

#Mrs. Beth Ann (Roos) Carson 

Mrs. Beth A. (Trout) Coder 

Ms. Deana M. Crumbling 

Mrs. Lori J. (Shenk) Ditzler 

Mrs. Wendi J. (Haldeman) Donmoyer 

Mr. Kenneth W Gable 

"Ms. Trinda S. Gamer 

Ms. Debra L. (Lebo) Hartley 

Dr. R. Jason Herr 

°Mrs. Lori A. (Stortz) Heverly 

°Ms. Leslie A. Keller 

Mr. Joel A. Kline 

Ms. Drue A. Koons 

Ms. Laura K. Laudermilch 

Mrs. Jo Ellen Litz 

Mrs. Renee M. (Schuchart) Lopez 

°Mr Gregory R. Lovell 

Mrs. Wendy L (Noll) Martin 

Ms. Lisa M. Mazei 

Ms. Kimberly A. Morgan 

°Dr. David P Myers 

°Mr. Michael R. Ney 

Mr. Mark D. Phillips 

"Ms. Patricia L. Pontari 

°Mrs. Jill R. (Ross) Rafferty 

Ms. Elizabeth C. Rodgers 

Ms. Letitia M. Saylor 

°Mr. Aaron A. Schisler 

#Mrs. Deirdre L. (Benney) Stalnecker 

°Ms. Mary D. Townsley 

Mrs. Marjorie A. (Haak) Ulrich 

Mr. Paul A. VanHouten, Jr. 

Ms. Suzann M. Yingst 

CLASS OF 1990 

Annual Fund $2,168.71 
Endowment $50.00 
Facilities $833.45 
Mrs. Candace M. (Wheedleton) 

Mr. Matthew J. Andris 
Mrs. Marjorie E. (Early) Arnold 
°Mr. Scott A. Barlup 
Mrs. Jill M. (Morrett) Boston 
Mr. Karl E. Conrad 
Mrs. Cynthia M. (Watson) Cowbum 
Mrs. Angela M. (Davis) Darrup 
°Ms. linda P. Dellinger 
°Mrs. Heidi L. (Derhammer) Eck 
°Mr. Timothy J. Eck 
Mrs. Cheryl L. (Lambert) Endy 
"Mr. J. Stephen Ferruzza 
°Mrs. Marliese A. (Miller) Filbert 
Mr. Peter J. Fowler 
Ms. Jane A. (Schreiner) Gallagher 
Mrs. Susan M. (Kazinski) Hanson 
♦Mrs. Helen F (Felty) Heidelbaugh 
Mr. Todd A. Hess 
°Mrs. Rachel M. (Snyder) Hills 
#Ms. Amy J. Himmelberger 
°Mr. Andrew R. Holbert 
Mrs. Jennifer L. (Nauman) Johnson 

Mrs. Dorothy J. (Zoretich) Lilly 

Mrs. Pamela B. (Schaadt) Mathews 

°Mr. Michael A. McGranaghan 

Mr. James R Menge 

Mrs. Debra M. (Schlegel) Mills 

Mr. W Jay Mills 

Mr. Timm A. Moyer 

Mr. Steven A. Murray 

Ms. Christine M. Patanow 

Mrs. Laura B. (Miller) Paullet 

Mr. Charles D. Pidich 

°Mr. Michael W Reif 

Mr. Scott A. Richardson 

°Mrs. Susan M. (PartiUa) Rilatt 

Mrs. Susan M. (Spadjinske) Sansone 

°Mr. Christopher J. Schwartz 

°Mr. Dale E. Snover 

Mrs. Annette B. (Boyles) Stork 

#Ms. Michelle A. Sullivan 

Mrs. Paula A. (Boyd) Sutor 

Mr. Douglas B. Terpstra 

#Mr. Stephen W Trapnell 

Mrs. Lisa D. (Biehl) Weidemoyer 

Mrs. Angela K. (Schreiber) White 

Mr. Scott A. Wolfe 

CLASS OF 1991 

Annual Fund $4,078.81 
Facilities $6,262.50 
"Mr. Kevin J. Arnold 
Mr. Rodney A. Baughman 
°Mrs. Joanne N. (Norton) Berlin 
°Ms. Kristen L. Curran 
#Ms. Ann M. Deitrich 
Mr. Brian R. Donley 
Ms. Amy E. Earhart 


*VicfcftJy Society 

•Society of 1866 


^Charter Club 

'Quftapahffla Club 



*Mrs. Joyce M. Ebright 

°Mr. Christopher R. Hills 

OMr. William H. Hoffman 

Mr. Sean R Hunter 

Mr. Aaron M. Johnson 

Mr. Kevin X Kalb 

Mr. David A. Kim 

Ms. Angela M. Krause 

°Ms. Brendalyn D. Krysiak 

°Ms. Michelle L. Leddy 

*Mr. Karl D. liedtka 

Ms. KathyJ. Luckenbill 

Mrs. Maryann L (Lucykanish) Puia 

*Mrs. Diana L. (Leedy) ReiUy 

°Mr. Joseph E Rilatt 

Mr. James J. Ruddy, 111 

Mr. Stephen L. Sanger 

Ms. Kristine E. (Zimmerman) Shirk 

°Ms. Lynn A. Smith 

°Mr. Joseph T. Souders 

Mr. James E Stock, Jr. 

•Mr. David R Stover 

•Mrs. Tracey (Smith) Stover 

°Mr. David R. Umla 

Mr. Stephen J. Vajda 

Mr Daniel D. VTaisavljevic 

Mr. John D. Wade 

"Mr. Andrew S. Wangman 

OMr. Brian D. Wassell 

Mr. Kent A. Weidemoyer 

Mrs. Jamie D. (Meyer) Yiengst 

Mr. Jay M. Yoder 

Mr. Steven D. Young 

OMr. Michael T. Zetdemoyer 

CLASS OF 1992 

Annual Fund $4,424.50 

Endowment $10.00 

Facilities $104.17 

Dr. Joseph Alia 

Ms. Erika L. Allen 

Mrs. Michelle D. (Brailsford) Ambrose 

Ms. Danielle M. (Owens) Bailor 

Mr. Plummer B. Bailor 

#Mrs. Lisa A. (Braccini) Barletta 

°Mrs. Bonnie L. (Miller) Barsh 

°Mrs. KarlaJ. (Rittle) Basselgia 

Mrs. Kimberly J. (Shaffer) Bell 

Mr. Robert W Bell 

Mrs. Lois S. (Rhine) Bickel 

Mr. Ralph WBieber, II 

°Mr. Timothy A. Biltcliff 

#Mr. Donald K. Binner, Jr. 

Mr. Michael B. Bodine 

Mrs. Michelle G. (May) Bodine 

Ms. Danielle L. Bowen 

Mr. John C. Bowerman 

Mr. Daniel E. Boyer 

°Dr. Cecile A. Bruhn 

°Mr. Daniel J. Bruno 

Mr William J. Checket 

Mrs. Janice L. (Hartz) Clemons 

Mr. John B. Conrad 

Mr. Keith W Copenhaver 

Mr. Joseph W Curran 

"Ms. Diane J. Dobberke 

Mr. Alex G. Doukas 

Mr. Travis L. Emig 

°Ms. Sally A. Fegan 

°Ms. Julie L. Frederick 

Mr. Larry W Fry 

"Ms. Norma J. Gibble 

Ms. Doreen E. Gunder 

Ms. Jill D. Hamilton 

°Ms. Gretchen A. Harteis 

#Mrs. Peggy J. (Heller) Hengeveld 

Mrs. Kristin A. (Davis) Hoffer 

Ms. Tara J. Hottenstein 

*Mr. David R Jenkins, Jr. 

Mr. Charles W Johnston 

"Mrs. Jodi L. (McNeal) Johnston 

Mrs. Angela M. (Selsam) Kim 

°Ms. Denise L. Klinger 

°Ms. Michele A. Klinsky 

Ms. Dawn L. Koch 

Ms. Cindy L. Koser 

Mrs. Kenethia R. (Staley) Lee 

*Mrs. Jennifer S. (Peters) Liedtka 

Mrs. Alison S. (Rutter) Miller 

"Mrs. Diana L (Cook) Musser 

Ms. Lori A. Nyce 

Dr. Tammy S. O 'Roark 

Ms. Molly J. Rasmussen 

Mr Mark L. Reinhart 

Mr. John A. Reist 

"Mr. William J. Rossnock 

Capt. Lori K. Rothermel, M.D. 

Mrs. Pamela J. (Merther) Ruddy 

#Miss Susan Sarisky 

"Mr Keith K. Schleicher 

#Mr. Jeffrey S. Schrack 

Mr. Deron Schuler 

"Mrs. Sarah M. (Thompson) Smith 

Ms. Kimberly S. Sollenberger 

"Mr. Michael L. Spangler 

"Mr. Kevin J. Sutovich 

°Mr. Timothy J. Tobin 

Ms. Kathryn F (Ford) Trinidad 

°Mrs. Diane E. (West) Wenger 

"Ms. Joanna L. Wierman 

Mrs. Jennifer L. (Bragunier) Williams 

Mr. Roy E. Williams 

Mr. Robert L. Wolfgang, III 

Mrs. Danielle C. (Fetters) Yoder 

Mr. Scott G. Young 

CLASS OF 1993 

Annual Fund $2,640.00 

°Ms. Karin L. Apgar 

Mr. Shawn R. Auman 

Ms. Amy G. Batman 

Ms. llene C. Bennett 

Mr. Robert G. Bledsoe 

"Ms. Amy M. Bonser 

Mrs. Ann Ellen M. Bosack 

°Ms. Nicole M. Bradford 

Ms. Julie J. Brinkley 

Ms. Lisa S. Burke 

°Mr. Jeffrey R. Burt 

"Mr. Timothy R Butz 

"Mr. Charles K. Comett 

Mr. Scott M. Davis 

"Mrs. Susan E. (Hibbs) DeFalcis 

Mr. Frank J. Deutsch 

6 Mr. Lance Dieter 

"Ms. Sandra L. Fauser 

Mr. Scott G. Fiscus 

Mrs. Lori A. Folk-Barron 

Mr. Robert P Frantz 

"Mr. Harold E. Fultz 

Mr. Michael L Gensler 

Mrs. Denise E. Gingrich 

Mr. Christopher R. Graver 

Ms. Deborah L. Gray 

Ms. Linda S. Graybill 

Ms. Justine Hamilton 

Mrs. Jane A. (Wardlow) Hartin 

Mrs. Kimberly M. (Eames) Hasenauer 

Ms. Stephanie J. Hassler 

"Mr. Frank L. Heilman, Jr. 

Mr. Steven R. Herr 

Mrs. Greta S. (Yocum) Hess 

°Mr. Robert Holford 

Mrs. Rebecca E. Homberger 

Mr. Michael W Houtz 

Ms. Michelle R. Houtz 

Mr. John T Howard, Jr. 

°Mr. Thomas J. Howell 

Mrs. Melissa S. (Atkins) Hulet 

Mr. Stanley W Hulet 

Mrs. Lynn L. (Schwalm) Jones 

Mr. Theodore A. Jones 

Ms. Kimberly E. Klein 

°Ms. HollyA.Kreiser 

°Mr. Christopher M. Lloyd 

Ms. Jennifer Y Lowe 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Manning 

Mr. Dennis A. Martin 

Mr. Brian E. McCabe 

Mr. Michael D. Mohn 

Ms. Beth 1. Moyer 

Ms. Malissa M. Noll 

°Mrs. Donna L. O 'Block 

°Ms. Dreama R. O TMeal 

'Ms. Jan M. Ogurcak 

Ms. Christine L. Reese 

°Mrs. Jean L. Rockey 

Mr. Dennis J. Schleicher 

Mr. Dorran L. Schultz 

Mrs. Debra K. Shuey 

"Mrs. Joy N. (Sardelis) Simpson 

Mr. Dwight E. Smith 

Ms. Denise M. Snyder 

Mr. Khristian D. Snyder 

Ms. Jill E. Stanley 

Mr. R. Thomas Stone 

Mrs. Heather L. (Rimmer) Thomas 

°Ms. Jill C. Thompson 

Mr. Matthew R. Wood 

CLASS OF 1994 

Annual Fund $2,221.54 

Endowment $20.00 

Facilities $115.00 

°Mr. Michael R. Anspach 

Ms. Jean K. (Koehler) Bright 

°Ms. Kelly A. Burke 

°Mrs. Kristine R. (Kuhn) Butz 

Mrs. Michelle (Brabits) Calvanelli 

Mr. Christopher L. Chandler 

Mrs. Jennifer A. (Willet) Chandler 

#Ms. Elizabeth O. Chow 

Mrs. Jamie C. Dick 

Mrs. Regina L. (Reed) Diller 

"Mrs. Bethany A. (Yohe) Eaton 

Mr. Kent C Eckerd 

°Ms. Denise E. Emery 

Ms. Andrea L. Eppley 

Ms. Denita J. Foreman 

°Mr. Matthew B. Frank 

Mr. David B. Fromholt 

"Mrs. Susan L. (Duff) Fultz 

Ms. Rania Gaitanis 

"Mr. Jonathan M. Grella 

Ms. Christine M. Hamer 

"Mr. Phillip W Heffelfinger 

"Mrs. Shay A. (Lentz) Holford 

Mr Thomas J. Kennedy 

Mr Kristofer E. Kohler 

Mrs. Cathy E. (Connors) Kostick 

Mr. John E. Lauffer 

Ms. April E. Lehman 

Ms. Joanne T. Marx 

Mr. Michael S. Morrison 

Mrs. Kim M. (Koch) Potocny 

"Mrs. Donna M. (Mills) Powell 

"Mr. Steven J. Progin 

Ms. Jennifer S. Reeder 

Ms. Kelly S. Russell 

Mr. Robert J. Schwenk 

Ms. Christine J. Seibert 

Mr. Kenneth S. Seiler 

#Mrs. Donna L. Seltzer 

Ms. Ritu Sharma 

Mr. Chester A. Smith 

Mrs. Rebecca M. (Blessing) Smith 

"Ms. Lynn M. Sosnoskie 

Ms. Sandra K. Stauffer 

Mr. Peter A. Stavenick 

"Mrs. Catherine E. (Crissman) Sullivan 

Mr. Timothy K. Sweigart 

Ms. Christine Walther 

Mr. Jason M. Watts 

Mr. SethJ. Wenger 

"Mr. Gerald M. Wimmer 

Ms. Cheri M. Wise 

Ms. Christine B. Wright 

"Mr. Michael H. Yordy 

CLASS OF 1995 

Annual Fund $3,035.00 

Ms. Elizabeth V Aitken 

Ms. Melissa M. Anderson 

Mrs. Lynn F (Fitzgerald) Appleby 

Ms. Cynthia T (Tarlecky) Bauman 

Ms. Tara A. Bennecoff 

Ms. Celia C. Billman 

"Mr. Richard D. Bruggeman 

Mr. Matthew S. Campbell 

Ms. Dana M. Centofanti 

"Ms. Donna M. Centofanti 

Mr. Brian C. Davis 

Ms. Michele M. Davis 

Mrs. Rachelle L (Kindig) Davis 

Mr. Ross A. DeNisco 

"Ms. Shelley A. Derfler 

Mr. Robert Diaz 

"Mr Jeffery P Drummond 

Mr. Michael J. Eshleman 

Mr. Christopher S. Everett 

Mr. Hal M. Fero 

Mr Mark L. Flamisch 

Ms. Julia A. Foose 

Ms. Tricia L. Galati 

Mr. Anthony J. Geiss 

Ms. Joda L. Glossner 

Mrs. Linda L. (Clagett) Grudi 


Ms. Deborah S. Heidlauf . 

Mrs. Julie B. (McClure) Henderson 

Mrs. Barbara A. (Spatz) Hoyer 

Mr George M. Inman 

Mr. Cory P Johns 

Ms. Debra L Keller 

Ms. Karen G. Kessler 

"Mr Jeffrey G. Koegel 

Ms. Jennifer A. Krysak 

Mr. Troy M. Lenker 

"Ms. Cynthia L. Letch 

"Mr Jason M. Lutz 

Mr. Scott A. Maier 

Ms. Heather E. Marston 

Mrs. Karen L (Klopp) McConnell 

"Mrs. Ingrid J. (Goserud) McGee 

"Ms. Rachel D. Merritt 

Mr. Duane A. Meyer 

"Mr. Steven R Mowrer 



°Mr. Thomas J. Murray 

Mr. Daniel R. Neyer 

'Mr. Michael T. Peachey 

#Mr. Kevin J. Poole 

#Mrs. Kimberly A. (Shaubach) Rankin 

Mr. Michael D. Rhoades 

Ms. Jacqueline L. (Aukamp) Rieker 

"Ms. Susanne E. Ryan 

Mr. Mark T. Schappell 

"Ms. Julie L. Schirmer 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Schott 

Mr. Andrew L. Sensenig 

Mrs. Lori A. (Weise) Shepler 

°Mr. Kevin M. Shertz 

"Ms. Angie L. Shuler 

Mr. Harold L. Spangler, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas J. Sposito 

Ms. Barrie L. Stoudt 

Mrs. Nancy J. (Schilling) Strohl 

°Mr. Timothy J. Terrell 

°Mr. Robert J. Trombetta 

°Ms. Claudia E. Wehbe 

°Ms. Rebecca L. Wiest 

Mrs. Kristin N. (Arnold) Wolfe 

Ms. Kathryn E. Yost 

°Ms. Debra L. Youse 

CLASS OF 1996 

Annual Fund $3,157.00 

Endowment $1,887.43 

aft In Kind $238.00 

"Ms. GhezalAbdali 

Ms. Julia I. Alandar 

*Mrs. Shelby C Applegate 

Ms. Gail M. Bare 

Ms. Heather L. Barrett 

Ms. Kelly S. Bechtel 

Mr. Jack C. Beidler 

Ms. Beth A. Berkheimer 

Mrs. Alexandra V (Hummer) Black 

Mrs. Janice D. (Bayer) Black 

Ms. Jamie R. Bollinger 

Mr. John J. Bowman 

Ms. Allison G. Brandt 

Mr. Russell W Britting 

Mr. James V Campbell 

Mrs. Jennifer S. (Davis) Coyle 

Mr. Stephen S. Croyle 

"Mrs. Heather K. (RurTher) Daub 

Mr. Spencer J. Dech 

"Ms. Randi S. Deutsch 

Mrs. Reba D. (Dieffenbach) Donley 

"Ms. Suzanne E. Enterline 

Ms. Elizabeth C. (Clerico) Eshbach 

Mr. David C. French 

°Mr. Stephen A. Heck 

Ms. Sara L. Helmuth 

Ms. Tara A. Henning 

Ms. Jennifer A. Hihn 

"Ms. Judith L. (Shelley) Hoar 

"Mrs. Tammi L. (Toner) Hocker 

"Ms. Melissa A. Howard 

Mr. Eric R. Huyett 

Ms. Barbara L. Jankowski 

Ms. Krista A. Johann 

Miss Cecily D. Joyce 

Mr. Andrew M. Kepple 

#Mrs. Pamela V Lambert 

Mrs. Paula K. (Hepler) Laubenstine 

Ms. Cissy S. Leung 

Mrs. Amy B. (Blough) Livingston 

°Ms. Rebecca S. Loeb 

Mr. Thomas M. Long 

Mr. Chad M. Lutz 

Mr. Gerald R. MacDonald 

Mr. Emedio V Marchozzi 

Mr. Cory T Mattem 

"Mr. Jason D. McKinley 

Mr. James R. McNeal 

"Mrs. Mary Ann (Mastromatteo) 

"Ms. Christine L Meloskie 
#Ms. Rebecca E. Miller 
Mr. Matthew P Minnich 
Mr. Lawrence W Moore 
Mr. Stephen M. Mozi 
Ms. Sharon L. Murray 
"Mr. Anthony D. Pavone 
°Ms. Diane J. Porter 
Mr. Shawn M. Rauchut 
Mr. Benjamin K. Ruby 
°Ms. Nancy R. (Rohrer) Sauder 
Mr. Charles W Schatzman, 111 
Mr. Jason J. Schibinger 
Ms. Laura B. Schibinger 
Ms. Jill C. Schreiber 
"Ms. Anne V Seals 
Miss Patricia L. Shade 
Ms. Lori A. Sheetz 
°Ms. Sheri L. Shick 
Ms. Amy B. Shollenberger 
Ms. Jodie L. Smith 
Mr. Mark A. Smith 
Mr. John A. Snyder 
Mr. Brian T Stover 
"Mrs. Bonnie C. Tenney 
Mr. Matthew V Walter 
Mr. Brian M. Warner 
Mr. Shaun M. Webb 
OMs. Jacqueline A. Wevodau 
Miss Maureen L. Yax 
Ms. Amy J. Zehner 
Ms. Danielle E. Zimmerman 
Mr. Jason J. Zitter 

CLASS OF 1997 

Annual Fund $9,389.26 

Facilities $100.00 

"Ms. Nicole L. Adams 

Mr. Marc V Attivo 

Ms. Natalie Baruka 

"Ms. Sharon A. Benton 

•Mr. Ryan J. Bevitz 

#Mr. Brian P Blanford 

°Ms. Melissa B. Blouch 

°Ms. Stephanie R. Brown 

Ms. Jennifer L. Bryan 

#Ms. Mary T Bullock 

#Mr. Anthony P Burke 

"Ms. Jennifer L. Byers 

#Ms. Jennifer C. Calabrese 

#Ms. Regina E. Cocco 

"Ms. Renee L. Concodora 

Mrs. Andrea S. (Hendricks) Croyle 

Ms. Yvonne A. D XJva 

Ms. Mary L. (Smallwood) Dale 

#Ms. Corrina L. Doerge 

"Ms. Jennifer L. (Bachmann) Echard 

Ms. Jennifer L. Emerich 

°Ms. Denise M. Falcone 

#Ms. Tara L. Fickert 

Mr. Brandon W Fladey 

Mrs. Sherri I. (Hooper) Flickinger 

•Mr. Gregory J. Glembocki 

"Ms. Jennifer S. Gominger 

Mr. John M. Gruber 

#Mr. Christopher T Haak 

Ms. Jessica C. Haas 

"Ms. Laura A. Hain 

"Mr. Brant A. Hershey 

"Ms. Christina L. Hinderliter 

#Ms. Joyce Hodacz 

Mr. Allen C. Keeney 

#Mr. Chad T Keiser 

#Ms. Tammi J. Kiick 

Mrs. Mabel A. (Kleinfelter) Killinger 

Mr. Patrick M. King 

"Ms. Roberta L. Kmiecinski 

Mr. Jason B. Kopp 

"Ms. Staci L. Kowalczyk 

"Ms. Nicole L. Lancieri 

"Ms. Holly M. Landis 

*Ms. Amy E. Leeser 

Ms. Trisha R. Leffler 

"Ms. Shelly M. Levan 

"Ms. Angela L. Lewis 

°Ms. Meredith L. Lutz 

#Ms. Michelle D. Malloy 

Ms. Lisa E. Martin 

"Ms. Sarah F Metallo 

"Ms. BrynA. Metcalf 

Ms. Debra A. Meyer 

"Mrs. Robirm E. (Hess) Moyer 

"Ms. Bethany D. Mummert 

#Mr. Timothy M. Ostrich 

#Ms. AimeeJ. Padula 

"Ms. Katoora L. Patches 

"Ms. Pamela A. Pedrick 

"Ms. Traci A. Petrino 

Ms. Courtney A. Polance 

#Ms. JoAnn R. Ponessa 

"Ms. Sharon L. Possessky 

Mr. Brian P Powers 

#Mr. Andrew J. Prock 

#Mr. Jeffrey CRaber 

"Mr. Robert H. Reiss, III 

"Mr. John A. Rudisill 

"Mr. David K. Russell 

"Ms. Elizabeth L Salter 

Mr. John H. Savidge 

"Ms. Erica M. Schneck 

#Ms. Nancy R. Seidel 

Mr. Jonathan M. Sensenig 

"Ms. Rachel L. Shaak 

#Mr. Coye E. Shoop 

#Ms. Cristina S. Simmers 

"Ms. Heather L. Smith 

"Mr. Andrew J. Sparmblack 

Ms. Holly M. Stevens 


"Mr. Thomas L. Trone, Jr. 

"Mr. Brett W Troutman 

"Ms. Melissa A. Vargo 

#Ms. Ann E. Weicksel 

"Mr. David K. Wentzel 

#Ms. Jennifer A. Wentzel 

"Ms. Bridget C. Williams 

Ms. Heather N. Wilson 

#Mr. Gregory C. Wirth 

#Mr. Nathan A. Wisniewski 

"Ms. Magdalene C. Zeppos 

Ms. Jill E. Zwiesdak 


*Vteknoy Society >Socfe% of 1866 Otelley Club #Charter Club 


Class of 1997 
Senior Gift Program 

Congratulations to the Class of 
1997! Under the capable lead- 
ership of Edward J. Brignole 
III, Tenneil L. Daniels and 
Jennifer A. Wentzel, the class 
raised $24,735.00. The Senior 
Gift Drive Committee decided 
to apply these funds to the 
construction of a base and 
landscaped area for the Cuewe- 
Pehelle statue in Carmean 
Plaza, located between Lynch 
Memorial Hall and Garber 
Science Center. The following 
members of the class made 

Ms. Nicole L. Adams 

Ms. KristiJ. Ames 

Mr. Marc V Attivo 

Ms. Tara L. Auman 

Ms. Natalie Baruka 

Mr. Robert A. Bednarczyk 

Ms. Sharon A. Benton 

Mr. Ryan J. Bevitz 

Mr. Joseph E Bilder, Jr. 

Mr. Brian P Blanford 

Ms. Mary E. Blankenmeyer 

Ms. Melissa L. Bleyzgis 

Ms. Melissa B. Blouch 

Ms. Tiersha T. Bomberger 

Mr. Bryan E Botella 

Ms. Amy R. Bowman 

Ms. Lisa M. Brandt 

Mr. Edward J. Brignole, III 

Ms. Stephanie R. Brown 

Ms. Jennifer L. Bryan 

Ms. Kimberly A. Bucknor 

Ms. Mary T. Bullock 

Ms. Christie M. Burger 

Mr. Anthony P Burke 

Ms. Jennifer L. Byers 

Ms. Jennifer C. Calabrese 

Ms. Jennifer L. Cantrell 

Ms. Regina E. Cocco 

Ms. Renee L. Concodora 

Ms. Nicole M. Connors 

Mrs. LetiziaJ. Conway 

Mr. Thomas P Cornish 

Mrs. Andrea Hendricks Croyle 

Ms. Sharon M. Curtin 

Ms. Yvonne A. DXJva 

Ms. Mary L. Dale 

Ms. Cathleen M. Damms 

Ms. Tenneil L. Daniels 

Mr. Joseph M. Dattoli 

Mr. Chad A. Davis 

Ms. Diane D. Dickey 

Ms. Corrina L. Doerge 

Mr. Livingstone S. Dore 

Ms. Jennifer L. Echard 

Ms. Sarah E. Eckenrode 

Ms. Jennifer L. Eichelberger 

Mr. Gary L. Ellis, Jr. 

Ms. Jennifer L. Emerich 

Mr. Edward C. Erie 


Ms. Denise M. Falcone 
Ms. Tara L. Fickert 
Ms. Jackie L Flanders 
Mr. Brandon W Fladey 
Mrs. Sherri I. Flickinger 
Ms. Dorothy S. Flory 
Mrs. Holly C. French 
Ms. Lavinia M. Garcia 
Mr. Duane R. Garman 
Mrs. Karen A. Geiser 
Mr. Phillip A. Getty 
Ms. Joan J. Gill 
Mr. Gregory J. Glembocki 
Ms. Jennifer S. Gominger 
Mr. Todd J. Goshert 
Mr. John M. Gruber 
Mr. Michael L. Guyer 
Mr. Christopher T. Haak 
Ms. Jessica C. Haas 
Ms. Laura A. Hain 
Ms. Carolyn A. Hallman 
Ms. Jennifer L. Hand 
Ms. Ilycia S. Hanney 
Mr. Bradley S. Harris 
Mr. Scott E. Henck 
Mr. Daniel E Henderson 
Mr. Jason D. Henery 
Mr. Brant A. Hershey 
Mr. Nathan A. Hillegas 
Ms. Christina L. Hinderliter 
Ms. Joyce Hodacz 
Ms. Michelle L. Horowitz 
Ms. Lori M. Horst 
Mr. Michael A. Houck 
Mr, Josh E. Howard 
Mrs. Wendy W Huber 
Mr. Brian C. Hughes 
Mrs. Kerry J. Hurst 
Mr. Stephen C. Jayne 
Mr. Stephen C. Jenks 
Mr. Matthew S. Jones 
Mr. Brian J. Kampf 
Mr Allen C. Keeney 
Mr. Chad T. Keiser 
Mr. James E Kelly 
Mr. Michael T. Kiesinger 
Ms. TammiJ. Kiick 
Mrs. Mabel A. Killinger 
Mr. Christopher J. Klimchak 
Ms. Roberta L. Kmiecinski 
Mr. Jason B. Kopp 
Ms. Staci L. Kowalczyk 
Mrs. MarcieJ. Kozich 
Ms. Danielle S. Kraft 
Ms. Jean C. Kratz 
Ms. Nicole L. Lancieri 
Ms. Holly M. Landis 
Ms. Amy E. Leeser 
Ms. Trisha R. Leffler 
Mr. John M. Lehman 
Ms. Kimberly A. Leister 
Mr. Matthew S. Leonard 
Ms. Shelly M. Levan 
Ms. Angela L. Lewis 
Ms. Meredith L. Lutz 
Ms. Martha R. Mains 
Ms. Michelle D. Malloy 
Ms. Lisa E. Martin 
Mr. Steven L. McElroy 
Mr. Jamin M. McKee 
Mrs. Lisa A. McMinn 
Ms. Tara K. Mehalick 
Mr. Kenneth R. Mengel 
Ms. Sarah E Metallo 
Ms. Bryn A. Metcalf 
Ms. Debra A. Meyer 

Ms . Jennifer J . Mihalov 

Ms. Stacey L. Miller 

Ms. Leslie M. Mistelske 

Ms. Melissa S. Morgan 

Mrs. Robinn E. Moyer 

Ms. Bethany D. Mummert 

Ms. Jennifer A. Nauss 

Ms. Karen M. Neal 

Mrs. Christa D. Neil-Reinhart 

Mr.JosiahJ. Novack 

Mr Sean T O 'Doherty 

Mr. Timothy M. Ostrich 

Mr. Douglas M. Ottenberg 

Ms. Sally A. Padilione 

Ms. AimeeJ. Padula 

Ms. Katoora L. Patches 

Ms. Pamela A. Pedrick 

Ms. Traci A. Petrino 

Mr. Jonathan P Phillips 

Ms. Courtney A. Polance 

Ms. Jennifer L. Pollock 

Ms. JoAnn R. Ponessa 

Ms. Sharon L. Possessky 

Mr. Brian P Powers 

Ms. Ann M. Powl 

Ms. Ana J. Prewitt-Rodriguez 

Mr. Andrew J. Prock 

Mr. Jeffrey C Raber 

Ms. Dawn M. Redensky 

Mrs. Melinda W Reichard 

Ms. Denise L. Reinoehl 

Mr. Robert H. Reiss, III 

Mr. Scott A. Root 

Ms. Eileen M. Rossman 

Mr. Kyle R. Roth 

Mr. John A. Rudisill 

Mr. David K. Russell 

Mr. Robert T. Safko 

Ms. Elizabeth L. Salter 

Mr. John H. Savidge 

Ms. Allyson Schneider 

Ms. Tanya J. Schuler 

Mr. Patrick R. Schneider 

Ms. Ann B. Scott 

Mr. Robert C. Searfoss 

Mr. Poh E See 

Ms. Nancy R. Seidel 

Mr. Jonathan M. Sensenig 

Ms. Rachel L. Shaak 

Mr. Coye E. Shoop 

Mrs. Gina M. Shull 

Ms. Cristina S. Simmers 

Mr. Todd M. Slater 

Mrs. Meredyth E. Slingwine 

Ms. Heather L. Smith 

Ms. Jessica L. Smith 

Mr. Cory J. Snook 

Mr. Brandon S. Snyder 

Ms. Greta C. Snyder 

Mr. Neil E Sokola 

Ms. Colleen M. Soukas 

Mr. Andrew J. Sparmblack 

Mr. Travis A. Spurley 

Ms. Vicki N. Starr 

Ms. Christina L. Steinbacher 

Ms. Andrea L. Steder 

Ms. Holly M. Stevens 

Mr. Karick E. Stober 

Ms. Andrea R. Tallmadge 

Ms. Jennifer L. Taylor 

Mr. Jason D. Tesche 

Ms. Tabitha S. Tobias 


Mr Thomas L. Trone, Jr. 

Mr. Brett W Troutman 

Mr CharksWUhich.IV 

Ms Meiissii A. Vargo 

Mr. John M. Vermilyen 

Ms. Anu Vesberg 

Ms. Suzanne P Wallace: 

Ms. Christina J Walls 

Ms. Michelle M. Weaber 

Ms. Ann E.. Welckscl 

Ms. Robyn P Welker 

Mr. David K. Wentzel 

Ms. Jennifer A. Wenuel 

Mr. Richard H.White 

Ms. Bridgei C. Williams 

Mrs. Lori L Williams 

Ms. Heather R Wilson 

Mr. Gregory C. Wirth 

Mr. Nathan A. Wisniewski 

Ms. Tara E. Wotownik 

Mr. David W Wright 

Ms. Makiko Yagasaki 

Ms. Carol S. Zearing 

Ms. Magdalene C Zeppos 

Mr. Christopher D. Ziegenfuss 

Ms. Beih Anne Zielsdorfl 

Ms, Wendy J. Zimmerman 

Ms. Jill E Zwiesdak 



OMrs. Shanna G. Adler 
*Dr. Howard L. Applegaie 
*Dr, Edward H. Arnold 
"Mrs, Sharon O. Arnold 
Mrs. Deborah L. Aikins 
#Dr Susan L. Atkinson 
Mrs, Phyllis C. Basehore 
•Mrs. Karen D. Best 
#Dr. Philip A. Billings 
*Ms. KaiherineJ. Bishop 
'Ms, Marie G. Bongkwanni 
Mrs. Susan K Bore Hi AVentzel 
*Mr. Mark A. Brezitski 
'Mrs. Donna L. Bricklcy 
*Ms. Andrea H Bromberg 
*Dr, James H. Broussard 
*Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 79 
#Mr, C. Paul Bmbakerjr. 
Mrs. Jo Lynn Brummer 
#Dt Donald E. Byrne, Jr 
*Dr. D. Clark Carmean 
"Ms. Donna M. Centofanti V5 
*Mr. Richard E Chades 
*Capi. Charles X Cooper 
*Mr, Donald M. Cooper 
#Dr. Richard D, Cornelius 
ODr. Salvaiore S, Culkri 
*Mr. John B. Deamer, Jr. 
*Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 75 
#Dr. Barbara Jones Denison 79 
'Rev. Timothy M . Dewald 
•Mrs. Alice S Diehl 
'Mr. Johannes Dietrich 
'Mr. Robert J. Dillane 77 
ODr Phylis C. Dryden 
*Dr. Robert E Early Sr. '48 
Mrs. Linda Freed Ebrighi 75 
•Dr. Scott H. Eggen 
- Dr. Carl % Ehrhan 40 
#Mr. David C. Evans 
Mrs. Jennifer M. Evans 
Mrs Candice W. Falger 

*Dr. RossWFasick'55 
Ms. Patricia J. Fay 
#Mrs. Elaine Feather 
*Dr. Eugene C. Fish 
•Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. '59 
•Mrs. Mary Ellen Ford 
#Dr. Michael D. Fry 
*Mrs. Deborah Reimer Fullam '81 
#Mr. Stanley A. Furmanak 
*Mr. Eugene R. Geesey '56 
*Dr. Elizabeth M. GefTen 
#Mr. John S. Gergle, Jr. 
*Dr. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. '47 
*Mr. Darwin G. Glick '58 
*Dr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 
*Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq. 
#Mr. Ronald K. Good 
Mrs. Susan M. Greenawalt 
#Dr. Michael A. Grella 
°Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson 
#Rev. Dr. Thomas W Guinivan 39 
*Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman '52 
Dr. Klement M. Hambourg 
Mrs. Leonie Lang-Hambourg 
*Dr. Robert E. Hamilton 
#Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 
*Mr. A. L. "Jim" Hanford, III 
#Mr. Robert E. Hamish 
*Dr. Bryan V Hearsey 
#Dr. Robert H. Hearson 
°Dr Paul A. Heise 
ODr. Jeanne C. Hey 
'Mrs. Pamela S. Hillegas 
*Mrs. Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger 
ODr. Paul E. Horn '40 
Ms. Tara J. Hottenstein '92 
#Dr. Diane M. Iglesias 
'Mrs. Maria W Jones 
"Mr Richard A. Joyce 
Vfs. Peg Ann Kaufrrnan 
"Dr. John P Kearney 
^Mrs. Charlene R. Kreider 
'Mrs. G. Rosalyn Kujovsky 
#Mrs. Margaret A. Lahr 
#Mrs. Pamela V Lambert '96 
#Mr. Thomas A. Lanese 
<>Mrs. Carolyn A. Lauver 
*Mrs. Jennifer S. (Peters) liedtka '92 
#Mr. George E Lovell, Jr. 
•Rev Alfred S. Maloney 
T>r. Leon E. Markowicz 
*Dr. George R. Marquette '48 
"Mr. G. Daniel Massad 
•Dr. Joerg W Mayer 
Dr. Leo G. Mazow 
Mr. Brad E McAlester 
"Mrs. Ellen B.McGill 
"Dr. William J. McGill 
*Mr. Daniel B. McKinley 
Dr. Mark L. Mecham 
•Mr. James A. Mitchell, Jr. '58 
"Dr. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 
OMr. Philip G. Morgan 
*Mr. Brian R. Mund 
°Mr. Thomas J. Murray '95 
-Mrs. Elsie B. Neefe 
*Dr. H. Anthony Neidig '43 
#Mr. David W Newell 
"Dr. John D. Norton 
Dr. Agnes B. O T>onnell 
Mr. J. Robert O Donnell 
*Mr Ben D. Oreskovich 
#Ms. Jane M. Paluda 



Mr. Robert Paustian 

"Ms. Judy L. Pehrson 

*Dr. Harold S. Peiffer '42 

•Mr. Gerald J. Petrofes 

*Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 

ODr. Sidney Pollack 

*Dr. G. David Pollick 

Dr. Kevin B. Pry 76 

*Dr. Barney T. Raffield, III 

♦Mrs. Sharon H. Raffield 

#Mr. O. Kent Reed 

*Mr. George M. Reider, Jr. '63 

*Dr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58 

*Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 

Mrs. Heather L Richardson 

Ms. Marie E. Riegle-Kinch 

*Mr. Melvin S. Rife 

Ms. Karin L. Right-Nolan 

OMr. Robert A. Riley 

*Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller '59 

Mrs. Sally A. Rivera 

•Mr. Stephen H. Roberts '65 

*Dr. E Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 

"Ms. Gail A. Sanderson 

#Miss Susan Sarisky '92 

°Mrs. Malin P Saylor 

*Dr. James W Scott 

*Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

*Dr. Daniel L. Shearer '38 

Mrs. Jacqueline E Showers 

*Mr. Conrad M. Siegel 

#Mr. Irwin H. Siegel 75 

°Mrs. Barbara A. Smith 

"Mr. Walter L Smith '61 

*Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 

OMr. Louis A. Sorrentino '54 

*Mr. Morton Spector 

*Mr. Gregory G. Stanson '63 

Mrs. Rose Anne Steckbeck 

TDr.JoeUeL. Stopkie 

*Mr. E. Peter Strickler '47 

#Mr. Thomas M. Strohman 75 

#Dr. Dale Summers 

#Ms. linda L. Summers 

Mrs. Anne B. Sweigart 

*Dr. John A. Synodinos 

"Mrs. Bonnie C. Tenney '96 

°Mr. Warren K. Thompson 

#Ms. Kathleen M. Tiemey 

#Dr. C.E Joseph Tom 

#Mr. Horace W Tousley 

#Dr. Mark A. Townsend 

ODr. Perry J. Troutman 

Mrs. Barbara S. Vlaisavljevic 

*Hon. John Walter '53 

*Dr. Albertine Washington 

Mrs. Angela M. Weaber 

#Dr. Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger '44 

*Mr. Harlan R. Wengert 

°Dr. Carl T. Wigal 

*Dr. E. D. Williams Jr. 

ODr. J. Dennis Williams 

*Mr. Samuel A. Willman '67 

ODr. Allan E Wolfe 

OMrs. Juliana M. Wolfe 

*Mr. Glenn H.Woods '51 

*Rev. D. Darrell Woomer 

#Mr. Allen Yingst 

#Mrs. Beverly A. Yingst 

*Mr. Harry B. Yost '62 

#Ms. Rosemary Yuhas 

Mrs. Susan B. Zearing 

°Mr. Michael C. Zeigler 

Parents of Students 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Achtzehn 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Adam 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Albright 
Mrs. Catherine U. Anderson 71 
Mr. and Mrs. John Aponick 
°Mr. and Mrs. Noel Armstrong, 111 
°Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bailey, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Bair 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P Bala 
Mr. and Mrs. Clair L. Bard 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Barker 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R Barton 
°Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bastian 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Bates 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W Bautsch 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Bechtel 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Becker 
°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bender 
°Mr. and Mrs. John P Berling 
°Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bemarduci 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bieber 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bleyzgis 
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bogart ' 
Ms. Jessica Boileau 
"Mr. and Mrs. David S. Borders 
Ms. Nancy C. Borremans 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Bortner 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bostdorf 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Bowman 
"Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V Bozzanca 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W Brecht 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Brennan 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery L Brenneman 
"Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Brickley 
#Mr. and Mrs. William Broadhurst 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Brass 
Mrs. Jane M. Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd D. Brown 
Ms. Lydia V Brunetti 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bubnis 
°Cloyd and Susan Campbell 
°Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W Capriotti 
Mr. and Mrs. Luis M. Carmona 
Ms. Colleen M. Carpenter 
°Ms. Denise E Casey 
Mr. and Mrs. Nack-Hee Choe 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Chottiner 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E Ciliento 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Clark 
"Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clauser 
°Ms. Norma Claypool 
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W Cline 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Clinton 
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Connor 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Convery 
°Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R Cooper 
#Dr. Richard D. Cornelius 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E Cortese 
"Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Coval 
Mr. and Mfs. Bernard A. Cox 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Cramer 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Crnkovich 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Crotty 
"Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D. Crumbling 
Mrs. Dawnmarie R. Cuff 
°Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Curley 
#Mr. and Mrs. Paul E D 'Angelo 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Danilowicz 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Davidson 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W Davis 

°Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W Davis 

Mr. Lawrence J. Degraff 

Ms. Nancy M. Deliberato 

"Mr. Vincent C. Deliberato, Jr. 

Ms. Diane E. Dessert 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Dibiase 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Dickey 

Mrs. Olga E DiFlorio 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Dimmick 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Dobson 

Ms. Joan E. Dominiak 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Donahue, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Donato 

Mr. Terence R. Donohue 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Douts 

Ms. Sally K. Draper 

Mr. Steven W Draper 

°Mr. and Mrs. James R Duck 

Mr and Mrs. Jacob R. Echternach 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Elliott 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Enck 

°Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Epting 

Mr. and Mrs. Galen R. Erb 

Mrs. Katherine N. Erff 70 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Erie 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Evans 

°Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Eynon 

Dr. and Mrs. Alan E Fager 

Mrs. Candice W Falger 

#Mr. John E. Feather, Jr. 

Ms. Louise D. Fedock 

#Rev. and Mrs. Richard G. Felty '63, '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P Ferrari 

Mr. and Mrs. John Fetterman 

#Mr. and Mrs. Randall Fetterman 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fioravanti 

°Ms. Deborah S. Flack 

"Mr. and Mrs. William E Flamisch 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Fleegal 

Ms. Hope Fletemake 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ford 

#Ms. Carol Foura 

Mr. Albert L. Frantz 

Ms. Juanita T. Frantz 

#Mr. and Mrs. James Frentz 

Mr. Robert E. Frey 70 

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Frey 

Mrs. Kathy D. Galloway 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Gehr 

Ms. Carol M. George 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Giaquinto, Jr. 

°Mr. and Mrs. David J. Golias 

#Mr. Nicholas P Goretski, III 

°Mr. and Mrs. Claus H. Graf 

#Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Granito 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenawalt 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Gresh 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Greth 

'Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry L. Graft 

#Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Grzywacz 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hahn 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Haines 

°Mr. and Mrs. John T Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Nowaf Halout 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Flamm 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hand 

°Mr. and Mrs. Casimir E Hans 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Harnish 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Harrison 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Hart 

t Deceased 


*Vickroy Society •Society of 1866 OWteyCtMb tfCharterClub 


*Mr. and Mrs. David W Harvath 

Ms. Darla K. Heffley 

"Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Heisey 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Helhowski 

Mrs. Dolores A. Hendricks 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Henry 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Henry 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Hershey 

"Mrs. Susan L. Hershey '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hixon 

"Mrs. Cheryl A. Hoffman 

°Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hollich '65, '66 

Dr. and Mrs. J. Daryl Hollinger 

"Mr. and Mrs. Kervin Hoover 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horn 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Homberger 

Ms. Dorene K. Horst 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hostetter 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert W Hotchkiss 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale W Houck 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry R Howard 

"Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Hughes 

"Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Hunsicker 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Hunt 

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey D. Hurley 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hutchinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hutnick 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E lezzi 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ippolito 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Irons 

Mr. and Mrs. Pascualito O. Isaac 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert Iwanowski 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jacobetz 

Mr. Robert B. Jarmol 

°Dr. and Mrs. Earl Jefferies, Jr. 

°Mr. and Mrs. Bob C. Jeffers 

Mr. Paul N.Johnson, III 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin W Jumper 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P Kane 

Mrs. L. Ruth Kauffman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Keilholtz 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kellogg 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kelly, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Kesler 

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Killian 

°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Killian 

Mr. and Mrs. William Kirkpatrick 

°Mr. and Mrs. Lynn D. Kirsch 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Klingensmith 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Kneier 

#Mr. and Mrs. Palmer L. Kocher 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kohler 

Ms. Virginia E. Kolibab 

Mr. and Mrs. James Kostuk 

"Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kratzer, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R Krause 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kreider 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Krum 

Mr. and Mrs. John P Kruzel 

°Mr. and Mrs. Ray Krystofolski 

"Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Kujovsky 

Mr. Gerald F Lacy 

Mrs. Patricia E. Lacy 

Mrs. Margaret P Lane 

Mr. Harvey W Lausch 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald I. Lauver 

°Mr. and Mrs. Mark Leahy 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lee 

°Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Leighow 

°Mr. Robert P Upp 


Mr. and Mrs. James T. Littleton 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Long 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney LuckenbiH 
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Lukasewicz 
Mr. and Mrs. Sal V Madaffari 
Ms. Debra A. Mann 
Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Mannino 
°Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marchefsky 
Mr. William T. Markley Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond K. Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Masessa 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Maulfair 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. McCabe 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. McCarty 
Mr. and Mrs. James L McClellan 
Ms. Roberta M. McClintock 
°Mr. and Mrs. James A. McDermott 
°Mr. Nicholas A. McKenzie 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McLaughlin 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McManus 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E McMaster 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R McMinnis 
°Mr. Thomas J. Mealy Sr. 
Ms. Patricia M. Melusky 
Dr. and Mrs. J. Mark Meredith 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Methner 
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob C. Meyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. Russel W Miller 
#Mr and Mrs. James P Monos, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Moore 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Moran 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Moyer 
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Moyer 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph J. Mucerino 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mummert 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Musser 
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Myers 
Mr. and Mrs. John W Nagumy 
Ms. Althea D. Nash 
Mr. Larry O. Neidig 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Newcomer 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newswanger 
Mr. and Mrs. David Newton 
Mr. and Mrs. Wilber R. Newton 
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Nipple 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Nolen 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. kudelman 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oakes 
Mr. and Mrs. Clair Oberholtzer 
°Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ocker 
#Mr Leonard Oriel 
"Mr. and Mrs. Rodney C. Orth 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Orth 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Orzechowski 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Osborn 
Mrs. PriscillaJ. Ott 
Mrs. Catherine J. Paige 
Mr. Michael E. Paige 
Dr. and Mrs. Yogesh B. Pakikh 
°Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Panko 
Mr. and Mrs. David Pannebecker 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Patson 
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Patterson 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Paucek 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Paul 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Paxson 
"Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V Pearson 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pellegrino 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Pentecost 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Pete 

Mr. and Mrs. William Pfarr, Jr. 

Ms. Mildred H. Pfeil 

°Mr. and Mrs. Steve C. Phoebus 

Ms. Sue A. Piazza 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pine 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Plouse 

*Dr. and Mrs. G. David Pollick 

Mrs. Barbara B. Pond 

Ms. Sylvia J. Popejoy 

*Mr. and Mrs. Peter P Post 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Powl 

Mr. and Mrs. Millard F Price 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W Probst 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos A. Pulgar 

°Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pumphrey 74, 74 

°Mr. and Mrs. David J. Pychinka 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Raab 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Rabuck 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Brian Radcliffe 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Rakowski 

Mr. Jerry Rapp, Jr. 

#Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Redner 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W Reed 

Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Reed 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Reese, Sr. 

Ms. Deborah A. Reish 

"Mr. Scott L. Reitenauer, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W Rentier 

Ms. Denise L. Repman 

Mr. Harry D. Repman 

Mr. Michael D. Rhoads 

Ms. Alice Rhone 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold F Ridler 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard P Rife 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven N. Rineman 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Risser 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Roach 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Robinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Rodgers 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rodgers 

Mr John P Romansic 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roomet 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P Roos 

Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Rosenfeld 

#Mr. and Mrs. Gene C. Ross 

Mr and Mrs. Matthew E. Ross 

Mrs. Yvonne L. Ross 

°Dr. and Mrs. Morris 1. Rossman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Roth 

Mr and Mrs. William L. Rouse 

Mr and Mrs. Richard R. Royer 

Mr and Mrs. John E Ruczhak 

Mr. and Mrs. George Rudis 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Ruth 

Ms. Marian A. Sangrey 

Mrs. Jody R. Satzler 

"Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Schaaf 

°Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Schell 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Schildt 

"Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Schimpf '69 

Ms. Jeanette E. Schmid 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmidt 

Mr and Mrs. Gary R Schneider 

*Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Schott '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin K. Schucker 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F Scott 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P Sevinsky 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sgro 

Mr. Randy Shadle 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Shannon 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Shattuck 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shellenberger 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Shenk 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Shepherd 

°Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Sherk 

"Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Sheruda 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Shoemaker 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Shumway 75 

"Mrs. Lora L. Sipes 

Mr. and Mrs. William Skretkowicz 

#Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Slabach 

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Slenker 
Ms. Debra Smeltz 
°Mr and Mrs. David R. Smith, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Smith 
'Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. Smith 
°Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Snyder 
°Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Snyder 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Sorrels 
Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Soulliard 
"Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Sowers 
Mr and Mrs. Alvin W Spangler 
Mrs. Jane E. Spedden 
Mr. and Mrs. Carson Speelman 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Speicher 
Mts. Dolores E. Spidle 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stahl 
°Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Staub 
Ms. Julie Stauffer 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Steckbeck 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W Stenger 
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Stoner 
Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Strickler 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Strobeck 
°Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stuff 
Mr. Ray E. Stump 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L Summers 
°Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Swank 
°Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Sweigart 
Mr. Robin L. Sweigart 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Swope 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Takach 
°Mr. and Mrs. Jay E. Taylor 
Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Templeton 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Terch 
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Thoman, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Stan F Thornton 
°Mr. and Mrs. Merrill C Thrush 
Mr. and Mrs. William Toppin 
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry L. Troutman 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Tumpey 



Mr. and Mrs. Alexxandro Ugliuzza 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Underwood 

Mr. and Mrs. Dane R. Unger 

♦Robert L. and Beth R. Unger '69, 72 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Vaughan 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Vera 

"Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vespignani 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Vito 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vituszynski 

°Mr. and Mrs. James A. Vogtman 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Vollberg 

Ms. Karen L. Wagaman 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Warfel 

Mr. Robert C. Warner 

°Mr. and Mrs. David M. Washkevich 

Mr. Phillip Watts 

Mr. William H. Way 

"Mr. and Mrs. William C. Webster 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Weigle 

"Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Wenrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wentzel 

Ms. Robin L. Werner 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L Wert '66 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Wesloskie 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Westerhoff 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. White 

"Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Wilson 

°Mr. and Mrs. David G. Wilson 

Mrs. Susan A. Wilson 

"Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Wisler '61 

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Witmeyer 


Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Wolfe 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wolgemuth 

"Dr. and Mrs. E. Gerald Woodward 

Ms. Carolyn E. Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. David P Yarlett 

°Mr. and Mrs. A. Barry Yocom '65, '67 

"Mr. and Mrs. Darwin L. Yocum 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Zang 

Mrs. Celeste E. Zappala 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zearing 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Zeiders 

"Mr. and Mrs. Stan L. Zellers 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Zerfing 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Ziga 

Mrs. Susan E. Zinn 

Parents of Graduates 

Mrs. Marsha E. Alandar 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W Amlung 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Andersen 

Mr. and Mrs. George W Anderson 

ORev. and Mrs. David H. Andrews 

Mr. and Mrs. James W Andrews 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Angeli 

*Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 

♦Ellen H. and Richard B. Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Arnold 

"Mr and Mrs. Terry L. Attivo 

"Mrs. Elaine B. Auerbach '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Aulenbach 

"Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Aungst 38, 37 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Avers 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Baird 

Mrs. Mildred Baker 

Mrs. Jane L. Balmer 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Bambrick 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baruka 

"Mrs. Dorothy S. Bean 

"Mr. Robert J. Bechtel 

*Mr. and Mrs. Robert F Beck '48, '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beck 

ODr. and Mrs. C. Ray Bell '28, '29 

Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Bennecoff 

"Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Bennett 

"Mrs. Vincent Beno 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Berezich 

OMr. and Mrs. Lloyd D. Berger 38, 37 

#Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Berry '67 

"Dr. and Mrs. Tom A. Bither 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Blake 

Mrs. Eloise H. Blanck '41 

"Mr. and Mrs. C. W Blankenmeyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bliss 

"Mr. and Mrs. John E. Blouch '68 

#Mr. and Mrs. John D. Boag '51, '51 

Mrs. Doris K. Boehler 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Boltz 

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight W Bomberger 

"Ms. Sandra L Bonser 

"Dr. David N. Bosacco '56 

"Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bowman 

Mr. and Mrs. James W Bowman 

Mrs. Christine G. Boyd 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Brandt 

Rev. and Mrs. James E. Brashear 

Mr. Jacob P Bregler 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Brewer 

Mr. and Mrs. Vance S. Bricker 

°Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brimmer 

Mrs. Rosalie R. Bioss '45 

Mr. Allen H. Brown '50 

Mrs. Marion W Brown '65 

#Rev. and Mrs. William J. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Brumbaugh 

"Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Buck 

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Bunty 

Mr. and tMrs. Edward G. Burke 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Burkhart 

OMr. and Mrs. John W Byers 

Ms. Susan C. Calabrese 

Mrs. Grace J. Caldwell 

Mr. Harold L. Campbell 

Mrs. Jennifer C. Campbell '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Carl 

*Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carson 

*Mr. and Mrs. C. Neal Carter '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Carusillo 

"Mrs. Beatrice F Cassel 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Castle 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Castrechini 

Mr. and Mrs. Aloyusius Chesney 

"Mr. and Mrs. George Chronister 

Rev. and Mrs. Clarence L. Chubb 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Claeys 

T*Mr. Samuel K. Clark '27 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Clemens 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Clewell 

Mr. and Mrs. Clement Concodora 

Mr. and Mrs. David W Connor 

OMr. and Mrs. Kermit Cook 

"Rev. Merritt A. Copenhaver '59 

Mrs. Louise Cottrell-Cawley '56 

Mr. Norman Cawley 

"Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Crissman 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Cupp 

Ms. Judith C. Curran 

Mr. and Mrs. George Z. Cvijic 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Damms 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Danko 
"Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Dattoli 
•Drs. Robert M. and Ruth Sheaffer 

Daugherty '52, '52 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Davis 
*Jim and Nancy Davison 
OMr. and Mrs. Lloyd Deaven 
Mrs. Marion M. Deaven 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Deboer 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Dech 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold O. Deitrich 
*Mrs. Ella Mae Dellinger 
*Mrs. Curvin N. Dellinger, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Demmy 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DePalmer 
Mr. and Mrs. Neale Deutsch 
OMr. and Mrs. Francis R. Dewald 
Mr. and Mrs. William Didden 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dieffenbach 
Rev. and Mrs. Gregory E. Dimick 
Mrs. Phyllis D. Dimpsey '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W Doe 
#Mr. and Mrs. John P Donnachie '85 
ODr. Phylis C. Dryden 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Dubosq 
*Dr. Robert F Early, Sr. '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Edgecomb 
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Elliott 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Emerich 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Emerson 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Emery 
Mr. and Mrs. John W Engesser 
*Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Engle, Jr. '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Enterline '65, '65 
Mr. N. D. Erickson 
Col. and Mrs. William F Etchberger 

35, 39 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Euclide 
"Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V Evans 
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Falcone 
Mr. and Mrs. Augustus M. Filbert 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fiscus 
"Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Fisher '47, '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Flanders 
D Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Fowler 
Mr. and Mrs. Millard Freysinger 
#Mr. and Mrs. Tilman R. Frye '67, '80 
"Mrs. Marie O. Fulk 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Furman 
*Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Garber 
Mr. and Mrs. Jose M. Garcia 
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Garland 
Mr. K. R. Garling 
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Geib, Sr. 
"Mr. and Mrs. Vernon George 
°Mr. John E. Giachero '52 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gift 
#Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Glembocki 
"Dr. and Mrs. David W Gocldey '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Parke H. Good 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Goodhart 
"Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Goodwin 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Graybeal 
Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory 
#Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Grella 
"Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Gross 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Guenther 

t Deceased 

*Vickroy Society •Society of 1866 Valley Club #CharterClub 


"Mrs. Lois H. Guise 37 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Haas 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hackett 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hagstiom 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hain 

"Mr. and Mrs. David Hallman 

*Robert and Judith Hamilton 

Mr. and Mrs. Merle C. Harding 

Mr. and Mrs. James Harper 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Hartman 

Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Hauck 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Heberlig '67 

"Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Heck 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heflher 

Mrs. Eileen Heilman 

"Mrs. A. H. Heisey 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Helms 

"Mr. and Mrs. Larry Helmuth 

"Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L Hendrix '64, '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hess 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hibbs 

*Mrs. Mary Jane Hicks 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Hihn 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Hill 

"Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hillegas 

Ms. Betty Himeisen 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hodacz 

"Mr. tMrs. James 1. Hoepfer '50 

"Dr. and Mrs. Charles 1. Hoffman 37 

Mr. and Mrs. Clair W Hoffman 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic E. Hoffman 

Mrs. Susan E. Hoffman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hollinger 

♦Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Hoover 

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin E. Houtz 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Howard 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Huber 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F Hudish 

"Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Huey 

"Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hummer 

*Dr. and Mrs. W Jeffrey Hurst '84 

"Mrs. Nancy A. Inners '52 

"Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Johnson 

Rev. and Mrs. Karl W Jones 

"Mrs. Thelma M. Jordan 

"Mr. Richard A. Joyce 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kabana 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Kahn 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Katcavage 

Mrs. Pauline R. Kauffman '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean A Keeney 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Keiser 

Mrs. Carole M. Keller 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Keller 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kettering 

*Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kiick '57 

Mr. Hong W Kim 

Mr. James J. Kimmel 

Mrs. Brenda J. Kinsey 

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Kline 

"Mr. and Mrs. Robert F Koch 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Koegel 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Kohler 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Kohlhaas '65 

"Mr and Mrs. Stephen N. Kopp 

Mr. and Mrs. Flarry A. Kieichbaum 

#Mr. and Mrs. John W Krieg '50, '52 

Mr. Richard W Kroth 

Ms. Doris P Krysiak 

#Mr. and Mrs. Steven L Lambert '96 

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Lancieri 

°Qu*rttapahilla Club 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Laudennilch 
Mr. John A. Laudermilch 
OMr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Lauver, Jr. 
Mr. James O. Lebo '59 
* Kenneth and Linda Leedy 
Mr. and Mrs. William Leeser 
"Mr. and Mrs. David M. Lefiler 
#Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Lehman 

'69, '67 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lehman 
Mr. John M. Leidich 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford D. Leitao 
Mrs. Ruth M. Lenker 
"Mr. Terry R. Lenker '64 
°Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Levan 
°Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. liedtka 
°Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. light 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Loeb 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E Lohr 
Mr. David M. Long '59 
Mr. Robert L. Lorah 
Mrs. E. Thea T. Lucas 
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Luckenbill 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Lutz 
Mr. and Mrs. Leo S. Lutz 
Mr. and Mrs. Colin C. MacCrindle 
#Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mackrides '54, '55 
Mrs. Ruth I. Macoviak 
Mr. and Mrs. John Marcinkowski 
Dr. and Mrs. Roland E Mariani 
°Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Marrone 
Mr and Mrs. George Martin 
Ms. Mary L. Martin 
Mr and Mrs. Robert Martin 
Dr. Robert S. Martin '59 
TMr. and Mrs. Clarence G. Mase 
*Mr. and Mrs. James M. McArdle '57, '61 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McDonald 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E McGinty 
°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGranaghan 
Ms. Carol L. McGreevy 
Mr. and Mrs. M. T. McKechnie 
*Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. McKinley '69 
Mr and Mrs. Wayne K. McKinley 
Mrs. Clyde Mehlman 
Mr Edward Meima 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Meiser 
Mr. and Mrs. John E Mentzer 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Merritt 
*Mr. and Mrs. John W Metka '60 
Mr. and Mrs. Clair G. Metzler 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert V Meyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Meyer 
♦Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Miller '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic M. Miller 
*Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 
°Mrs. Sally A. Miller-Checket '58 
OMr. and Mrs. William J. Moore 
OMr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Morgan 
OMr. and Mrs. Philip G. Morgan 
Mr. and Mrs. Ross T. Mowery 
"Mr and Mrs. Clifton Mowrer, Jr. 
Mr. Robert E Mowrer 
"Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Murray 
*Dr. and Mrs. James R. Newcomer '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Nissley 
Mr. and Mrs. William V Nolan 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Oliver 
Ms. Elizabeth D. Olmsted 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Olson 
Mr. Michael V Ostrich 
Ms. Judy E. Painter 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Pauli 

°Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Pedrick 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pellegrini 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Perozich 

°Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Peters 

#Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian R. Petrino 

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard W Pickering 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L Plank 

*Mr. and Mrs. Ken Plummer, Jr. 

*Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Pope 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Possessky 

°Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Powers 

°Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Prock 

Mr. Timothy E Raber 

Mr and Mrs. Richard N. Ragno 

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Redensky 

°Mr. Bradford N. Reed 

°Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Reese 

Ms. linda I. Reese 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Reichert 

Mr. Robert J. Reilly 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Reiner 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Reinoehl 

*Dr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 

Mr and Mrs. Barry Richardson 

Mrs. Sally A. Rivera 

°Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Roach 

°Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Rocco 

°Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Roden 

Ms. Elizabeth M. Roland 

Mrs. Fern J. Roland 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Romanofsky 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Root 

•Mrs. Beatrice L Roth 

T*Mrs. Dorothy G. Roudabush 32 

Mrs. Ida B. Ruehr 

Mr. and Mrs. Truman H. Rumfield 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Rushanan 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V Ryan 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Ryan '88 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Sacco 

Mr Alexander E. Sagun 

Mr and Mrs. Charles K. Salter 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas M. Sarisky 

Ms. Ruth E. Schaadt 

Mr and Mrs. Richard L Schaefer 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Schiller 

Rev. and Mrs. Arthur B. Schirmer 

Mr and Mrs. Wayne Schrack, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schreiber 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Schwalm 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Schwalm '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvah J. Scott 

*Dr. and Mrs. James W Scott 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Searfoss 

"Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Seidel 

Mr. Arlin Seitz 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Shaak '55, '55 

#Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Shaffer '70, '69 

Mr. Gary Shank 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott Shametzka '68, 70 

Mr Gregory Sharockman 

Mr. and Mrs. Clair E. Shatto '65, '67 

°Rev and Mrs. M. Thomas Shatto '68, '68 

Mr and Mrs. Ernest D. Shaw 

*Dr and Mrs. Daniel L Shearer '38, '36 

Dr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Shearer '66, '65 

•Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta '52, '51 

#Mr. Gerald E. Shoemaker 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L Shuman 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay L Simmons 

"Mrs. Janet L Simpson '86 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Sims 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Slater 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Smith 

"Mr. and Mrs. James L. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Smith 

Mr and Mrs. William Smith, Sr 

Mr. Chester E. Snedeker '54 

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Snider 

"Mrs. Donna Snook 

Ms. Rosanne L. Snyder 

°Mr. and Mrs. John E Sokola 

ORev. and Mrs. Bruce C. Souders '44, '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Spadjinske 

*Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 

Mrs. Virginia A. Spider 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Stanilla '65 

*Mr. Gregory G. Stanson '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Starry 

Mrs. Hannelore W Starsinic '57 

"Mr. Joe L. Stauffer'58 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Stein 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip W Stone 

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Stouter 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Straus 

Mr. J.B. Strickland 

Mr. Charles Strohl, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sturgess 

#Rev and Mrs. John Swavely 

Mr. and Mrs. Lavem L. Sweigart 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sweigert 

Dr. and Mrs. H. T Tamaki 

°Mr and Mrs. Michael A. Taylor 

Mr and Mrs. Edward W Teichman 

°Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Tenney '96 

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Tester 

°Mrs. Delia H. Thomas '23 

Mr and Mrs. Melvin P Thomas 

°Mr. and Mrs. John R. Thompson 

"Mr. and Mrs. Warren K. Thompson 

#Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Toews 

Mr. and Mrs. W A. Trapneil, Jr. 

Mrs. Patricia A. Trenn 

°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Trone 

°Rev. and Mrs. Martin W Trestle '51, '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn E. Troutman 

Mr and Mrs. William H. Trust 

#Mrs. linda L. Ulmer '87 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ulrich, III 

"Mr. and Mrs. Walter W Umla 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen Vagyoczky 

Mrs. Joan K. Vandergrift 

"Mr. and Mrs. George VanDillen 

Mr and Mrs. John L VanHorn 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Vargo 

°Mr. George B. Wagner '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Wagner 

Mr. and Mrs. Mardis L. Wallace 

*Hon. and Mrs. John Walter '53, '57 

Mr and Mrs. Norman A. Wangman 

Mr. and Mrs. Weston B. Wardell 

*Mr. Leonard and Dr. Albertine 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie G. Weaber 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Weber 
'Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Weicksel 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Weidner 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wenger 
°Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Wenger '92 
Mr. and Mrs. Titus E Wentzel 
Ms. Sharon K. Whidock 
Mrs. Ethlyn M. Wien 
#Mr. and Mrs. Richard E Wierman 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Williams 
Mr and Mrs. Warren L. Wilson 
Ms. Sandra M. Winters 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wisniewski 
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wolfe 

*Mr. and Mrs Thomas G. Vfolfgang 

S 5V54 
Mr. and Mrs Robert L Wolfgang 
Mr and Mrs Raymond A. Wfolownik 
"Mr. Robert D. Womer 34 
Mrs, Dorine M, Wood 
*Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H Woods 51 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Wright 
Mr and Mrs, William M. Wright 
Mr. and Mrs, Leon A. Wysolovskj 
Mr. and Mrs Charles W Yarger 
Mrs. Anna R. Yerger 
Mr. and Mrs, Francis Yingling 
#Mr. and Mrs. Allen R_ Yingst 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Young 
Mrs. Helen E. Young 
#Dr, Harry W Zechman 30 
Mr. and Mrs. John A, Zehner 
Mr and Mrs. Barry L Zeiber 
Mr and Mrs. August S. Zenbe 
D Larry L. and Mary Ellen Ziegler '57 t '58 
#Mr. and Mrs William Zielsdorff 
*Mr. and Mrs Elmer D. Zimmerman 
*Mt. and Mrs. James H, Zimmerman 

M, '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy E. Zimmerman 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F Zook 
Mr. and Mrs. John Zwiesdak 


Ms. Nicola Addeo 

Ms. Patrice M. Addeo 

OMr and Mrs. Kevin M, Adler 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W Akins 

Ms. April Alleman 

"Mr and Mrs. Heath Allen 

#AlbenA. Alley MD 

Mr and Mrs. Alfred C Allison 

Mr John Allison 


*Mr. Louis J. Appell, Jr. 

*Dr. Edward H Arnold 

'Dr.and Mrs, Gordon C. Arnold 

*Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold 

Ms. Suzanne C, Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Atkins 

Ms. Melissa S. Atkinson 

#Dr. Susan L Atkinson 

#Philip and Beth Bach 

"Mr Daniel L. Backenstose Jr. 

Rev. and Mrs. James H, Bailey 

Mr. James R Baker 

Mrs. Sharon Shay Barber 

Mr and Mts, Roger L Bamett 

Mrs. Phyllis C Basehore 

"Mr. and Mrs. Jack E Bastian 

"Mr. and Mrs. E. Nelson Baus 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baxley 

Ms. janei Beal 

OMs. Anna M. Beany 

*Mrs. Ethel A. Bemel 

Ms, Elsie Bell 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bergens, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs Michael G. Bergeron 

Ms. Katie Bernhardt 

•Mr. and Mrs Raymond Best 

#Dr. and Mrs Philip A, Billings 

Mr. and Mrs, Scon D. Birk 

*Ms. KatherineJ. Bishop 

*Mr. Vemon Bishop 

Mr. and Mrs, David E Bitting 

Mrs. Verna BLiir 



Record-Breaking Coach 

Named MAC field 
hockey Coach of the 
Year, Kathy Tierney 
and her hard-working team 
thrilled fans when they made 
the NCAA Final Four Champi- 
onships for the first time 
Tierney is shown herewith 
team captains Angela Lewis 
(left) and Tamara Demrny Since 
1988, Tierneys teams Wm won 
three MAC championships, 
appeared in six MAC champi- 
onship games (including in 
1996-97), competed in seven 
NCAA tournaments, reached 
the NCAA Elite Eight round 
times and had 14 players 
named national Afl-Amencan* 
and 21 named Regional 

°Mrs. Elizabeth Bollinger 

°Ms. Ella B. Boltz 

Mr. Harvey Bomberger 

"Ms. Marie G. Bongiovanni 

Mrs. Susan K. Boielli-Wentzel 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Boucher 

Mr. Robert M. Bowen 

Mrs. Shirley A. Bowman 

Mr. W Ross Boyd, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph A. Boyle 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Landis Brackbill 

Ms. Bev Brader 

°Mr. Frederick T. Brandt 

"Mr. and Mrs. Mervin B. Brandt 

Mr. Peiffer A. Brandt 

Ms. Ann M. Brecht 

Mr. Brian E. Brecht 

Christopher and Jane Breiseth 

Mr. Brian Brensinger 

°Mr. Mark A. Brezitski 

Mrs. Jean K. Brinser 

*Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bromberg 

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Brosche 

Mr. and Mrs. K. Fred Brass 

°Dr. and Mrs. James H. Broussard 

Dr. Andrew J. Brovey 

•Mrs. Leslie L Brown 

°Mr. Thomas Brown 

#Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brubaker, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter P Brubaker 

"Ms. Alice M. Brumbaugh 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brummer 

Mrs. Jean A. Buckley 

Earl J. Buehner, Jr., D.D.S. 

°Mrs. Kathryn S. Burianic 

Mike and Marie Burton 

Mr. Charles Buder 

#Dr. and Mrs. Donald Byrne, Jr. 

Mrs. Phyllis Cabello 

Mr. Salvatore Cali 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Camillo 

*Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 

Ms. Jane E. Carey 

Rev. E. L. Carlson 

*Dr. D. Clark Carmean 

Mr. Justin Carpenter 

Mr. and Mrs. William Carpenter 

Mr. James Casper 

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard F Charles 

*Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Chepulis 

Ms. Leddy A. Chizz 

Mr. Stanley J. Chizz 

*Ms. Blanche M. Christensen 

Mrs. Rosemarie K. Christianson 

OMr. and Mrs. Willis R. Christman 


Mr. and Mrs. W T. Clawson 

Mr. Barry A. Cochran 

°Mrs. Patricia B. Cochran 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Coleman, Jr. 

Mr. Gerald A. Collins 

Mr. and Mrs. K. Robert Conrad 

°Capt. Charles T. Cooper 

*Mr. Donald M. Cooper 

Dr. and Mrs. F Donald Coopey 

Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Costello 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cote 

Mr. Len Covelesky 

Mr. George L. Cramer 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion L. Crawley 

Ms. Thelma P Cremer 

Ms. Min Crumling 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Crumling 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cughan 

ODr. and Mrs. Salvatore Cullari 

Ms. Elaine M. Cummin^ 

#Raymond R. Curanzy, M.D. 

Ms. Dorothy M. D'Orazio 

Mr. and Mrs. James P Dalpiaz 

Mrs. Mary Daniel 

Mr. Bard E. Darhower 

°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dautrich 

Mrs. Miriam B. Davidon 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard W Davis 

Mr. Jack De Leonardis 

°Mr. John B. Deamer, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Delfoe 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Delp 

Ms. Tricia Demmy 

Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Deraco 

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen DeSanti 

"Rev. Timothy M. Dewald 

Mr. C. George Di Ilio 

•Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 

"Mr. Johannes Dietrich 

#Mrs. Ruth B. Dietz 

Ms. Gladys M. Dinkel 

William H.Dinkel, Esq. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Dinsmore 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dinsmore 

#Mr. Frank J. Dixon 

°Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Druckman 

OMt. Michael Dryden 

Mr. Thomas B. Dunn 

*Mr. Richard T Early 

Ms. Feme Eberly 

♦Victory Society 


valley Oub 

°Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Ebersole 

t*Mr. Thomas R. Ebright 

OMrs. Susan G. Edris 

•Dr. Scott H. Eggert 

"Mrs. Polly C. Ehrgood 

°Mrs. Geraldine M. Ehrhart 

Mrs. Sara S. Ehrhart 

Mr. and Mrs. Preston Eisensmith 

Ms. Nancy Elder 

Mr. Arthur Emerich 

Mr. Jon Emerich 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W Erdos 

Mr. and Mrs. Christian J. Eurich 

#Mr. David C. Evans 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Evans 

°Dr. and Mrs. George E. Fava 

Ms. Patricia J. Fay 

#Mrs. Elaine Feather 

#Mr. John Felix, Jr. 

Ms. Staci Ferguson 

Mr. Chris Fetterman 

Mr. Kurt Fetterman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finkelstein 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Finlayson 

Ms. Linda A. Firestone 

*Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 

t*Ms. Wanda K. Flinchbaugh 

*Mrs. James Fogelman 

•Mrs. Mary Ellen Ford 

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Forester 

Rev. Ira C. Fortna 

#Dr. John H.Fritz 

#Dr. Michael D. Fry 

Ms. Mary E. Frye 

#Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Funk 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Furchner 

#Mr. Stanley A. Furmanak 

Mr. and Mrs. George W Gale 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Gale 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Gallagher, Jr. 

tMr. and Mrs. N. Edward Gamber 

Mr. Ronald J. Garman 

Ms. Flo K. Garrett 

#Mr. Edwin M. Garver 

Ms. Elizabeth Gault 

*Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

#Ms. Patricia J. Gerdes 

#Mr. John S. Gergle, Jr. 

Mr. Stephen J. Gergle 

Miss Georgia A. Geyer 

Ms. Marlene R. Gibson 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Giles 

Mr. Kevin M. Giles 

Ms. Doris Gingrich 

#Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Glen 

*Atty. and Mrs. Arthur L. Goldberg 

Ms. LaVeme Good 

#Mr. Ronald K. Good 

Ms. Jean B. Gordon 

Mr. Miles T. Gordon 

Ms. Marilyn J. Gould 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Graby Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Greubel 

°Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson 

*Mr. H. Russell Griffith 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Grimm 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Grimm 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Groff 

Mrs. Ruth Gruber 

Ms. Lucy T. Guerrisi 

"Ms. Patricia Guerrisi 

Mr. William E. Haak 




Mr. and Mrs. James Habecker 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haber 

Ms. Lee Hagelin 

Dr. and Mrs. Klement M. Hambourg 

*Ms. Katherine L. Hamelehle 

#Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 

*Mr. and Mrs. A. L. "Jim" Hanford, 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hanley 

Mrs. KathyJ. Hanson 

Ms. Esther R. Harger 

#Mr. Robert E. Hamish 

Ms. Doris E Hartranft 

°Ms. Pat Hartranft 

Mr. and Mrs. John Hash, Jr. 

*Dr. Bryan V Hearsey 

#Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hearson 

Mr. Howard W Heeter 

Mr. Frederick T. Heilman 

Mrs. Marion Heilman 

°Dr. Paul A. Heise 

*Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 

Ms. Juanita E Hemperly 

Mr. Deron C. Henise 

tOMrs. Bernice L. Herb 

The Hershey Family 

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin H. Hershner, Jr. 

*Dr. and Mrs. Earl H. Hess 

Mrs. Helen C. Hess 

ODr. Jeanne C. Hey 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen A. Hicks 

Mr. Joseph M.Hill 

Ms. Jeanne Hoffman 

The Holdcoaf Family 


Mr. Mickey Holland 

Mr. Scott D. Holland 

Ms. Sherry Y. Holmes 

*Steven J. and Wendie DiMatteo 

Mr. and Mrs. Read Hopkins 
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Horwith 
#Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 
Mr. Stephen P Hotchkiss 
Mr. and Mrs. James Hubbs 
°Mr. Paul E Hungerford 
Ms. Angela L. Hupp 
Mr. Edward P Huth 
°Mr. Philip WHuth 
*Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Hyman 
#Dr. Diane M. Iglesias 
°Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Infiisino 
Mr. Christian Infusino 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Ioanes 
Mr. Jonathan R. Isaac 
Mr. Kerry L. Isaac 
"Mrs. Maria W Jones 
"Mrs. Joan H. Joyce 
Mr. and Mrs. David E Kalb 
#Mrs. Edith C. Kania 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Karinch 
Ms. Shirley A. Karinch 
Mr. Earl Kashner 
°Ms. Theresa L. Kastrava 
Ms. Peg Ann Kauffman 
Mrs. Flavia L. Kaufman 
Mr. and Mrs. Halver B. Kaufman 
*Dr. and Mrs. John P Kearney 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W Keating 
Mrs. Mary E. Kettering 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W Kirby 
Mrs. Helen Jean Klatchko 
#Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Kleinfelter 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. KHnger, Jr. 
#Mr and Mrs. Edward Knauss, III 

Mrs. Roberta A. Koch 

Ms. Sara E. Koehler 

Ms. Elizabeth J. Konrad 

'Mr. and Mrs. Neil Koopmann 

#Mr and Mrs. Lyle M. Krall 

*Mr. Steven R. Kreamer 

&Mrs. Charlene R. Kreider 

"Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kreider 

Mrs. Edith B. Krohn 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Kuhl 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Kulp 

#Mrs. Margaret A. Lahr 

#Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lanese 

Mrs. Ann Lasky 

Ms. Jeannie Lazinsky 

°Mr. and Mrs. William Lehr 

Mr. and Mrs. Sam E. Leifeste 

Ms. Gertrude M. Lenhart 

Ms. Melissa M. Lenhart 

Dr. and Mrs. William E Lenker 


*Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Lessard 

Mr. Todd Lettich 

°Mrs. Jean W Levy 

Ms. Mary E. Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Iipp 

°Ms. Terri G. Lloyd 

#Mrs. Barbara A. Longenecker 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Loucks 

Mr. and Mrs. Spyros S. Loukas 

Ms. Bonnie Lounsberry 

#Mr. George E Lovell, Jr. 

Mr. George B. Lukens 

Dr. Richard D. Magee 

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Mallos, II 

•Rev. and TMrs. Alfred S. Maloney 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Maloney 

Mr. and Mrs. W Berkeley Mann 

°Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 

Cheri Markowitz 

Mr. and Mrs. James Martin 

"Mr. and Mrs. Dale W Mason 

°Mr. G. Daniel Massad 

Mr. B. K. Matlick 

°Mrs. J. Elizabeth May 

•Dr. Joerg WP Mayer 

°Dr. Leo G. Mazow 

Mr. Brad F McAlester 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley McAlester 

Mr. Thomas A. McCabe 

Ms. Ruth S. McCarty 

Mr. Thomas D. McCarty 

Mr. Brent McFeaters 

T)r. and Mrs. William J. McGill 

Ms. Mary Louise McGinley 

Ms. Denise McGinley-Gerchak 

#Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert McKlveen 

Ms. Anna M. McManus 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. McManus, Jr. 

*Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. McMindes 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Meacham 

#Mr. and Mrs. L. Ralph Mecham 

T)r. and Mrs. Mark L. Mecham 

*Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mesics 

°Col. Virginia A. Metcalf 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller 

Mrs. Eloise J. Miller 

Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. James Miller 

The Janis Miller Family 

#Mr. Richard L Miller, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow K. Miller 

°Mrs. Helen L. Miller-Messmer 

"Dr. and Mrs. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Edwin Mohler 

*Mr. Dominic Montagu 

Mrs. Otis B. Morse 

*Ms. Mary Louise Moyer 

*Mr. Matthew T. Moyer 

*Mr. Brian R. Mund 

Mr. William S. Mund, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Mund, Sr. 

$Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Murry 

Mr. Elvin Musselman 

Mrs. Martha W Myers 

*Mrs. Elsie B. Neefe 

Mrs. Frances B. Newcomer 

#Mr. David W Newell 

"Rev. Joseph E. Nichols 

*The Robert A. Nichols, Jr. Family 

"Mr. and Mrs. David R. Nicholson 

'Mrs. Violet W Nitrauer 

Mr. Robert W Nivens 

Mrs. Irene E. Noll 

Mr. Wilmer G. Nolt 

*Dr. and Mrs. John D. Norton 

Ms. Caroline Nunan 

Mr. J. Robert and Dr. Agnes B. 

#Mr. Robert D. O Tiara 
'Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. O 'Kane 
'Mr. Ben D. Oreskovich 
Ms. Mary C. Oswalt 
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Paine 
#Ms. Jane M. Paluda 
Mr. Art Pannebecker 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pannebecker 
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. George Patton, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. P Robert Paustian 
Ms. Katherine G. Peden 
'Ms. Judy L Pehrson 
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Pensyl 
•Mr. Gerald J. Petrofes 
'Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petruzzi 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pfeil 
OMr and Mrs. Thomas Phillips, III 
ODr. and Mrs. Sidney Pollack 
Mrs. Nancy Poust 
Ms. Valerie E. Pry 
Ms. Michele L. Pugh 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Purcell 
Mr. Joseph J. Pychinka 
°Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Quickel 
*Dr. and Mrs. Barney T. Raffield 
OMrs. Harriet M. Ranck 
#Mr. O. Kent Reed 
*Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Reese 
*Mrs. Rhea P Reese 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Reitbauer 
"Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Reppert 
Mr. Alan Resnick 
Mr. Albert L. Rheb 
Mr. Keith Richards 
Mrs. Heather L. Richardson 
Mr. Roy Richardson 
Ms. Tanya T. Richter 
Ms. Mildred D. Riegle 
Ms. Marie E. Riegle-Kinch 
*Mr. Melvin S. Rife 
Ms. Karin L. Right-Nolan 
*Mrs. Doris S. Riley 
OMr. Robert A. Riley 
Mr. and Mrs. John E Rill 
°Mr. Eugene G. Ritter 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Robertson 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robinson 
Mr. and Mrs. James F Robinson 
Mr. John D. Robinson 
Ms. Mae Rohrer 
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Rolles 

*Mrs. Marion Rolston-Fritter 
Ms. Ellen M. Rosenholtz 
Mr. John S. Ross, Jr. 
Ms. Jacqueline M. Rothermel 
Ms. Dana M. Rowland 
Mr. and Mrs. James Rowland 
Mr. Brian Rudis 
Kan and Pap Rudis 
Mr. Rob Rudis 

Dr. and Mrs. Leopoldo Salazar 
"Mr. George F Sandel 
Ms. Gail A. Sanderson 
'Mr. Gary Leinberger 
"Mrs. Arbelyn W Sansone 
Mr. Bret D. Satzler 
'Mrs. Malin Phalen Saylor 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schappell 
and Dr. William J. Schindler 
Ms. Gayle T. Schlesinger 
#Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Schott 
'Dr. Todd Seitz 
Ms. Helen Sensenig 
Ms. M. Eloise Seyler 
Ms. Lisa S. Shahid 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shakers 
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Shankroff 
Ms. Ida E.M. Sharp 
*Atty. and Mrs. Timothy Sheffey 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Shelton 
Ms. Mary L. Sherk 
Ms. Sue Sherk 
Mr. Robert G. Shickley 
Mr and Mrs. Robert B. Shipley 
'Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Shounder 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Showers 
Mrs. Louise Shutter 
*Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simmons, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Slayman 
'Mrs. Barbara A. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith 
Mr. Howard S. Smith 
"Rev. Msgr. Thomas H. Smith 
Mr. W Glenn Smith 
*Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 
°Mr. Steven E. Snyder 
Mr. Richard E. Solli 
Tim Sowers Family 
Mr. Robert E. Spangler 
Drs. William and Audrey Sprenger 
Ms. Trisha Springborn 
Dr. David H. Stachowicz 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Stanley 
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Stanley 
Ms. Mary Rita Stanavage 
#Dr. and Mrs. William D. Stan- 
Mrs. Sara B. Stauffer 
Mr. E. Jack Stein 
Ms. Mono Steinhaver 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Steder 
°Dr. Joelle L. Stopkie 
Mr. Ronald D. Straley ' 
Dr. Alice J. Strange 
Mr. Joseph A. Strobeck 
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stup, II 
Mrs. Betty Stutzman 
Dr. and Mrs. Ramon Suarez 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F Suhr 
#Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Summers 
Mrs. Anne B. Sweigart 
Mr. Charles E. Swisher 
#Mr. Richard H. Swope 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Sykes 
*Dr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Tafelski 



#Mr. and Mrs. Charles W Taylor 
OMrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 
Ms. June G. Teich 
Ms. Lorraine Teterus 
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Thomas 
#Ms. Kathleen M. Tierney 
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Titus 
Ms. Charlotte Tobin 
Mr. Lamar Tobin 
#Dr. and Mrs. C.F Joseph Tom 
#Mr. and Mrs. Horace W Tousley 
#Dr. Mark A. Townsend 
Mr. Eugene B. Troutman 
OMr. and Mrs. Perry J. Troutman 
Mrs. Camille S. Tylden 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Usner 
Mr. and Mrs. James W Van Woert 
Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Vesell 
Mrs. Barbara S. Vlaisavljevic 
Mr. Lawrence Von Barann 
°Mr. Harry C. Wagner 
Mr. James H. Wagner 
OMr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Walbom 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald O. Waltz, Jr. 
Mr. E. Fort Ward, 111 
Dr. William H. Warner 
°Mr. and Mrs. Ross W Watts 
Mrs. Angela M. Weaber 
"Mr. Michael Weaver 
Mr. and Mrs. Neil L. Weaver 
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Weidle 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Weidle 
Mr. Robert K. Weidle 
*Mr. Robert M. Weissman 
*Mr. Clifford J. Wengert 
*Mr. and Mrs. Harlan R Wengert 
*Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wengert 
*Ms. Bonnie L West 
#Ms. Susan West 
Ms. Deborah J. Whatley 
Mr. C. W Whitmoyer 
Ms. Grace Whitworth 
Dr. Carl T Wigal 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Wildasin 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Willey 
*Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 
ODr. and Mrs. J. Dennis Williams 
*Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Wilson 
Joshua H. Wilson, D.D.S. 
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Winters 
Mr. Michael P Wisler 
"Ms. Sharon Woelfling 
*Dr. Thomas W Wolf 
ODr. and Mrs. Allan E Wolfe 
Mr. Ellis R. Wolfe 
°Mr. and Mrs. Alvin R Wolfman 
Mrs. Kathryn R. Wolfson 
T°Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wonderling 
*Rev. and Mrs. D. Darnell Woomer 
'Mr. John L. Worrilow 
Mr. Joseph G. Yacklovich 
Ms. Dana Yaglowski 
Mrs. Miriam C. Yeamans 
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Yearly 
#Ms. Rosemary Yuhas 
Ms. Verna Zangari 
Mr and Mrs. Homer L. Zeigler 
°Mr. Michael C. Zeigler 
' °Mr. and Mrs. John Zercher 
Ms. Fran Zetdemoyer 
#Mr Thomas S. Zimmerer 
Ms. Miriam E. Zimmerman 


*ACTEX Publications 

#Agents Mortgage Company 

*Albee Campbell, Inc. 

*ALCOA Foundation 

♦Allweins Carpet One 

Amerman & Company 

#The AMP Foundation 

*Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. 

*APR Supply, Inc. 

"Arbor Fence Company, Inc. 

* Armstrong World Industries 

*Amold Industries, Inc. 

OASK Foods, Inc. 

#Automotive Service, Inc. 

♦Bahneys Fumiture Store 

OBank of Pennsylvania/Dauphin Deposit 

Bank, Eastern Division 
Bashores Restaurant Equipment 
G. P Beck & Associates 
*Berkshire-Taconic Foundation, Inc. 
#Donald Blyler Offset 
*John H. Boger & Son, Inc. 
♦Boscovs Department Store 
#Boyer Printing & Binding 
Brautigan Plumbing & Heating 
Breezy Point Day Camp, Inc. 
*Mr. & Mrs. William F Brossman 

Charitable Foundation 
Budget Beverage, Inc. 
♦Buder Manufacturing Company 
OBuzgon, Davis, Reed, Charles & 

Huber, Ltd. 
#Cassel Mens Clothing, Inc. 
°Catoctin Mountain Trains & Hobbies 
Century 21 American Gold 
OCentury 21 Krall Real Estate 
♦Charitable Gift Fund 
Charles E. Mills Excavating 
*Chubb Group of Insurance Companies 
♦Commonwealth Bank 
♦Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P 
*CoreStates Bank 
Country Cupboard 
*Dara, Inc. 

*Datatel Scholars Foundation 
*Dauphin Deposit Corporation 
*Derck & Edson Associates 
#Design Consortium 
*R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company 
*Ebersole, Inc. 
Elizabethtown Fitness Club 
Ellinger Electric, Inc. 
Everett Pharmacy, Inc. 
*Exxon Education Foundation 
♦Farmers Trust Bank 
*D. B. Fisher Charter Bus Company 

and Travel Agency 
Floyd W Swoyer & Son 
Thomas Folgia, Inc. 
♦Foundation for Independent Colleges, 

Inc. of Pennsylvania 
The Frame Corner 
♦Frederick Chevrolet, Cadillac, Olds 
The Freeman Agency, Inc. 
♦Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc. 
Gibbs Insurance Agency, Inc. 
#Jed H. Gingrich Insurance Agency 
♦The Greater Harrisburg Foundation 
Greenwood Swimpool Company, Inc. 
Grofts Printing Company 
OGSH Home Med Care 

H & L Team Sales, Inc. 

#Harpel's, Inc. 

OHauck Manufacturing Company 

Haws Mini-Mart 

♦Henise Tire Service 

#Henry Molded Products Company, 


♦Hershey Foods Corporation 
♦Hopper Soliday & Company, Inc. 
#Russell and Eleanor Horn Foundation 
"Robert A. Howard Photography 
Inland Container Corporation 
International Lease Consultants of Mt. 

Laurel, Inc. 
J. G. Agri-Service, Inc. 
Steven P Karinch Distributors, Inc. 
Kauffman-Gamber Physical Therapy 
♦Keystone Weaving Mills, Inc. 
Kids Connection Day Care School, Inc. 
♦Josiah W & Bessie H. Kline 

Foundation, Inc. 
"Knaub's Cakes 
#Kreamer Funeral Home 
Samuel G. Kurtz, Inc. 
♦Ladd Hanford Motors 
♦Laysers Flowers, Inc. 
LDH Companies 
Lebanon Cardiology Associates 
♦Lebanon Mutual Foundation 
♦Lebanon Seaboard Corporation 
♦Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
♦Lebanon Valley National Bank 
♦Lesher Mack Sales & Service, Inc. 
Ojames P linette, Inc. 
Mahanoy City Food Store 
Bill Maloney Inc. - Men's Wear 
♦Marty's Music Store, Inc. 
OMatthew & Hockley Associates 
#Meyer Oil Company 

♦Miller & Bixler Auto Parts, Inc. 
♦Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
"H. Quentin Myers, Inc. 
#National Telephone Exchange, Inc. 
♦New Perm Motor Express, Inc. 
♦Northwest Savings Bank 
NVNG, Inc. 

♦Ono Transport Services 
Pal Minos Pizza No. 1 
Park Furniture Store 
Parker Brothers Well Drilling 
♦Pennsylvania Council on the Arts 
Physicians' Alliance, Ltd. 
♦The Presser Foundation 
Quality Optical 
The Quentin Haus 
♦The Reidler Foundation 
♦Reilly Wolfson, Sheffey Schrum & 

♦Research Corporation 
♦Mary Sachs Trust 
Schultz Landscaping 
Service Electric Company 
Shedbow, Inc. 
♦Sheridan Corporation 
♦Conrad M. Siegel, Inc. 
♦L. B. Smith Educational Foundation, 

♦Stanilla & Siegel CPA 
#H. M. Stauffer & Sons, Inc. 
Ojohn H. Steffy Inc. 
Steinach Ltd. 

t Deceased 

♦Vlckroy Society •Society of 1866 OValleyClub #Charter Club 


♦The John Frederick Steinman 

Stewart Connector Systems 
OStrickler Insurance 
Strobeck's Auto Sales 
•George Strohm, Jr., Inc. 
Subway of Adamstown 
Sun Hill Kennels 
Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff 
T & T Carpet Service 
♦TCR Packaging, Inc. 
OTime Warner Cable Lebanon 
♦Tray-Pak Corporation 
OTurkey Hill Minit Markets 
♦UGI Corporation 
♦UPS Foundation, Inc. 
Vandys A Plus 

W & W Napa Auto Store, Inc. 
OWalter H. Weaber Sons, Inc. 
Weaver Contracting 
♦Wengerts Dairy 
♦The Whitaker Foundation 
Woodworth Piano Service 
Toe Service Center 
♦York Container Company 
♦Ziegler Auction Co. & Appraisals 

Matching Gift Corporations 

Aetna Foundation 
Aid Association for Lutherans 
The Air Products Foundation 
ALCOA Foundation 
Allstate Foundation 
American Express Foundation 

Employee Gift Matching Program 
American Home Products Corporation 
The AMP Foundation 
ARCO Foundation 
Armstrong World Industries 
Arrow Precision Products 
Arthur Andersen & Company 

Ashland, Inc. 
AT&T Foundation 
Becton Dickinson Matching Gift 

Bell Atlantic Foundation 
Bell Communications Research 
Bell & Howell Foundation 
Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. 
Burroughs Wellcome Company 

Matching Gift Program 
Campbell Soup Company 
Carpenter Technology Corporation 

Caterpillar Foundation 
The Chase Manhattan Foundation 
Chemical Banking Corporation 
CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 
CIGNA Foundation 
Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 
Corning Incorporated Foundation 
CPC International, Inc. 
Dauphin Deposit Corporation 
Dow Chemical Company 
Ernst & Young Foundation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
A. Foster Higgins & Company, Inc. 
Fulton Financial Corporation 
GE Fund 
General Motors Corporation 



E H. Glatfelter Company 

GPU Service Corporation 

GTE Foundation 

Hallmark Cards, Inc. 

Hamilton Bank Foundation 

Hercules Incorporated 

Hershey Foods Corporation 

Hewlett-Packard Company 

Russell and Eleanor Horn Foundation 

IBM Matching Grants Program 

ICI Americas, Inc. 

Ingersoll-Rand Company 

International Paper Company 

ITT Corporation 

Johnson & Johnson 

Eli Lilly & Company Fund 

Lincoln National Life 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Mack Trucks, Inc. 

McCormick & Company Fund 

McGraw-Hill Companies Foundation, 

Mellon Bank, N.A. 
Merck Company Foundation 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
MONY Financial Services 
Nalco Chemical Company 
Nationwide Foundation 
New York Times Company Foundation 
NYNEX Matching Gift Program 
Olin Corporation 
Organon, Inc. 

Pennsylvania Power & Light 
The Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation 
Polaroid Foundation, Inc. 
PPG Industries Foundation 
Price Waterhouse Foundation 
The Principal Financial Group 

Procter & Gamble Fund 
Provident Companies 
Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts 

The Record 

Rohm & Haas Company 
Shell Oil Company Foundation 
SmithKline Beecham Foundation 
Southern New England Telephone 
Star Enterprise Matching Gift Program 
State Farm Companies Foundation 
Tandy Corporation 
Towers, Perrin, Forster & Crosby 
The TRW Foundation 
Wheat First Butcher Singer Foundation 
Witco Corporation 
Xerox Corporation 


Allen Theatre and Coffeehouse 
Annville Cleona Women of Today 
Annville United Methodist Church 
Central Pennsylvania Conference of the 

United Methodist Church 

Altoona: Fifth Avenue 

Altoona: Lyswen 

Altoona: Otterbein 

Bedford: First 

Berwick: Bower Memorial 

Carlisle: First 



Duncansville: Hicks Memorial 

Donnally Mills 

East Troy: Sugar Creek Parish 


Grover: St. Johns 


Lemoyne: Grace 

Lewisburg: St. Pauls 


MarysvUle: Wesley 

McClure: First 


Montoursville: Faith 

Mooresburg: Hendrickson-Mooresburg 

Rhodes Memorial 

State Road 

Sunbury: Catawissa Avenue 

Tyrone: Wesley 

West Decatur: Calvary 

Williamsport: South 


York Calvary 

Cornwall Manor of the United 

Methodist Church 
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society 
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the 

United Methodist Church 

Ash Grove 

Broomall: Christ 



Philadelphia: St. Phillips 
Friends of Jim Rhoades, Committee 
Friends of Peter J. Zug 
Friends of Senator Brightbill 
Holy Family Society Branch No. 335 
Holy Name Society Blood Bank 
Lebanon County Federation of Women's 

LVC Auxiliary-Annville Branch 
LVC Auxiliary-Philadelphia Branch 
Palmyra Church of the Brethren 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Tri-County Bullets 
United Methodist Women of Eastern 

Pennsylvania Conference 
Wesleyan United Methodist Church 

Booster Club 

Dr. Joseph Alia '92 


Dr. Gregory V Arnold 72 

Mr. Edward R. Bachman '37 

Mr. Kenneth C. Beck '64 

Mr. James C. Bezanson '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Bird '56, '58 

Mrs. Frances S. Bova '54 

Mr. Nicholas Bova '52 

Mr. and Mrs. William Broadhurst 

Mr. James E. Brommer '63 

Mrs. Beverly J. Burkhart 73 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Byers 

Mr. RoqueJ. Calvo'80 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Camillo 

Mr. Matthew S. Campbell '95 

Mr. Scott V Carney 78 

Mrs. Marian U. Cams '45 

Mrs. Phyllis D. Caskie '60 

Mrs. Jeanne H. Cass '52 

Mr. Frank J. Catanzaro '57 

Ms. Dana M. Centofanti '95 

Mr. Eric D. Chamberlin '82 

Mr. Theodore J. Ciamillo '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Clinton 

Mrs. Arlene H. Crone '39 

Mr. K. Douglas Dahms 75 
Mr. James J. Deer, III'86 
Mr. Vincent C. Deliberato, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. William F DeLiberty 

'59, '61 
Mr. Anthony M. DeMarco 70 
Dr. John A. Detweiler '48 
Mr. Herbert A. Eckenroth '49 
Mr. Anthony G. Ellis '82 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Engle, Jr. '51 
Mr. Michael J. Eshleman '95 
Col. and Mrs. William F Etchberger 

'35, '39 
Dr. and Mrs. Ross W Fasick '55 
Mr. John G. Fenimore 75 
Mrs. Lorayne S. Freeman '32 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Frey '39, '39 
Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling '49 
Mr. G. Wilbur Gibble 38 
Mrs. Cindy Gingrich-Baker 78 
Mr. Ralph R. Giordano '53 
Mr. Gregory J. Glembocki '97 
Dr. Martin L. and Mrs. Karen McHenry 

Gluntz '53, '82 
Mr. Jack D. Gramm '51 
Mr. Martin J. Grochowski '54 
Mr. Michael G. Groody '82 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Gross 
Mr. Dale B. Hains '65 
Ms. Penny D. Hamilton '87 
Dr. Miles D. Harriger '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Harrison 
Ms. Gretchen A. Harteis '92 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Hendershot 

'82, '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Henry 
Mr. and Dr. Eugene B. Herr '34 
Mrs. Susan L. Hershey '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W Hockley '50, '50 
TMr. and Mrs. Frederick L Hoff '46 
Mr. Richard C Hoffman '66 
Mr. Sidney L. Hofing '56 
Mr. Melvin E. Hostetter '53 
Dr. Michael P Hottenstein '58 
Mr. Barry E. Howard '66 
Mr. Doyle W Ivey '62 
Lawrence E. and Georgianne F Jones 

'56, '57 
Mr. James J. Kantner '60 
Mr. George A. Katchmer '40 
Ms. Debra L. Keller '95 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kiick '57 
Dr. Eugene F Kobylarz '52 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Kujovsky 
Mrs. Ruth S. Lark 32 
Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Layser '50 
Mr. Howard F Lebegem '49 
Mr. Robert E. Lemke '83 
Mr. James S. Lewis '53 
Mrs. Cora G. Limmroth 39 
Mrs. Mary R. Lombardo 74 
Mr. Dick London '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Lukens '51, '50 
Ted Lyter 71 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Marino '46 
Mr. Robert J. Martalus '67 
Mr. Charles H. Martin '64 
Mr. Cory T Mattern '96 
Mr. Kenneth H. Matz '69 
Mr. Frank R. McCulloch '57 
Ms. Anita J. Meiser 71 
Mr. Clyde S. Mentzer 34 
Mr. Kevin B. Meyer '86 
Mr. Charles R. Miller '47 
Mr. Steven R. Miller '81 

Dr. John H. Mover, III 39 

Ms. Sharon L Murray '96 

Ms. Lovella L Naylor '64 

Mrs. Rose S. Needy 37 

Mr. Robert J. Nelson '57 

Mr. Walter L. Ness '27 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Nolen 

Clair W and Jeanne C Noll '55, '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Nudelman 

Ms. Jan M. Ogurcak '93 

Dr. Nobuko M. Ohno '69 

Mrs. Lucille E. Otto 33 

Mr. Joseph T. Oxley '52 

Mr. Larry J. Painter '67 

Mr. and Mrs. David Pannebecker 

Mr. Josef G. Parker '52 

Mr. George B. Patrizio 31 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Paucek 

Maj. Gen. Ross S. Plasterer '57 

Ms. Diane J. Porter '96 

Mr. Daniel P Post 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Redner 

Dr. Thomas C Reinhart '58 

Mrs. Edith F Reynolds 32 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Richardson '90 

Bruce and Janet Rismiller '59, '59 

Mr. and Mrs. George Roman '50, '49 

Mr. John R Romansic 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roomet 

Mr. William J. Rossnock '92 

Mr. and Mrs. George Rudis 

Dr. and Mrs. F Allen Rutherford, Jr. 37 

Ms. Gloria J. Scarle 79 

Mr. Charles W Schatzman, III '96 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmidt 


Mr. Robert J. Schwenk '94 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Seiverling '40, '43 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard F Seiverling '42 

Mr. Scott T Sener 73 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Shaffer 70, '69 

Mr. Gregory Sharockman 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

Mr. Thomas H. Sheaffer 75 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shellenberger 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta '52, '51 

Dr. H. Dennis Sherk '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Sheruda 

Mrs. Adora R. Sholley '55 


Mr. Evan T. Shourds 78 

Ms. Angie L. Shuler '95 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Smith 

Ms. Jodie L. Smith '96 

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. Smith 

Mrs. Sarah M. Smith '92 

Mr. Robert E. Snyder '57 

Mr. Sherdell A. Snyder '52 

Mr. Calvin D. Spider 38 

Mr. Glenn R. Stech '65 

Dr. Russell I. Steiner '49 

Mr. Brian T Stover '96 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Strobeck 

Mr. Ray E. Stump 

Mr. Robert J. Tarantolo '53 

Mr. John A. Tartaglin '59 

Mr. Albert J. Taylor '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Terch 

Mr. Cory W Thornton 

Mrs. Jean M. Thornton 

Ms. Kathryn F Trinidad '92 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Ulrich 33 

Robert L. and Beth R. Unger '69, 72 

Mr. William S. Vought, Jr. '53 

Mr. Edward H. Walton '53 



Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Warfel 
Col. Roy A. Weidman 39 
Dr. Harry W Wertsch '68 
Mrs. Dorothy K. Whitman '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Williams 
Mrs. Mary S. Williams 78 
Mr. and Mrs. Stan L Zellers 

Friends of the Gallery 

"Art deals with things forever inca- 
pable of definition that belong to 
love, beauty, joy and worship; the 
shapes, powers and glory of which 
are forever building, unbuilding, 
rebuilding in each mans soul, and in 
the soul of the whole world. " 

-from a medallion in the 
Pennsylvania State Capitol Building 
















Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold 

Hershey Foods 



Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Arnold Industries, Inc. 

Ms. Kathryn VBork 79 

Commonwealth Bank 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 

Mrs. Rhea P Reese 

Nancy and Harlan Wengert 


Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 
Richard F and Pauline C. Charles 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips, 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Walbom 


Howard and Shelby Applegate 
Phil and Beth Bach 
Mrs. Ruth B. Dietz 
Betty and Ross Fasick '55 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Fenton 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Funk 
National Telephone Exchange, Inc. 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 
Ms. Susan West 


Mr. and Mrs. Heath Allen 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Jeffrey Arnold 

Dan Backenstose 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Clark '64 

Joan and Tom Dautrich 

Holly and Rick Davis 

Barbara and Stephen Druckman 

Mrs. Polly C. Ehrgood 

Dr. Scott H. Eggert 

Eugene and Marjorie Fish 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 

Dr. June E. Herr'34 

Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 

Ms. Theresa L. Kastrava 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Kleinfelter 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Koopmann 

Mr. and Mrs. William Lehr 

Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 


Bill and Ellen McGill 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Murry 

Dr. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Steve O'Kane 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petruzzi 

James T and Diana L Reilly, Esq. '61, '91 

Thomas C. and Polly R. Reinhart '58, '57 

Donald and Rita Shounder 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren K. Thompson 

Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Vesell 

Mim Warden '57 

Jane and Bill Williams 

Samuel A. and Elaine J. Willman 

Ms. Sharon Woelfling 

Rev. Esther R. Ziegler 78 


Allen Theatre and Coffeehouse 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Peter Arnold 

Dr. John A. Bamberger '43 

Philip and Sue Billings 

Dr. and Mrs. David R. Brigham 

Dr. and Mrs. F Donald Coopey 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion L. Crawley 

Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore Cullari 

Mrs. Mary E. Dellinger 

Mr. Johannes Dietrich 

Dr. and Mrs. George E. Fava 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Feather, Jr. 

GE Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. James Habecker 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haber 

Dr. and Mrs. Klement M. Hambourg 

Bob and Judy Hamilton 

Bryan and Carolyn Hearsey 

Dr. Robert H. Hearson 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard W Heeter 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen A. "Skip" Hicks 

Mr. and Mrs. Mel Horwith 

Mrs. Lois J. Keiter'72 


Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. McMindes 

Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Mecham 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mesics 

Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 

Ms. Valerie M. Nichols 

Ms. Caroline Nunan 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert O 'Donnell 

George and Lorraine Patton 

Art and Connie Peterson 

Dr. and Mrs. G. David Pollick 

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Reitbauer 

Ms. Tanya T Richter 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Robertson 

Mr. John S. Ross, Jr. 

Richard and Gladys Seiverling 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Seyfert 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shakers 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F Shott '82 

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Slayman 

Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 

Alyce and Morton Spector 

Dave and Sue Stanilla 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Jack Stein 

John and Glenda Synodinos 

Ed and Bonnie Tenney '96 

John and Edna Walmer 


Mr. John Allison 

Alfred C. and Dorothy A. Allison, Jr. 

Mrs. George H. Arnold 

Ms. Betty V Bartels '44 

Mrs. Karen D. Best 

Jeffrey and Barbara Bohn 

Mr. Harvey Bomberger 

Ms. Marie G. Bongiovanni 

Mrs. Shirley A. Bowman 

Mrs. Maria Montesano Boyer '86 

Karl F and Barbara K. Bross 

Mrs. Kathryn S. Burianic 

Mr. Charles Butler 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Byrne, Jr. 

Mr. Richard A. Carlson '65 

Mrs. Rosemarie K. Christianson 

Mr. and Mrs. W T. Clawson 

Mr. Gerald A. Collins 

Mr. and Mrs. K. Robert Conrad 

Ms. Dorothy M. D 'Orazio 

Mrs. Miriam B. Davidon 

Ms. Feme Eberly 

Mr. David C. Evans 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finkelstein 

Arthur and Mary Ellen Ford 

Mrs. Deborah S. Freer 71 

Tilman and Nancy Frye 

Ms. Elizabeth Gault 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Atty and Mrs. Arthur Goldberg 

Dr. Dorothy L. Gray '44 

Ms. Lee Hagelin 

Mrs. Marion Heilman 

Fritz Heilman 

Dr. Paul A. Heise 

Dr. Jeanne C. Hey 

Mrs. Janet E Katz 75 

Mrs. Mary E. Kettering 

Mrs. Helen Jean Klatchko 

Mrs. Harold A. Krohn 

Ann Marie Lasky 

Mrs. Jean W Levy 

Mrs. Evelyn W Lynch '41 

Drs. Jack and Julia Mazow 

Dan McKinley 

Owen and Kathy Moe 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Musselman 

Dr. and Mrs. George S. Poust, Jr. 

Dr. Kevin B. Pry 76 

Mr. Alan Resnick 

Mrs. Ruth E. Rhodes 

Ms. Mildred D. Riegle 

Ms. Marie E. Riegle-Kinch 

Ms. Ellen M. Rosenholtz 

Mrs. Malin Phalen Saylor 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

Mrs. Anne Shroyer Shemeta '51 

Ms. Mary L. Sherk 

Mr. Robin Sholly 

Mr. W Glenn Smith 

Rev. Msgr. Thomas H. Smith 

Dr. Joelle L Stopkie 

Dr. and Mrs. Ramon Suarez 

Ms. June G. Teich 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace W Tousley 

Mrs. Camille S. Tylden 

Mr. Lawrence Von Barann 

Lynn R. and Diane E. Wenger '92 

Ms. Jean Wertz 

Mr. Ellis R. Wolfe 

Mrs. Kathryn R. Wolfson 

Mrs. Miriam C. Yeamans 

Gifts in Kind 

Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 

Ellen H. and Richard B. Arnold 

Ms. Kathryn V Bork '29 

Mrs. Donna L. Brickley 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F Charles 

Ms. Nancy Elder 

Mrs. James Fogelman 

Mr. William C. Gingrich '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenawalt 

Mr. Dick London '65 

Dr. and Mrs. Joerg W Mayer 75 


Mr. and Mrs. William J. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Morgan 

Mr. O. Kent Reed 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 

Hon. and Mrs. John Walter '53, '57 

Mrs. Fredricka B. Yetter '28 

Lebanon Valley Education 

The Lebanon Valley Education 
Partnership is a program carried 
out with the Lebanon School 
District that encourages young 
people to consider attending 
college. The three-part program 
familiarizes students with the 
college environment, identifies 
those qualified to pursue a college 
education and provides scholar- 
ship funds if they should choose 
Lebanon Valley. 

Each September for the past 
seven years, friends of the college 
and representatives from local 
industries have participated in a 
golf outing at the Lebanon 
Country Club. The tournament 
has raised over $275,000 for 
scholarship assistance. The hon- 
orary chair each year has been 
Lebanon native Sam Bowie, 
former center for the Los Angeles 

Agents Mortgage Company 

Albert A. Alley M.D. 

ALCOA Foundation 

Allweins Carpet One 

APR Supply 

ASK Foods, Inc. 

Automotive Service, Inc. 

Bank of Pennsylvania/Dauphin Deposit 

Bank, Eastern Division 
Donald Blyler Oflset 
John H. Boger & Son, Inc. 
Boyer Printing & Binding 
Buder Manufacturing Company 
Atty and Mrs. Bemerd Buzgon '59 
Century 21 Krall Real Estate 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Chepulis 



Coopers & Lybrand 

CoreStates Bank 

Mr. Frank J. Dixon 

Mr. Richard X Early 

Ebersole, Inc. 

Farmers Trust Bank 

Frederick Chevrolet 

Eugene R. Geesey '56 

Ms. Patricia J. Gerdes 

Jed H. Gingrich Insurance Agency 

Darwin G. and Elizabeth R. Glick 

'58, '58 
Dr. and Mrs. Murray B. Grosky '57, '60 
GSH Home Med Care 
Harpel's, Inc. 

Hauck Manufacturing Company 
Henise Tire Service 

Henry Molded Products Company, Inc. 

Hershey Foods Corporation 
Hopper Soliday & Company, Inc. 
Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 
Keystone Weaving Mills, Inc. 
Mr. Steven R. Kreamer 
Ladd Hanford Motors 
Laysers Flowers, Inc. 
Lebanon Mutual Foundation 
Lebanon Seaboard Corporation 
Lebanon Valley College of Pennsylvania 
Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Kenneth and Linda Leedy 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 
James P Linette, Inc. 
Matthew & Hockley Associates 
Mr. Brad F McAlester 
Meyer Oil Co. 
Murrys, Inc. 

New Perm Motor Express, Inc. 
Northwest Savings Bank 
Reilly Woltson, Sheffey Schrum & 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Roberts '65, '68 
Sheridan Corporation 
Mr. Calvin D. Spider 38 
Stanilla & Siegel CPA 
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Stan- 
John H. Stefly Inc. 
Strickler Insurance 
George Strohm, Jr., Inc. 
Time Warner Cable Lebanon 
Tray-Pak Corporation 
Mr. Brooks N. Trefsgar '68 
Mr and Mrs. Donald H. Umberger 

'56, '55 
Walter H. Weaber Sons, Inc. 
Mr. Michael Weaver 
Wengert's Dairy 

Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 
Mr. Thomas S. Zimmerer 


A special word of thanks to those 
volunteers who have helped to 
make the 1996-97 year a success. 

Annual Fund Chairpersons 

Alumni: Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller '59 
Business: Ms. Patricia H. Means 
Faculty and Staff: Dr. Sidney Pollack 
Friends: Mr. Allen "Skip" A. Hicks 
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John W Byers, 

Alumni Council 

Kristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D. 74, President 
Mrs. Donna Diehl Kuntz '67, Vice 

Mr. Anthony T. Leach 73, Secretary 
Dr. Gregory V Arnold 72 
Mrs. Barbara Macaw Atkinson '67 
Mrs. Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81 
Mr. Michael B. Buterbaugh '80 
Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 75 
Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr. '81 
Mr Thomas C Dilworth 75 
Mr. Kenneth R. Gilberg, Esq. 73 
Mrs. Helen Felty Heidelbaugh '90 
Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff '46 
Dr. Michael P Hottenstein '58 
Mr. Brian C. Hughes '97 
Ms. Rachel E. Kline '83 
Mrs. Karen L. Mackrides '87 
Mr. John R. McFadden '68 

Dr. Deanna Metka Quay '84 
Mr. Stephen H. Roberts '65 
Mr. John A. Schoch, Jr. 72 
Ms. Anni M. Shockey '98 
Mrs. Anne Shroyer Shemeta '51 
Dr. David G. Thompson '65 

Association Committees 

Admissions Committee 

Dr. Deanna Metka Quay '84, Chair 
Athletic Booster Committee 

Mrs. Barbara Macaw Atkinson '67, 

Dr. Gregory V Arnold 72 
Mr. Bruce R. Decker '69 
Mr. Henry A. Dijohnson '50 
Ms. Cindy K. Fabian 79 
Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 
Mr. Scott A. Mailen '82 
Dr. George R. Marquette '48 
Ms. Gloria J. Scarle 79 
Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino '54 
Ms. Kathleen M. Tiemey 
Mrs. Jacqueline Walters 

Awards Committee 

Dr. David G. Thompson '65, Chair 

Dr. D. Clark Carmean 

Dr. Edna Jenkins Carmean '59 

Dr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 

Mrs. Donna Diehl Kuntz '67 

Dr. George R. Marquette '48 

Mr. John R. McFadden '68 

Mr. John W Metka '60 

Profitable Partnership 

efoanon businessman Don 
teste: (center) has been a 
'driving force behind the 
Annual Achievement Challenge 
Golf Tournament, which in 1996 
raised $44,800 in scholarships. 
The golf outing is the major 
lui ui-raiser for the Lebanon Valley 
Education Partnership, a coopera- 

! i on between the college 
and the Lebanon School District 
to encourage disadvantaged 
students to stay in school and go 
o'.h.i . i Jlege. Since its inception 
in 1990. the tournament lias 
raised over $275,000 and has 
netted $225,GQ0v Lesher is shown 
here with Kenneth Horst and 
Jennissa Lapp, two of the Partner- 
ship students who enrolled in 
Lebanon Valley College last year 

Dr. H. Anthony Neidig '43 
Dr. Agnes B. O 'Donnell 
Mrs. Jane Gruber Seiverling '43 
Mr. Gregory G. Stanson '63 
Hon. John Walter '53 

Career Planning Committee 

Mrs. Helen Felty Heidelbaugh '90 

Mr. Thomas C Dilworth 75 

Mr Donald N. Griffith '56 

Mrs. Mabel A. Killinger '97 

Ms. Rachel E. Kline '83 

Ms. Rhoda E. Lauver '86 

Mrs. Jennifer Peters liedtka '92 

Mr Karl D. liedtka '91 

Ms. Karen L Mackrides '87 

Mr. Chester Q. Mosteller 75 

Dr. Alexander B. Rakow '41 

Mrs. Catherine Crissman Sullivan '94 

Continuing Education Committee 

Mrs. Helen Felty Heidelbaugh '90, 

Ms. M. Dianne Baumgardner '89 
Ms. Audrey I. Boltz '92 
Ms. Susan Bonfanti '89 
Dr. Barbara Jones Denison 79 
Mr. Darwin Guyer '92 
Ms. Joan Marsan Johnsen '94 
Ms. Kathleen M. Kiskis '93 
Ms. Rachel E. Kline '83 
Mr Jeremy H. Maurer '85 
Mr. William G. Sones '94 
Ms. Nancy J. Strohm '90 
Mrs. Marcella Packard Wagner '94 



Events Committee 

Dinner Dance Subcommittee 

Mrs. Anne Shroyer Shemeta '51, Chair 
Mrs. Frances Shroyer Bova '54, Chair 
Mr. Frank L. Heilman, Jr. '93 
Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerfbid '54 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

Recent Grad Advisory 

Ms. Susan C. Sarisky '92, Chair 
Mr. Matthew S. Campbell '95 
Ms. Donna M. Centofanti '95 
Ms. Suzanne E. Enterline '96 
Mrs. Bryna Vandergrift Leslie '89 
Ms. Jill C. Schreiber'96 
Mr. Robert T. Shaffer '95 
Mrs. Catherine Crissman Sullivan '94 
Mr. David M. Sullivan '92 
Mrs. Deborah Bullock Wescott '95 
Mr. Johnathan D. Wescott '93 
Mr. Cornell L. Wilson '96 

Carmean Society Subcommittee 

Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff '46, Chair 
Rev Lloyd E. Beamesderfer '39 
Miss Ruth C. Keene '39 
Mr. Ernest C. Weirick '39 

Nominating Committee 

Mr. John R. McFadden '68, Chair 
Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 74 
Dr. Michael E Hottenstein '58 
Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 
Mrs. Donna Diehl Kuntz '67 
Ms. Karen L. Mackrides '87 
Mr. Stephen H. Roberts '65 
Mr. John A. Schoch, Jr. 72 

Regional Activities Committee 

Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr. '81, Chair 
Mrs. Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81 
Mr. William J. Brown Jr. 79 
Mr. Michael B. Buterbaugh '80 
Mrs. Helen Felty Heidelbaugh '90 
Mr. Warren R. Heidelbaugh '58 
Mrs. June Lykens Lantz '57 
Ms. Karen L Mackrides '87 
Mrs. Rita Castiglia Mackrides '55 
Mrs. Anne Shroyer Shemeta '51 

Scholarship Committee 

Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 74, Chair 
Ms. Florence E. Bamhart '47 
Mrs. Frances Shroyer Bova '54 
Mrs. Deborah Reimer Fullam '81 
Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 
Mr. Daniel S. Seiverling '40 
Mrs. Jane Gruber Seiverling '43 
Dr. David G Thompson '65 
Mr. Brian DWassell '91 

Alumni Ambassadors 

Ms. Ruth E. Anderson '86 
Mr. Jefirey C. Barnhart '84 
Ms. Tamela I. Bieber '94 
Mrs. Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81 
Mr. Barry D. Buckingham 79 
Mrs. Kristine Kuhn Butz '94 

Mrs. Theresa Martin Campbell '88 

Mrs. Dawn Hickman Connelly '92 

Dr. Michael D. Curley '68 

Mr. Robert S. Frey 77 

Mr. David V Gartner '94 

i4rs. Christine Berry Gartner '94 

Mr. William C. Gingrich '65 

Mr. George J. Hollichjr. '65 

Ms. Melissa A. Howard '96 

Itev. Stanley E Imboden '55 

Mrs. Georgianne Funk Jones '57 

Mrs. Luanda Burger Knauer 74 

Mrs. Donna Diehl Kuntz '67 

Ms. Jennifer Peters Liedtka '92 

Ms. Karen L. Mackrides '87 

Mrs. Rita Castiglia Mackrides '55 

Dr. Frederic J. Marsik '65 

Mr. John W Metka '60 

Ms. Lori M. Mover '93 

Ms. Alyson Neiswender '92 

Mrs. Deanna Metka Quay '84 

Mr. Scott A. Richardson '90 

Mr. Stephen H. Roberts '65 

Mrs. Janet Gessner Roberts '68 

Ms. Susan C Sarisky '92 

Mr. DaleC. Schimpf'69 

Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley '55 

Mrs. Catherine Crissman Sullivan '94 

Mrs. Sidney Garverich Tome '50 

Mr. Charles W Tome '49 

Miss Evelyn Toser '52 

Mrs. Jami Jennings Verderosa '87 

Mrs. Jill Trosde Wenrich '84 

Miss Doris E. White '59 

Office Support 

Mr. Glenn H. Woods '51 

Parents Council 

Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Dr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Dr. and Mrs. 
Rev. and Mrs, 

'68, P'96 
Mr. and Mrs. 

P'98, P'OO 

John (Chair) W Byers, 

Charles A. Anderson, P'98 
Harold Brecht, P'99 
William H. Kiick, P'97 
John A. Kohler,P'99 
Andrew J. Panko, P'OO 
Peter P Post, P'99 
C. Richard Schott, P'98 
M. Thomas Shatto, '68, 

Arthur W Vespignani, 

Alumni Chapter Leadership 


Mrs. June Lykens Lantz '57, Chair 
Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 79 
Mr. George A. DeLong '51 
Mrs. Jeanne Stine DeLong '51 
Rev W Franklin Lantz '57 
Mr. Alfred E. Mareejr. '79 
Mr. Stephen W Trapnell '90 
Mr. Larry L. Ziegler '57 
Mrs. Mary Ellen Risser Ziegler '58 

Reunion Volunteers 

Class of 1937 

Mrs. Edna B. Walmer 
Mrs. Grace Naugle Sinclair 

Class of 1942 

Mrs. Fredericka Laucks Albert 
Mrs. Elizabeth Sattazahn Davis 
Mrs. Martha Davies DeHaven 
Mrs. Lois Seavers Miller 
Dr. Richard E Seiverling 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay 

Class of 1947 

Miss Florence E. Barnhart 
Dr. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 
Mrs. Kathryn Albert Heckard 
Mrs. Esther Engle Hivner 
Mrs. Arlene Schlosser Keller 
Mrs. Betty Gingrich Rauch 
Capt. Marlin D. Seiders 
Mr. Marion Schade Stauffer 

Class of 1952 

Mrs. Vlrgina Wagner Curfman 
Dr. Robert M. Daugherty 
Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman 
Mr. Joseph J. Shemeta 
Mr. Edward E Tesnar 

Class of 1957 

Ms. Grace Gorbey Connell 
Dr. Murray B. Grosky 
Mrs. Georgianne Funk Jones 
Mrs. Jeanne Winter Noll 
Maj. Gen. Ross S. Plasterer 

Class of 1967 

Mrs. Barbara Macaw Atkinson 
Mrs. Donna Diehl Kuntz 
Mrs. Elaine Brenner Thompson 

Class of 1977 

Mrs. Mary Fuller Beazley 

Mrs. Kathy McCutcheon Brown 

Mrs. Sherry Etter Brown 

Rev. Bruce R. Druckenmiller 

Mr. Robert R. Kirkoff 

Mrs. Carol Martin Moorefield 

Mr. John J. Muldoon 

Mrs. Sheila M. Roche-Cooper 

Mr. Eric J. Schubert 

Mrs. Dorinda Latshaw Snyder 

Mrs. Robin Monroe West 

Class of 1982 

Dr. Dennis J. Gould 
Mr. Thomas E Shott 

Class of 1987 

Ms. Elizabeth Kost Hawk 
Ms. Kathy E. Kleponis 
Mrs. Kathy Brown Mullen 
Mr. James W Reilly 
Ms. Barbara L. Sbraccia-Rusen 

Class of 1992 

Mr. Michael B. Bodine 
Mrs. Michelle May Bodine 
Mr. John C Bowerman 
Ms. Kathryn P Ford 
Ms. Julie L. Frederick 
Ms. Jill D. Hamilton 
Mrs. Jennifer Peters Liedtka 

Mrs. Diana Cook Musser 
Ms. Susan C. Sarisky 
Mrs. Sarah Thompson Smith 
Ms. Joanna L., Wierman 

Class of 1997 
Senior Gift Drive Volunteers 


Mr. Edward J. Brignole, III 
Ms. Tenneil L. Daniels 
Ms. Jennifer A. Wentzel 


Mr. Ryan J. Bevitz 
Ms. Mary T. Bullock 
Ms. Jennifer C Calabrese 
Ms. Yvonne A. DUva 
Ms. Diane D. Dickey 
Ms. Corrina L. Doerge 
Ms. Sarah E. Eckenrode 
Ms. Jessica C. Haas 
Mr. Michael A. Houck 
Mr. Brian C. Hughes 
Ms. Meredith L. Lutz 
Ms. Jennifer L. Pollock 
Ms. Ana J. Prewitt-Rodriguez 
Mr. Jeffrey C Raber 
Ms. Nancy R. Seidel 
Ms. Rachel L. Shaak 


Ms. Nicole L. Adams 

Ms. KristiJ. Ames 

Ms. Amy R. Bowman 

Ms. Renee L. Concodora 

Ms. Cathleen M. Damms 

Ms. Jennifer L. Emerich 

Ms. Denise M. Falcone 

Mr. Duane R. Garman 

Mr. Gregory J. Glembocki 

Mr. Brant A. Hershey 

Ms. Christina L. Hinderliter 

Mr. Chad T. Keiser 

Ms. TammiJ. Kiick 

Ms. Angela L. Lewis 

Ms. Debra A. Meyer 

Ms. Jennifer J. Mihalov 

Ms. Bethany D. Mummert 

Ms. Jennifer A. Nauss 

Mrs. Christa D. Neal-Reinhart 

Ms. Sharon L. Possessky 

Mr. Scott A. Root 

Mr. Kyle R. Roth 

Ms. Elizabeth L. Salter 

Ms. Allyson Schneider 

Ms. Jessica L. Smith 

Ms. Greta C Snyder 

Mr. Andrew J. Sparmblack 

Mr. Travis A. Spurley 

Ms. Christina L. Steinbacher 

Ms. Jill R. Trenn 

Mr. Charles WUlrich, IV 

Ms. Melissa A. Vargo 

Ms. Bridget C. Williams 

Mr. Gregory C Wirth 

Mr. Christopher D. Ziegenfuss 


Student Phonathon 


Ms. Corrina L. Doerge '97 
Mr. Brian C Hughes 97 


Mr. Michael B. Armstrong 00 
Ms. Amy R. Bowman '97 
Ms. Regina E. Cocco W 
Ms. Jennifer L. Gochenaur "99 
Ms Jennifer L Hershey 00 
Ms. Heather C Hess '99 
Mr David K. Leahy "98 
Ms. Dana A. Martin '00 
Ms. Lauren G. MoffaiL 00 
Mr. John F. Moran 00 
Ms. Erin E. Paxson '00 
Ms Rachaet M Rascoe VB 
Ms, Tracey L Stewart VS 
Ms, Christina J. Walts 97 

Memorial Gifts 


Mrs. Beuy Criswcll Hunger ford 54 
LVC Auxiliary-Ann vi lie Branch 
Dr. and Mrs. George R Marqueue 

Ms. Erica M. Schneck '97 
Mr. and Mis. Louis A. Sonrentino f 54, "54 


Mr. and Mrs, Joseph C. Mesies 


Mrs, Marion Rolston-Fritrer 


Mr, and Mrs. Daniel S. Seiverling 40, '43 


Mr. and Mrs. David R. Nicholson 

Mrs. jean K. Brinser 
Mr. J. Gary McDiviu 75 


Mrs. Lucille G. ByerEy 40 

Mr. and Mis. David R. Nicholson 


Mr. Robert U. Cassel 36 


Mr. Walter Levinsky '51 


Mr and Mrs Richard A. Gnoff 

Mr. Paul P and Mrs, Betty Criswell 

Palmyra Church of the Brethren 
Ms. Katherine G. Peden 
Ms. Marj r Rita Stanavage 
Mrs. Phyllis Cabello 
Miss Evelyn Toscr '52 
Ms. Vema Zangari 


Mr. Stanley M. Daniels '63 


Mrs. Ella Mae Dellinger 


Mrs. Hazel Heminway Muth '38 


Mr. Louis J. Appell 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Paul Brubaker, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E Brubaker 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cote 

Mr. George L. Cramer 

Mr. and Mrs. Preston H. Eisensmith 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W Erdos 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Finlayson 

Ms. Flo K. Garrett 

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin H. Hershner, Jr. 

Ms. Elizabeth J. Konrad 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Loucks 

Mr. Otis B. Morse 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F Parker 

Ms. M. Eloise Seyler 

Ms. Ida E.M. Sharp 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Shipley 

Stewart Connector Systems 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin E Wolfrnan 


Mr. and Mrs. David R. Nicholson 


Berkshire-Taconic Foundation 
Mr. Daniel S. Fox 

Mrs. Lucille G. Byerly '40 


Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W Kirby 


Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 

A. H. HEISEY '37 

Mrs. A. H. Heisey 

Ms. Lynne Elizabeth Heisey 


Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff '46 


Mr. John C Holdcraft 


Mrs. Edith C. Kania 


Dr. and Mrs. William E Lenker 


Mr. Theodore D. Keller '48 


Mr. and Mrs. David R. Nicholson 


Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Ioanes 

The Greater Harrisburg Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel 
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta '52, '51 


Ms. Katherine L. Hamelehle 


Ms. Anna Moyer Beatty 
Mr. John H. Moyer 73 


Mrs. Sharon Shay Barber 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Nelson Baus 

Rev. Bernard E. Fogle 

The Greater Harrisburg Foundation 

Mr. Eugene R. Geesey '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Giles 

Mr. Kevin Mark Giles 

Martin L. and Karen McHenry Gluntz 

'53, '82 
Ms. Marilyn J. Gould 
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd R. Hackman '52 
Ms. Esther R. Harger 
Mrs. Helen C. Hess 
The Holdcoaf Family 
Ms. Sherry Y. Holmes 
Mr. and Mrs. Read Hopkins 
Mr. Edward P Huth 
Mr. Philip Warfield Huth 
Mr. and Mrs. David F Kalb 
Mr. and Mrs. Halver B. Kaufman, Jr. 
Ms. Jeannie Lazinsky 
Mr. and Mrs. W Berkeley Mann 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Meacham 
Mobil Corporation 
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Mund, Sr. 
Mr. William S. Mund, Jr. 
Mrs. Martha W Myers 
Mr. Albert L. Rheb 
Dr. and Mrs. Leopoldo Salazar 
Mr. ,and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel 
Mr. Richard E. Solli 
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Weidle 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weidle 
Mr. Robert K. Weidle 
Ms. Deborah J. Whadey 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Willey, Jr. 


Mrs. Fredericka Laucks Albert '42 
Mrs. Betty Rutherford Daiber '41 


Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley '55 


Dr. and Mrs. Murray B. Grosky '57, '60 


Ms. Joan R. Taylor '68 



Mr. Kiyofumi Sakaguchi '67 

Mr. Robert M. Weissman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Winters 

Mrs. Marion Rolston-Fritter 


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Seiverling '40, '43 


Mrs. Marion Rolston-Fritter 


Mr. and Mrs. David R. Nicholson 


Dr. Helen R. Russell '43 
Mr. John F Swope '42 


Mrs. Lucille G. Byerly '40 



Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 


Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Adler 

Ms. Katherine J. Bishop 

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Breiseth 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bromberg 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Paul Brubaker, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Byers 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E Charles 

Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore S. Cullari 

Dr. and Mrs. Ross W Fasick '55 

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Forester 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Darwin G. and Elizabeth R Glick '58, '58 

Ms. LaVeme Good 

The Greater Harrisburg Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Hen- '34 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 

Mr. Paul Hungerford 

Mr. and Mrs. Joeseph E. Lauver, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Mecham 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Reider '63 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta '52, '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 

Mrs. Anne B. Sweigart 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Sykes 

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace W Tousley 

Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. John L. Worrilow 


Dr. Raymond R Curanzy 


Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold 


TMr. Thomas R. Ebright 


Ms. Ella B. Boltz 
Mr. Frederick T. Brandt 
Mr. PeifferA. Brandt 



Mr. Barry A. Cochran 
Mrs. Patricia B. Cochran 
Mrs. Roberta A. Koch 


Cornwall Manor of the United 
Methodist Church 


Mr. and Mrs. James A. Edris 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W Kirby 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Moyer '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Seiveriing '40, '43 

Mrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 


Mrs. Linda B. Becker '64 

Mrs. Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81 

Mrs. Carol D. Brame '84 

Ms. Carol J. Davison '86 

Mrs. Christina D. DeAngelo 77 

Rev. and Mrs. Timothy M. Dewald '86 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F Fullam '80, '81 

Mr. Eugene B. and Dr. June E. Herr '34 

Mrs. Diane E. Lupia 77 

Marty's Music Store, Inc. 

Mrs. Susan K. Mosser '86 

Mrs. Susan J. Novalsky '83 

Ms. Jennifer S. Reeder '94 

Mrs. Sharon Reeves-Hazard '83 

Bruce and Janet Rismiller '59, '59 

Mrs. Jean S. Ross 75 

Mrs. Martha K. Rudnicki '34 

Mrs. Audrey W Smith '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Zellner '81, '81 


Col. Virginia A. Metcalf 
Col. Mary H.Yeakel 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lanese 


Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 

REINHART '57, '58 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Arnold 

Mrs. Phyllis C. Basehore 

Ms. Susan K. Borelli-Wentzel 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bromberg 

Mr and Mrs. C. Paul Brubaker, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E Charles 

Dr. and Mrs. Ross W Fasick '55 

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F Fullam '80, '81 

Darwin G. and Elizabeth R. Glick '58, '58 

Mr and Mrs. Arthur L. Goldberg 

The Greater Harrisburg Foundation 

Dr. and Mrs. Bryan V Hearsey '83 

Dr. Jeanne C. Hey 

Dr. and Mrs. John P Kearney 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 

Lesher Mack Sales and Service 

Mr. and Mrs. William F Brossman 

Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Mecham 
Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Reider '63 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Rismiller '59, '59 

Ms. Gail A. Sanderson 

Ms. Susan Sarisky '92 

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel 

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 

Tray-Pak Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengen 

Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 


Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 
Cornwall Manor of the United 
Methodist Church 


Ellen H. and Richard B. Arnold 

Mr. Douglas S. Graham 79 

Mr. Walter S. Hamsher '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Heidelbaugh 

'58, '90 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Heizmann '67, 

Dr. Michael P Hottenstein '58 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, 

Mr. Ronald L. Scheaffer 72 
Dr. and Mrs. G F Joseph Tom 

WALTER '53, 57 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 
Mr. Paul Hungerford 


Mr. Leslie D. Wareham 

Scholarships and 
Other Funds 

Through the years, many alumni, 
faculty and other friends have 
established endowed and current 
scholarships to remember or 
honor a special individual. These 
funds provide a perpetual memo- 
rial that assists students now and 
in future generations. The follow- 
ing descriptions are abridged. 
Most of these scholarships are for 
students with financial need. Full 
information is available from the 
Financial Aid or Advancement 

ACTEX Publications: To a rising senior 
actuarial science student. 

Alumni Association: To at least two 
students selected by a committee from 
the executive council of the Alumni 
Association, on the recommendation or 
the college administration. 

Bmer R. and Helen H. Andrews Memorial: 
Preference given to those preparing for 
church-related vocations. 

Jeff-Pete Arnold Endowed Fund for Art To 
support the exhibition and acquisition 
of art and related operating costs for the 
Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery 

Dorothy Jean Bachman: For current 

[Mian Merle Bachman: For current 

Louis Gary Bailey: Awarded to a 
psychology major. 

E M. Baum: For current tuition. 

Arthur and Emma Beckley: Preference 
given to pre-ministerial students. 

Andrew Bender: To an outstanding senior 
majoring in chemistry 

Clcyd C. and Mary Bender: Preference to 
physics majors. 

Ruth E. Bender: Awarded to a worthy 
music student. 

Vernon and Doris Bishop Distinguished 
Chair in Chemistry 

ttizabeth BitUnger: Awarded to a young 

Gideon L '12 and Edna Landis Blough: To 
one student in each class, preference 
given to pre-theological students. 

Mary A. Bixler: For current tuition. 

f, I Buffingon: For current tuition. 

Benjamin and Hannah Sachs Cantor 
Scholarship Fund: Established by Hannah 
Sachs Cantor for current tuition. 

D. Clark and Edna]. Carmean 
Distinguished Chair in Music 

D. Gark and Edna]. '59 Carmean: To 
outstanding freshmen. Renewable each 
year if students continue to qualify 

Carmean Strings: Four scholarships, to 
qualified performers on the violin, viola, 
cello and string bass. 

Richard F and Pauline C Charles Art 
Acquisition Fund 

Dr. Hilde M. Damus German Scholarship: 
For a student of the German language. 

Datatel Scholars Foundation: For current 

Curvin N. DeUinger Professorship in 

Derichson Fund: Preference to biology 

Dow Chemical Company Foundation: To 
entering freshmen chemistry majors 
whose goals are to continue their 
education through the Ph.D. level. 

Dowland-Martin: To students involved in 
campus, community and/or church 

William E. Duff: For current tuition. 

Goyd H. Ebersole: To a sophomore or 
junior pursuing teacher certification. 

Fstella C. Blenberger: For current tuition. 

Samuel F and Agnes F. Engle: Preference 
given to a member of First Methodist 
Church in Palmyra. 

Esther and Paul Ensminger: To a junior 
for the junior and senior years; 
individual must be active in church or 
campus and off-campus organizations 
with a minimum of 3.0 average. 
Preference give to education majors. 

Fred Erdman Endowed Scholarship Fund: 
Established by Marty's Music Store and 
friends of Mr. Erdman for music majors 
with a specialty of trumpet or coronet. 

Oscar Fisher Memorial: To help worthy 
students develop musical talents, 
preference given to those who expect to 
serve in Christian churches. 

Thomas G. Fox Memorial: To a junior 
chemistry major. 

Bizabeth M. Geffen (History): To a junior 
or a senior with at least three history 
courses at Lebanon Valley, with a GPA 
of 3.2 in each and 3.0 overall, who has 
contributed significantly to the 
development of the department. 

Christian C. Gingrich, Almeda G. & Harry 
M. Gruber: To a student(s) demonstrating 
ability and character. 

Hazel W and Martin L Quntz Memorial: 
To a chemistry major who participates 
in a college athletic program. 

The Arthur and Frances Goldberg 
Scholarship: Established by Hannah 
Sachs Cantor in honor of Arthur and 
Frances Goldberg. 

Gossard, Plitt and Monteith: To a student 
from Annville with financial need or to 
a college athlete. 

Mary E. McCurdy Graham 30 Fund: To 
two high school seniors who plan to 
major in biology (or pre-health or 
forestry), with minimum 1 150 on the 
SATs and in the top 10 percent of their 
high school class. 



Dorothy Landis Gray '44 Voice Scholarship 

Margaret Verda GraybUl Memorial: To a 
worthy female student, "not necessarily 
noted for brilliant scholarship but a 
thoroughly worthwhile girl" 

Peter Graybill: For current tuition. 

Jacob F Greasley: For current tuition. 

Grimm-Shirey: To a student with a good 
academic record, involved in campus 
activities and respected by students and 

Hilda Hafer: Preference given to a 
student preparing for the ministry or 
missionary work from the First United 
Methodist Church of Chambersburg. 

Rebecca S. Harvey: To a senior(s) for 
current tuition. 

Mice M. Heagy: For current tuition. 

J. M. Heagy: For current tuition. 

Bertha Foos Heinz: For current tuition. 

Harvey E. Hen Memorial: For current 

June E Herr 34: To a student(s) from 
sophomore, junior or senior class 
intending to enter elementary 

Edwin M. Hershey: For current tuition. 

Hollenbaugh Biology Leadership: For a 
biology major, Presidential Leadership 

Hollenbaugh Chemistry leadership: For a 
chemistry major, Presidential 
Leadership Award. 

Merle M. Hoover '06: To students from 
Franldin County or foreign countries. 

Dorothy Yeakel Horn 39: To a junior 
music major. May be continued for 
senior year. 

CoraAppleton Huber: Based on 
character, personality and intellectual 
ability. Preference given to 
history/political science/pre-law majors. 

Judge S. C. Huber: Based on character, 
personality and intellectual ability. 
Preference given to history/political 
science/pre-law majors. 

Sigmund M. and Mary B. Hyman Lectures 
in Art 

Henry S. Immel: To a worthy young man 
preparing for the United Methodist 
ministry, or one who shall devote his life 
to the betterment of mankind. 

Henry J. and Anna S. Kaufman and 
Family: For current tuition. 

Dorothea KUlinger: To young women 
from Lebanon County (or the State of 

Rev. and Mrs. J. E. and Rev. A H. 
Kleffman: For current tuition. 

Aaron Shank Kreider Ministerial: To a 
student who intends to enter the United 
Methodist ministry; preference given to 
the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. 

The Professor D. Albert and Mrs. Anna 
Forney Kreider: Priority given to physics 

W E. Kreider: For current tuition. 

Amy Snavely Kreiser: To a senior in good 
academic standing who has a high 
moral character. 

Kreiser-Snavely-Ffeijfer: To a woman 
entering her senior year and majoring in 
chemistry, biology, physics or 

Maud P Laughlin: To a junior or senior 
majoring in social studies. 

Lebanon Area Personnel Association: To a 
junior or senior management major. 

Rev. Christian Risser Longenecher 
Memorial: To a junior pre-ministerial 
student. Renewable for the senior year if 
the student qualifies. 

Dr. and Mrs. Edmund S. Lorenz: For 
current tuition. 

Mrs. Edwin M. Loux (Sivilla Fritz Loux): 
For current tuition. 

Cecil B. R. and Parke H. Lutz: To students 
from the Cocalico School District. 

Dr. George R Marquette '48: For current 

William J. McGill, St: For current tuition. 

F. Clint McKay Memorial: To provide aid 
to Black American students. 

Edna Yoke Meyer 74 English Scholarship: 
For a senior English major. 

Elizabeth H. Millard Memorial: To a pre- 
ministerial student. 

Margaret S. Millard Memorial: To a 

Harry E. Miller: For current tuition. 

Rev. Joseph H. Miller Memorial Sacred 
Music: To students studying organ. 

Leon W. and M. Anna Miller: To pre- 
ministerial students. 

Wade S. and Jennie Shoop Miller: For 
current tuition. 

Bishop J. S. Mills: To a student preparing 
for work in the United Methodist 

Germaine B. Monteux Memorial: To a 
music student or other student involved 
with the music department. Renewable 
for up to three years. 

J. Maxwell Moron: For students in need. 

Laurence Scott Morrison '70: To provide 
financial aid for a science student. 

John 39 and Mary Moyer Student Loan 
Fund: To provide financial assistance for 
one or more full-time students through 
loans to be repaid by the recipients. 

Allan W. Mundjr. Memorial: To a junior. 
May be continued for the senior year if 
the student qualifies. 

Laura Reider Muth 1892 Memorial: For 
current tuition. 

Neidig Scholarship for Chemistry: To a 
student majoring in chemistry or 
biochemistry. Renewable for up to four 

North Lebanon Scholarship: To a student 
from Northern Lebanon High School. 
Renewable for up to four years. 

Arthur L Peterson Leadership: To the 
student who best exemplifies qualities 
of leadership, scholarship and caring 
concern for others. 

Rev. H. C. Phillips: To students preparing 
for the ministry in the United Methodist 
Church; preference given to those from 
the Philadelphia area. 

Quinn-Worrilow Family Scholarship: To 
student(s) demonstrating ability and 
high character. Priority to management 

J. Allan Ranch Memorial: To a junior pre- 
ministerial student. 

Ezra H. Ranch Scholarship: Established 
by Edwin C. and Margaret Ranck Diller 
to provide an annual award for one or 
more students. 

Thomas C. '58 and Polly A. '57 Reinhart 
Scholarship: To a full-time undergraduate 
student with good character, good 
academic standing and financial need. 

Ruth Detweiler Rettew '1 1 and Donald 
Rettew '45 Memorial: To student(s) 
designated by the chairperson of the 
Department of English and the director 
of Financial Aid. 

Robert C and Ruth R. Riley '40: To an 
upper class student who has completed 
Accounting 161/162 and Economics 
1 10 and 120 with a "B" or better. 

Emmett C Roop '03: For current tuition. 

Mary Sachs Foundation: To a woman 
management major. 

Joanne Sahaguchi '67 Memorial 
Scholarship: Established by Kiyofumi 
Sakaguchi '67 to provide aid for a 
Japanese student to attend Lebanon 
Valley College. 

Kathryn Witmer Sandel 34: Eligible 
candidates are to be of good character, 
good academic standing and must 
demonstrate financial need. 

Stephen Sanko Fund: To a junior pre- 
medical or biology major who is on the 
wrestling team. 

Jan Garber Schoch '72 Memorial: To a 
student who plans to make teaching a 
career. Preference given to a major in 
elementary education. 

Harvey L Seltzer. For current tuition. 

Bishop Paul E. V. Shannon '18: Preference 
to a pre-ministerial student. 

Rev. Byron W Sheetz '28 Memorial 
Scholarship: Established by the former 
members of Trinity United Methodist 
Church, Reading, Pa., upon dissolution 
of the church. 

Alvin E. Shonk '16: For current tuition. 

Sierra Leone: To assist students from 
Sierra Leone. 

Snavely-Wheeler-Entwisle Scholarship 
Fund: For current tuition with 
preference to students entering 
missionary service. 

The Morton and Alyce Spector Scholarship: 
For students majoring in the humanities 
who have a special interest in the 
historical and ethical dimensions of 
religious diversity and ethnic tolerance. 

Mary Ann Ocher Spital: To assist male 
students whose intention it is to pursue 
religious or altruistic goals. 

Rev and Mrs. Cowley H. Stxne: To a 
student preparing for the Christian 
ministry or missionary service. 

Alfred D. '1 1 and Louise Kreider Strickler 
'08: To a pre-medical student. 

Martha Ross Swope '48 and John F. Swope 
'42: To a student of Lebanon Valley 
College having financial need and who 
exhibits the characteristics of leadership, 
scholarship and good citizenship. 



Allen "Skip" Hicks, 
president of Annviiles 
Allen Theatre, received 
the 1997 Founders Day Award 
for his contributions to the 
community and the college. His 
theatre and coffee house are a 
major venue and resource lor 
Lebanon Valley College and 
many community groups. In 
addition, Hicks provides intern- 
ships and musical performance 
opportunities for students. 

John A and GkndaJ. Synodmos 
Scholarship: Established by their friends 
to provide aid to an international 

C F Joseph Tom Fund For Economics: To 
promote and attract more students into 
the field of economics. 

Perry A and Laura B. Tshop Memorial: 
For current tuition. 

Theresa Stefan Umberger 38 and Helene 
Siegrist Umberger '25: To an outstanding 
junior or senior with preference to 
students of French, German, 
mathematics or physics. 

Robert L linger '69 and Bizabeth 
Robinson linger 72: To a junior on the 
basis of financial need and scholastic 

United Methodist Church-Ministerial 
Scholarship Trusts: To students who are 
members of the United Methodist 

United Methodist Women, Eastern 
Pennsylvania Conference: Awarded on the 
basis of financial need, church 
involvement, academic performance and 

Scott A. Wallace Memorial: To a returning 
football player in satisfactory academic 

Henry L Wilder '12: To students desiring 
to enter church service. 

Ruben 0. and Barbara P Willman: To a 
student of business, management, 
economics or pre-ministerial studies. 

Henry I Wilt '26 Memorial: For current 

Gerald S. Wingenroth '58 Scholarship 
Fund: For current tuition. 

Jacob C. Winter Memorial: Preference to a 
student from Red Lion, Pennsylvania. 

Women Artists Lecture Series Fund: 
Established by Howard L. and Shelby C. 
Applegate for an annual guest speaker 
whose primary pursuit relates to women 
in the arts. 

Glenn H. Woods '51 Vietnamese Students 
Scholarship: Established by his students 
to provide aid for one or more students 
from Vietnam. 

Edwin H '1 7 and Jesse O. '19 Zeigler: To a 
rising junior who is preparing for a 
teaching career. 


Bradford C. Alban W Memorial Fund 

American Chemical Society Award: To an 
outstanding senior chemistry major. 

American Institute of Chemists Award: To 
an outstanding senior chemistry major. 

Baish Memorial History Award: Given on 
basis of merit to a senior majoring in 

Andrew Bender Memorial Chemistry 
Award. - To an outstanding senior 
majoring in chemistry. 

B'nai B'rith Henry Levin Memorial 
Americanism Award: To the member of 
the senior class who best exemplifies 
the philosophies of our American 

Biological Scholarship Award: Annually, on 
basis of merit. 

Alice Evers Burtner Memorial Award- 
Awarded to an outstanding member of 
the junior class. 

Oliver P Butterwick '12 Philosophy Award: 
For outstanding achievement in the 
study of philosophy. 

Childhood Education Club Award: To a 
student majoring in elementary 
education who has completed one 
semester of student teaching. 

Class of 1964 Award Fund-Quittapahilla: 
To outstanding yearbook staff members. 

Robert A. Clay Award in Sociology and 
Social Work: To a rising senior displaying 

academic promise in sociology or social 
work, as well as service to the 

Robert S. Davidon Award for Research in 
Psychology: To a student with the best 
research in psychology. 

Senator James J. Davis Award 

Mary A Dodge loan Fund 

Governor James H Duff Award: To a 
senior who by participation in campus 
government demonstrates facility and 
interest in government service. 

Daniel Eberly Student Loan Fund 

Martha C. Faust Award: To an 
outstanding senior woman. 

Howard Hoy Fawcett Chemistry Book Fund 

Freshman Achievement Award in Chemistry 

Pierce A. Getz '51 Award for Sacred Music: 
To the outstanding sacred music major. 

Glant-Gibson-Glunt Educational Loan 

Barbara June Kettering Award: To a music 

Florence WolfKnauss '07 and Edward E. 
Knauss '07 Memorial Award in Music: To 
an outstanding freshman music major. 

La Vie Collegenne Award Fund: To a 
freshman on the staff of the newspaper. 

Max F. Lehman Memorial Mathematics 
Award: To the freshman who has 
attained the highest standing in 

The Esther and Frank Ugan Fund: 
Student loan fund. 

David E. Long, Class of 1900, and Abram 
M. Long '1 7: To an outstanding student 
preparing for the ministry 

Jean 0. Love Award for Outstanding 
Achievement in Psychology; To the 
outstanding senior psychology major. 

Mathematics Achievement Award: To a 
sophomore for the best work in 
mathematics throughout the year. 

Medical Scholarship Award 

Bizabeth May Meyer Award: To a pianist 
with high academic standing. 

Harry K Miller International Student Loan 
Fund: Recipient must be a student from 
a developing country. 

Edith Frantz Mills Award in Music: To an 
outstanding senior music major with 
vocal excellence. 

Deborah Moore 76 Memorial Award in 
Music: To an outstanding junior music 
major whose area is a woodwind 

Robert A Nichols, III '41 Memorial 
Scholarship Award: To an outstanding 



Dr. Agnes Boyle O'Donnell literature 
Award: To an outstanding English major 
with a deep appreciation for literature. 

Outstanding Achievement in Biblical 
Studies Award 

Outstanding Senior in Actuarial Science 
Award: To a senior in the Mathematical 
Sciences for exceptional performance. 

Outstanding Senior in Computer Science 

Outstanding Senior in Mathematics Award 

Pennsylvania Institute oj Certified Public 
Accountants Award: To an outstanding 
senior accounting major. 

Peoples National Bank Achievement Award 
in Economics: For outstanding 
scholarship in economics. 

Peoples National Bank Achievement Award 
in Management: In recognition of 
outstanding scholarship in accounting 
or management. 

Physical Chemistry Award: To a junior or 
senior with the best performance in 
physical chemistry courses. 

Physics Achievement Award 

Pickwell Memorial Music Award: To a 
junior music major with outstanding 
piano ability 

Pi Gamma Mu Scholarship Award: To an 
outstanding senior member of the 
Pennsylvania Nu Chapter. 

Psychology Department Award for Science: 
To a senior psychology major for 
outstanding contribution to the field. 

Psychology Department Leadership Award 

Quittapahilla Audubon Society Award: To a 
biology major with financial need and 
dedication to nature and a healthy 

William Rakow '39 Memorial Award in 
Management: To an outstanding 
upperclass management major. 

G. A Richie Memorial Ministerial 
Scholarship Award: To a major in religion 
and philosophy. 

M. Oaude Rosenberry Memorial 
Award: To an outstanding senior in 
music education who is entering the 
teaching field. 

Reynaldo Rovers Memorial Award: To an 
outstanding voice major in the music 

Richard B. Saltzer '83 Memorial Award: 
Formerly the Alpha Psi Omega Award 
for Service to the Dramatic Arts. 

Senior Prize in English 

Conrad M. Siegel Actuarial Examination 
Prize: Awarded semi-annually to the 
student with the highest passing score 
on an exam beyond the first level. 

Sigma Alpha lota Award: To the 
outstanding senior of Delta Alpha 

Sigma Alpha "College Honor" Award: 
Awarded to a member of Delta Alpha 
Chapter on the basis of scholarship, 
musicianship and fraternity. 

Sigma Alpha lota-Delta Alpha Chapter 
Award: To an outstanding sophomore or 
junior woman majoring in music. 

Sigma Alpha lota Honor Certificate 
Award: To a senior music major with 
the highest scholastic average over the 
four years. 

Robert W Smith 39 Award in Music: 
To the outstanding male freshman 
music major. 

Sophomore Achievement Award in 
Chemistry: To a sophomore in 
recognition of outstanding work 
in chemistry 

Frank Stachow Memorial Award: To the 
outstanding male woodwind player. 

Teutonia Vaftis Award: To an 
outstanding senior majoring in 
German or international business 
with a concentration in German. 

Wall Street Journal Award: For 
distinguished work in the Department 
of Management. 

Francis H Wilson Biology Award: To an 
outstanding senior biology major. 

Merle L Wise '53 Memorial Service 
Award: To a rising senior who has 
demonstrated outstanding leadership. 

Women's Club of Lebanon Award: To a 
full-time student from Lebanon County, 
awarded on the basis of financial need, 
scholarship and character. 

Book Funds 

Marion Snavely Ellenberger '42 
History Book Fund 

Howard Hoy Fawcett 
Chemistry Book Fund 

Bernard B. Goldsmith '51 
Judaica Book Fund 

Edith Kreiser Probus '46 
Plant Science Book Fund 

Lottie J. Snavely 76 

English and Communications Book Fund 

Planned Giving 

The Honors Society 
The Honors Society of Lebanon 
Valley College was established on 
March 15, 1987, to recognize 
alumni and friends who have 
planned for the future by naming 
the college in their will as a bene- 
ficiary for $10,000 or more, cr by 
purchasing a charitable gift 
annuity, establishing a chaniable 
remainder trust or giving real 
estate or insurance policies to the 
college. This group has desig- 
nated over $5,000,000 for future 
buildings, scholarships and 
endowment to assure the well- 
being of Lebanon Valley College. 

John B, Allwem, DDS, 56 

Margaret Fake Anders 50 

Ellen H Arnold 

Mary Albert Auick 40 

Sylvia Evdev Baker 36 

EiheJ A. Beiuel 

Louise E. Bishop 36 

Winona ShrofT Botello 36 

Salvador A Botello 

Hannah Sachs Cantor 

D. Clark & Edna J. Carmean '59 

Richard R and Pauline C. Charles 

Mr and Mrs. Willis R. Chrisiman 

Mary Blanche Cochran 30 

John C. Cousler 

Betty Rutherford Daiber h 4l 

Nancy and James J. Davison 

Mary E. Bellinger 

Joseph B. Diei2 60 

Kenneth Cassel Donmoyer 54 

Dr. Mae I. Fauih 33 

Rachel Heindel Fink 24 

Eugene C Fish 

James T Frantzjr. 33 

Sara Ann Frantz 

Christopher A K, Frye '90 

Eugene R. Geesey '56 

Dr Elizabeth M, GelTen 

Gerard M. Gen '41 

Donald S. Gingrich 52 

Darwin G. Glick 58 

ElizabeLh Speicher Glick 58 

Karen McHenry Glumz '82 

Dr Manin L. Glunu: "53 

Rev. Dr. Thomas W Guinivan 39 

Roben E. Hamish 

Anna Mary Herr 36 

JuneE Herr '34 

Alvin S. Hildehrand 49 

Ruth C, A, Keene 39 

Johann L, Klick 45 

Dorotha Eldridge Kline 31 

June Lykens Lantz '57 

Wilbur Franklin Lantz '57 

Malcolm L Lazin '65 

Mrs. Geraldine M. Lesher '50 

Cora Graby Uinrnroth 39 

Jane L. Martin '52 

William J. and Ellen McGill 

John A. McKenzie '53 

Dr. Carl S. and Lois J. Miller '42 

Mabel Jane Miller '41 

Virginia C. Miller 

James A. '58 and Louise Mitchell 

Allan Mund 

Helen L. Mund 

Mrs. E. E. "Hook" Mylin 

Dr. H. Anthony and Helen Neidig '43 

Mrs. Harry Newcomer 

Grant X Nicholls '69 . 

John F Onofrey '64 

G. David and Janice A. Pollick 

Yvonne L. Raab '45 

George M. Reider, Jr. '63 

Polly A. Reinhart'57 

Thomas C. Reinhart '58 

Doris Riley 

Bruce R. and Janet L. Rismiller '59 '59 

Charles W Salisbury '81 

Victoria L. Salisbury '82 

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P Sample '52 

John A. Schoch, Jr. 72 

Ralph S. Shay '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G Sheaffer '35 

Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley '55 

Mrs. Harvey B. Snyder 

Alfred E. Stevens '42 

John A. and Glenda Synodinos 

Evelyn Toser '52 

Samuel D. Ulrich '33 

William Jay VanEtten 111 '86 

John G VaszHy '66 

Diane Aldinger Vaszily '69 

Dr. David H. Wallace '50 

Jeanette Sprecher Walter 

Judge John Walter '53 

Pat Lutz Walter '57 

Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 44 

James A. Wilhelm '50 

Marion Geib Wilhelm 49 

Gerald S. Wingenroth '58 

Charles W Wolfe '44 

Suzanne H. Worrilow, M.D. 

Membership in the Honors 
Society shows a farsighted com- 
mitment to future generations of 
Lebanon Valley College students. 
For details on how to become a 
member, contact Paul Brubaker, 
Director of Planned Giving, at 
(717) 867-6222. 



Board of Trustees, Lebanon Valley College 


Dr. Ross W Fasick '55 Chairperson 

Edward H. Arnold Vice Chairperson 

Elaine G. Hackman '52 Vice Chairperson 

Harry B. Yost '62 Secretary 

Andrea E Bromberg Assistant Secretary 

Deborah R. Fullam '81 Treasurer 

Donald M. Cooper Assistant Treasurer 

Allan W Mund Chairperson Emeritus 

E Allen Rutherford, Jr. 37 Chairperson Emeritus 

Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 Chairperson Emerita 

Board of Trustees 

Howard L. Applegate, B.A., MA, 
Ph.D.; Professor and 
Chairperson, History and 
American Studies, Lebanon 
Valley College 

Edward H. Arnold, B.A., L.H.D.; 
Chairman and Chief Executive 
Officer, Arnold Industries, Inc. 

Katherine J. Bishop, B.A., M.B.A.; 
President, Lebanon Seaboard 

Donald M. Cooper, Chairman, 
Lancaster Health Alliance and 
Chairman and Chief Executive 
Officer, Hessian Company 

Wesley T. Dellinger, CRS, GR1, CSP 
75 B.S.; Realtor, Trie Prudential 
Gacono Real Estate 

Ross W Fasick '55 B.S., M.S., 
Ph.D.; Retired Senior Vice 
President, E.I. DuPont de 
Nemours & Co. 

Eugene R. Geesey '56 B.S.; 
Owner/President, C1B Inc. 

Darwin G. Glick '58 B.S.; Retired 
President, Glick, Stanilla and 
Siegel, C.PA. 

Martin L. Gluntz '53 B.S., M.S., 
Ph.D.; Retired Vice President, 
Technical Services, Hershey 
International Division, Hershey 
Foods Corporation 

Elaine G. Hackman '52 B.A.; 
Retired Business Executive 

A. L. "Jim" Hanford, III, B.A.; 
Owner/Operator, Ladd Hanford 
Motors, Inc; President, 
Photographic Rotary Screen Co. 

Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger, B.A., 
M.Ed.; Chief Executive Officer, 
ASK Foods, Inc. 

E Obai Kabia 73 B.S., M.EA.; 
Political Affairs Officer 

Alfred S. Maloney, B.S., M.A., 
M.Div; Clergy/District 
Superintendent, Harry Hosier 

James A. Mitchell '58 B.S., M.B.A.; 
Retired Corporate Insurance 
Manager, E.I. DuPont de 
Nemours & Co. 

Brian R. Mund, B.S., M.B.A.; 
President, Surphratt Investments 

Beth A. Paul '98; Student, Lebanon 
Valley College 

G. David Pollick, B.A., MA, Ph.D., 
Ph.L.; President, Lebanon Valley 

George M. Reider, Jr. '63, B.S.; 
Insurance Commissioner, State of 
Connecticut, Department of 

Thomas C. Reinhart '58 B.S., 
L.H.D.; Owner/President, T.C.R. 
Packaging, Inc. 

Bruce R. Rismiller '59 B.A., M.Ed.; 
Retired Executive Vice President, 
Northwest Airlines 

Stephen H. Roberts '65 B.S., 
President, Echo Data 
Services, Inc. 

Gail A. Sanderson, B.A., M.B.A.; 
Assistant Professor of Accounting, 
Lebanon Valley College 

Conrad M. Siegel, FS.A., B.Com, 
M.S.; Consulting Actuary, 
Conrad M. Siegel, Inc. 

Morton Spector; Chairman of the 
Board and Treasurer, D & H 
Distributing Company 

Susan E. Verhoek, B.A., M.A., 
Ph.D.; Professor of Biology, 
Lebanon Valley College; Director 
of Lebanon Valley College 

John Walter '53 B.S., J.D.; President 
Judge, Lebanon County Court of 
Common Pleas, Retired 

Albertine P Washington, B.A., PD.; 
Elementary Teacher, Lebanon 
School District 

J. Dennis Williams, B.A., M.Div., 
D.Min., D.D.; Retired Pastor, St. 
John's United Methodist Church 

Samuel A. Willman '67 B.S., 
M.Com; President, Delta 
Packaging, Inc. 

Harry B. Yost, Esq. '62 B.S., LL.D., 
LL.M; Partner, Appel & Yost 


William D. Boswell, Esq., LL.B., 
Ph.B.; Attorney, Boswell, Snyder, 
Tintner & Piccola 

Raymond H. Can; Realtor; 
Commercial and Industrial 

Eugene C. Fish, Esq. B.S., J.D., 
L.H.D.; Chairman and President, 
Peerless Industries, Inc.; Chairman 
of the Board, Eastern Foundry 
Company; Managing Partner, 
Romeika, Fish and Scheckter 

Arthur L Goldberg, Esq., B.A., J.D.; 
Attorney, Goldberg, Katzman & 
Shipman, PC. 

Thomas W Guinivan '39 A.B., 
B.D., D.D.; Retired Pastor, United 
Methodist Church 

Paul E. Horn '40 A.B., M.Div; 
Retired Pastor, United Methodist 

Gerald D. Kauffman '44 A.B., B.D., 
D.D.; Retired Pastor, United 
Methodist Church; Officer of the 
Courts, County of Cumberland; 
Pastor Emeritus, Grace United 
Methodist Church, Carlisle 

Allan W Mund, LL.D., D.B.A.; 
Retired Chairman of the Board, 
Ellicott Machine Corporation 

Harold S. Peiffer '42 A.B., B.D., 
S.T.M., Th.M., D.D.; Retired 
Pastor, United Methodist Church 

Kenneth H. Plummer; Retired 
President, E.D. Plummer 
Sons, Inc. 

Melvin S. Rife, Retired Executive, 
St. Regis Paper Company 

E Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 B.S., 
LL.D.; Retired Principal, Arthur 
Young and Company 

Daniel L. Shearer '38 A.B., S.T.M., 
B.D., D.D.; Retired Pastor, United 
Methodist Church 

E. Peter Strickler '47 B.S.; President, 
Strickler Insurance Agency 

Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 B.S., 
Ph.D., D.Sci.; Retired Chief of 
Carcinogen Metabolism and 
Toxicology Branch, National 
Cancer Institute 

Harlan R. Wengert, B.S., M.B.A., 
D.Sci.; Chairman of the Board, 
Wengerts Dairy, Inc. 

E. D. Williams, Jr., L.H.D.; Private 

Charles W Wolfe '44 B.A., M.Div; 
Retired; Vice President Emeritus, 
Bucknell University 


Bishop Neil L. Irons, B.A., M.A., 
M.Div, Ph.D., D.D.; Resident 
Bishop of the Harrisburg Area of 
the United Methodist Church 

Anne B. Sweigart, B.S.; 
Chairman, President and Chief 
Executive Officer, Denver and 
Ephrata Telephone and 
Telegraph Company 

Bishop Peter Weaver, M.Div, Th.D., 
B.A.; Resident Bishop of the 
Philadelphia Area of the United 
Methodist Church 


Lebanon Valley College 

of Pennsylvania 

Annville, PA 17003 

Address Correction Requested 



U.5. Postage PAID 

Harrisburg, PA 

Permit No. 133